Earning an "A" with my GTA


The first 5 week min-mester of the summer was nearing it’s end and was not going well for me at all and I found myself about to flunk out of college and it was just my freshman year. I knew that my parents were going to kill me to say the least, not to mention cut me off financially and basically disown me. I was taking 3 classes and was on the borderline of failing two of them, which I could not afford to do, because if I did, I would not be allowed to come back for the Fall semester. Now one of them was a Spanish class and I’d talked to my professor and she told me that if I passed the final, she would give me a "D" for the semester, which was not good, but not entirely bad being that it would allow me to still return for the Fall, so long as I didn’t fail the Statistics class, which is the one I was really doing poorly in. I emailed my Stats. GTA, which is a Graduate Teacher Assistant, who basically does all the legwork and grading and whatnot for the professor and who also teaches the lab sessions for the class. The way it works is, the professor conducts the lectures and that’s basically it, the GTA’s do all of the test grading and everything as I said and the grade they give you is the one you get. Anyway, my GTA’s name is Jimmy Johnson, a 20-something black guy who is for all intents and purposes pretty cool and laid back and so I emailed him and asked for a meeting. He emailed me back a little later and told me to meet him in his office at 4:00. I arrived and met with him and gave him my sob story and asked if there was anyway humanly possible that I could pull out maybe a "C" for the semester. He did some figuring of my grades and then shook his head and said that not only was there no way I could make a "C" even if I aced the final exam, but I couldn’t even pass the class at all. My heart sank and my head dropped and I said that I was so very desperate and would do anything and I meant anything to make a passing grade. He thought for a second and then he surprisingly asked me for my cell phone number and said he would contact me via text message soon and we might could figure something out. So I gave it to him and thanked him for his time and he said he’d be in touch.
As I walked out of the building I began to wonder and analyze why it was that he wanted my personal cell number and what he meant by "work something out?" Was he coming on to me? I couldn’t decide. What he didn’t know was that if he was coming onto me, then I wouldn’t disappoint.

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   In the past I’ve done several things of a sexual nature to help me get what I wanted. My older sister was very popular in high school and had a lot of friends who were always at the house, some of which were gay guys. When I was in 8th grade I would get two of them, on separate occasions to buy cigarettes and beers for me and my pals and in exchange I would let them take me into this huge walk-in storage closet on the bottom floor of our house. Once inside I would take off all of my clothes and let them touch me all over and put their ding dongs in my mouth. By 9th grade I was letting them put their ding dongs up my butt as well. My sophomore year of high school around Christmas time, I was staying at the house of a long time family friend who had just got divorced while my parents were on a weekend trip and we ended up getting drunk together. He came into the guest room I was staying in that night drunk and naked with a raging erection and got into bed with me. I asked him if he had come in there to fuck me and he said yes and without being asked, I went down on him and rode his large dong and the next day he took me on a shopping spree. My senior year I gave a 50 year old man a blow job to help finance my senior beach trip. Needless to say I didn’t mind doing things to get what I want and/or need.
Two days past and it was the day before finals and I was holed up in a windowless private study room at my school’s library when I got a text from Jimmy the GTA asking what I was doing. I told him and he said that he was also at the library working on some stuff for his Masters thesis and that he would come by the room I was in shortly to talk to me. The doors to these study rooms lock automatically when they’re shut so you can only get in with a key that you check out from the front desk so when I heard a knock at the door I knew it was him. I got up and let him in and then returned to my seat and he sat his backpack on the table and stood next to me and said, "ok so I thought about it and what you said about your predicament with your grade and all and before I say anything let me make it abundantly clear that this conversation never took place and I was never here ok?" I nodded my head that I understood and he said, "well I had a student last semester that was in an almost identical situation as you are and we were able to work it out so he went from an "F" to a "B" overnight. " "How the hell did he manage that feat?" I asked him.

