Encore - One More Song Part 2


It was empty, of course. Mom and Dad were gone to work. My brother had moved out long ago, so I was used to this. Without school, or a job, I didn't have to worry about a thing. But, I had to find a job. Stuff doesn't buy itself. I ate a quick breakfast/lunch and moved to the living room. I sat on the couch and stared out the window. The snow covered my lawn like a huge white blanket, and more was falling. It was Christmas Eve, and my parents had to work. Sometimes I wonder if they even cared about being home with me. I forced myself to get up and went upstairs and put on a pair of jeans over my shorts. I put on two pairs of socks and headed back downstairs. I slipped on my shoes and my winter coat and was greeted with the refreshingly, chilly, winter air. I walked across the street and stood at the bus stop. The old bus stop where Amanda and I would wait together.

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   My thoughts were broken as Mike's voice forced me to leave those happier times. I looked over and smiled to him. Pretending to hear what he said. Probably a hello. "What's new, man?" I moved my hands into my pockets. "Just returning this movie. " He replied, as he held up his DVD. We were lucky enough to have a movie store not far from our homes. I nodded and looked down at my footprints. I moved back and forth, watching more marks appear. "You're thinking about her, aren't ya?" Mike said, flipping the movie case around and around. "No. " I lied. When wasn't I thinking about Manda? "You're a terrible liar" "You're a terrible friend", I said laughing. Mike gave me a fake smile and started to walk, and then stopped.

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   "You know, she's coming home today, why don't you. . . " I interupted him before he could finish the obvious sentence. "No, really. I'm in no mood to see her. " I'm on a roll with the lies. Mike shrugged and waved bye as he headed towards the movie store. I turned around and stared at Amanda's house. The modest two-story house stood proud, the snow giving it a added beauty. The cold got the best of me and I turned around and went back inside. I let myself remember the summer. Amanda and I were a perfect couple. After prom, we were always together. But, the future got the best of us.

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   I wanted to take a year off and decide what I want to do with my life. Amanda had already decided, and took an offer from a school far away. We agreed the long distance would never work, and left mutually. I sat by the phone most of the night, wanting, expecting a call from her. The only call was my parents saying their on the way home and bring the dog in. Christmas morning was good. I never complain about getting free gifts. After a nice breakfast, mom an dad explained they had some Christmas visiting to do. I respectfully declined to go with, and laid down on the couch for a nap. A constant knocking noise lifted me from the plains of dreaming, and into reality. I tiredly got to my feet, and stumbled slowly to the door. I awoke fast when Amanda stood infront of me smiling. "Amanda. . .

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  . hey. . . I. . . ", I couldn't manage to speak any logical words. She smiled and stepped inside. She opened her arms and embraced me. I hugged back, surprised, but happy. I missed the warmth her body gave me. The security. The love. "I hope you don't mind, I just wanted to say hello.

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   You know, I missed you, Brad. " Her smile melted my heart. I nodded and we made useless small talk about our year before she had to go, but invited me over later tonight. I accepted and watched her go. I really don't know why I said yes. It's only bringing back those feelings. Now I feel so stupid about it. I sighed and tried to decide what to do. ------------------ I raised my fist to knock on the door, but Amanda opened it before I could. I smile and kissed her cheek in an awkward moment. She looked so beautiful. She always did. She wore no make up, cause she really didn't need to. Her blue tank top really showed off her breasts, but in a modest way. Her baggy sweat pants looked great on her.

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   I'm in love with her. "So, Brad. How's Christmas?" Amanda walked into the empty living room and sat on the couch. I followed. "Fine, fine. And you?" I sat next to her, staring into her beautiful eyes. "Great. So, what you do all day?" Her eyes were looking me up and down. My heart was racing for no reason. Before I could give a reply, her lips were up against mine. I kissed back greedily, opening my mouth and sliding my tongue over her lips. Amanda opened her mouth and pressed her tongue to mine, as she pushed me down and got ontop of me. My hand instantly cupped her breast. I gave it a gentle squeeze as I continuted to kiss her. A loud bang broke my long awaited kiss.

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   We looked over across the living room to her parents, watching us. They just entered the house and his dad was shaking his head. I excused myself and got up to leave. Amanda walked me to the door and kissed me goodbye. It felt like we never broke up. Amanda explained to me that she was off until January, as I was putting on my shoes. I smiled and kissed her bye again and was off home. Maybe if I could do something, anything, I could make her stay. ------------ My sleep was again cut short. Knocking and the ringing of the doorbell was the fault this time. I opened the door and stared at Nicole. Nicole was the best friend of Amanda's and was fastly becoming a good friend of mine. She kept me company all year when she wasn't in school. She helped me get over the loss of Amanda. I invited her in and sat down on my couch.

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   I turned on the TV. I have no idea what is on though. Never saw it before. "So, Brad. I hear you and Amanda are getting close again?" Nicole smiled as she said this. "Manda doesn't waste time telling stuff does she?" I returned the smile. "No, no she doesn't. " Nicole inched closer to me, but never broke eye contact. "Um, Nicole. How was Christmas?" I was getting nervous. Fast. Nicole shrugged. "I didn't get quite what I want. Yet. " I moved back.

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   "Oh, really? That's too bad. " "But you know me Brad. Once I see something I like. I'll get it. " Nicole moved her lips to mine and wrapped her arms around my neck. Before I could even react, I heard a whimper. I broke the kiss and looked up at Amanda. She held a cake in her hands. Tears were slowly falling down her cheeks. "Amanda, wait. . . " "No! I thought something could of happened with us. I thought things could be different. But obviously you had different ideas.

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   You and this. . . . this, whore!" She threw the cake to the ground and ran outside. I watched her run across my lawn before Nicole turned my head to hers. Her beautiful blue eyes sparkling. "What a drama queen. Now if I was your girlfriend, I wouldn't make such a scene. " I pushed her away and stood up. I wiped my black hair from my eyes and stared out the window. No sign of Amanda. "Nicole, maybe you should go. " Nicole stood up and pressed her body against mine. "Or, maybe I could stay.


   I can give you what she never did. And never will. " I looked down and pushed her away again. "Just go away! You ruined things enough. " Nicole put her arms around my neck again. "Don't fight what you want, Brad. I know you want me. Who doesn't?" Very few. I was one of those few. I yet again pushed her away. "I love Amanda. So, I think you should leave before I force you to. " She shrugged and walked towards the door, putting back on her boots. "Fine. My work is done here anyways.

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  " I shook my head. "I can't believe you are as low as to break up other people's happiness, just because you don't have any. " She gave a little pout and opened the door and left. I kicked over the table in anger and laid face first on the couch. I cried myself back to sleep. --------------- I knocked on Amanda's door. She opened and saw me, and closed it. She turned to walk away. I quickly opened the door and grabbed hold of her arm. "Amanda, listen to me. I didn't kiss her! She kissed me. You have to believe me!" I spoke fast. Hurt in my voice. "Look, I didn't want to talk to you yesterday, or last week. What makes you think I want to talk to you now? I leave in two days, and I can't wait to be out of the same town you're in.

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  " Amanda's voice was cold. She turned again. I fought back tears. "But, Manda, I love you. I really do. " She gave a small laugh and looked at me. "I didn't know love was hurting the other person. I didn't know love was cheating. " Amanda's voice was now very bitter. "I'm sorry I hurt you. I want to be with you! Just please, give me a chance. " "Why should I?" My heart skipped a beat. She was giving a little! I dropped to my knees. "Amanda, I have always loved you. And believe me, the last thing I ever wanted to do is hurt you.

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   I'm sorry and it wasn't my fault. I don't want Nicole, I want you. Forver. I think of you every night. I write about you. I need you. " I pulled out a small ring from my pocket and held it to her. The ring had a tiny diamond on the top, and that was expensive. I didn't even tell my parents I put it on their credit card yet. Amanda stared at the ring, tears in her eyes. "Brad, is this what I think it is?" I nodded and stared into her eyes. I couldn't tell if she forgiven me or not. "Amanda, I want you always. Please, marry me?"------------If this story is as well recieved as the first, I might write the final chapter. Sorry, no sex in it yet! And I know this one is even worse then the first.

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