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   "Well you see, I met him off campus one night and he did some things for me, and in turn I showed my appreciation when I tallied his final grade. " I smiled at him and stood up and pushed the chair I was sitting in back and reached over and flipped off the light to the room and said, "I can see where you’re going with this Mr. Johnson," and then got on my knees and pulled his basketball shorts down around his ankles and out sprung his rock hard, 9 inch black snake. I gave his balls a little tickle with my left hand while running my right up and down the entire length of his prick. I did what I always do when I give head and gave the head of it a little kiss before taking it into my mouth. I began giving him a porn star quality sucking, jacking him off while I took it in and out of my mouth and his body language as well as the little moans he was letting out made it clear to me that I was doing a great job and earning a better grade. Several minutes into it, having gotten his huge black dong soaking wet, I stopped and stood up and dropped my pants and said, "why don’t you put it in my butt now Mr. Johnson," and I pushed my school books aside and bent over the table. It was pitch black dark in the room so when he got behind me he fumbled around a little but I soon felt the tip of his cock at the entrance to my honey hole. "Right there," I whispered and he glided all 9 inches of that big black pole into me. It was a sensation and feeling that I’d never experienced before, no other guy had been that deep in my ass before and I absolutely loved it. He proceeded to give me a hell of a stroking, in and out, in and out, fast then slow, then pounding it deep and hard. Now I’ve been with several other guys before him, but this was different for me. In the past it was a situation where I would let a guy put his penis in my mouth and/or up my butt, because he’d done something for me and I didn’t mind doing that in exchange. Most of the time I would just close my eyes if I was sucking and get it over as fast as I could or if I was being done from behind I would just stare down at the ground and wait for them to finish.


   By the time he came I was already wanting more so I asked him how pressed for time he was and he said that he wasn’t. So I handed him the key to the room and said, "well I’m sure you got to pee, so go do that and come back and do me again. " He smiled and walked out the door and I cleared off the table completely and took off all of my clothes and sat up on the table awaiting his return. About that time I got a text from a guy back home who was the second of the six guys that I’d been with at that time, that said, "what are you doing?" I replied, "sitting on a table naked in a private study room at the library. " He wrote back and said, "do what?" I replied, "yeah dude I totally just got it on with my Stats. GTA, and spent the last half hour with a 9 inch black dong up my butt and it was fantastic, like the best ever, " he wrote back, " so it was better than me?
And did it hurt?"
I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, so I wrote back, "not better than you, just different than you I guess. The times you screwed me, we were young and always in the shed behind your house and you were always fast about it for fear we’d get caught. And no it didn’t hurt really, but lets just say that the next time we do it you’ll see I’m not as tight as I was. " About that time the door opened back up and Jimmy reentered the room and walked over to me. I laid back flat on my back and scooted my ass to the edge of the table and said, "give me some more of that big black snake Mr. Johnson. " He put my legs onto his shoulders and reached down and began to prime my ass with his first two fingers and then slid it back in all the way. I clenched my ass muscles around it and that got a reaction from him and he said, "mmm you really know what you’re doing, you been doing this a long time?" as he worked it slowly in and out, sliding it all the way out, then all the way back in, which I could feel in my belly, "doesn’t feel like it, you pretty tight. " Catching my breath as he bottomed out inside me, I said, "well I have been taking it in the ass since I was 11, but I haven’t been with that many guys, because I don’t do it that often. " Without responding back, he leaned forward and braced himself on the table and started to pound me as hard and as fast as he could.

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   He kept doing this and I wanted to scream aloud but knew that I couldn’t so I held it in as best I could just letting out a sequence of "ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, oh, oh, oh. " When he had finished stroking me for the second time that night, he gave me a blow job which didn’t last long, being that I was already so worked up, but it was nice all the same. As I redressed, Jimmy thanked me for the best ass he’d ever had and in turn I thanked him for giving me the best dick I’d ever had, and told him that from then on, all he had to do was call and I’d do anything he wanted, and I meant anything. Needless to say when the grades were posted, I got an "A. "

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