Family Friend - Part 16


  Chapter 57
Steve looked down again at the tube of lubricant, then back up to Angie, the look of surprise still etched on his face. Angie gave him a questioning look.
“You’ve watched enough porn to know about anal, haven’t you?”
He managed to find his voice. “Well, yeah, sure, but they’re … you know, porn stars. ”
Angie laughed and picked up the KY. “Sure, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a porn star to do it!” She looked over at Michelle. “You said you might want to try it too?”
Michelle nodded. “Once when me and Artie were doing it, his cock rubbed against my asshole and started to push it open. It felt amazing!” She sighed. “But there’s no way I could take him …there. ”
Angie nodded in agreement. “Not the first time, for sure. ”
Steve looked from one to the other, listening to them discussing performing anal sex. Never mind that they both seemed ready to try it, was he?
“So …” Angie said, moving closer to him. “What do you say? Want to try?”
“I … well, I guess. If you’re sure about it.

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   I mean, I don’t want to hurt you. ”
Angie smiled and touched his cheek. “You won’t. I’ve been practicing. ” He gave her a funny look and she continued. “I’ve been using my fingers. I can get three in there now pretty easily. I don’t think it’ll be a problem. ”
He stared at her open-mouthed. “How long have you been thinking about this?”
She laughed. “Remember when I had to go back home for two weeks and I said I had something special planned?” He thought back and vaguely remembered her saying something like that, but it had completely slipped his mind. “That’s when I started warming up, so to speak. ”
“You’ve really given this some thought,” Michelle said. While she had also been thinking about it, she hadn’t reached the point of actually fingering herself.
Angie nodded.

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   “And I’m ready. ” She pulled her small overnight bag over and dug into it again, retrieving a condom. “I thought we could use these because I’m going to be sucking that thing afterward and that would be a little gross. ”
Michelle nodded. “Good thinking. No offence, but I don’t know if I could even fuck him after he’d been up your ass bare-back!”
Steve took the condom from her and studied it, half listening to their conversation. From what he’d seen in the many pornos he’d watched, it could be a little painful for the girl if she wasn’t experienced. And he had no desire to cause them any pain. Angie interrupted his thoughts.
“Those are special condoms,” she said, pointing to the package. “See, it has a numbing gel in it that will keep you from cumming too quickly. ” She grinned, “Not that that’s a problem, mind you. But it looked like it might make things more interesting!”
Steve read the package, nodding thoughtfully. He looked up at her. “If you really want to do this, ok.

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   But you have to tell me if I’m hurting you. ”
She grinned wider and threw her arms around his neck. “You won’t, baby! Thank you!” She kissed him hard and he felt his hard cock pressing into her stomach. Her hand slipped down and grasped it, stroking it slowly. “I’m ready whenever you are,” she whispered huskily.
She lay back on the blanket and he tore open the condom wrapper, studying the little clump of gel in the tip.
“Make sure you put it on so the gel is on the inside,” Angie said. “We don’t need me getting numb. ”
He made sure he was doing it right and slipped it over his stiff prick as she lay back and began applying a liberal amount of KY to her puckered back door. Michelle watched them prepare, her fingers kneading her breasts and tugging at her nipples. Angie screwed the cap back on the gel and tossed it to Michelle.
“Would you mind lubing up Steve?”
Michelle caught the KY easily and turned to Steve’s condom clad cock, squeezing a good amount of the lubrication into her palm. She looked up and their eyes met as her hands applied the slippery gel to his hard shaft. He gave her a nervous smile just as Angie spoke up from her prone position.
“Hey, you know what would be really cool?”
Angie pulled her overnight bag over as Michelle finished lubing him up and Steve crawled between her spread legs.

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   She reached inside and pulled out her little silver vibrator.
“If you would use this on me while Steve fucks my ass. ” She passed it to Michelle, who took it and smiled, turning it on and off again.
“Like this?” she replied, turning it back on and holding it against Angie’s clit.
“Ohhh, fuck!” Angie cried, spreading her legs wider. “You little slut!”
Michelle laughed, rubbing her pussy for a couple of seconds before pulling the little toy away and clicking it off. “I’m the slut?” she replied, grinning at her, then Steve.
Angie laughed, then looked up at Steve. “Are you ready?”
He nodded, looking down at her swollen pussy. She grasped both of her legs and, putting her arms behind her knees, lifted them up to her chest. Her cheeks spread wide and her tiny little brown rosebud was presented to him, glistening with the KY and looking way too small for his throbbing cock to fit into. He looked up into her eyes and she nodded, holding his gaze.
“Just go easy at first,” she said, “I’ll tell you if I need you to stop. ”
He held her look for a moment, then moved in and pressed the tip of his cock against her back door. She closed her eyes, trying to relax her body as he began to push.

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   At first, nothing happened. Then he pushed harder and she felt herself start to open. It did hurt, but not too badly. And the feeling of her asshole being stretched open overrode any pain. She’d had the feeling she’d be able to cum from anal because she almost did while fingering herself. Now, as his cockhead slid past her sphincter and into her anal cavity, she knew she would. It felt even better than she’d imagined.
Steve watched her face closely as the tip of his cock was forced into her tight little hole. She didn’t cry out, but her face was contorted in a painful grimace. He paused at one point, thinking he was really starting to hurt her, but her eyes met his and he knew her enough to recognize the look of high arousal in her blue eyes.
“Don’t …stop!” She gasped, propping herself up on her elbows so she could attempt to see his thick cock being forced into her bowels. “God, this feels incredible!”
Michelle watched, her eyes mostly on Angie, but she stole glances up at Steve and could see that this was really getting him turned on as well. Angie’s once tiny anus was now stretched wide to accommodate Steve’s meat and she couldn’t imagine how it wasn’t painful. As she watched, they seemed to each be working to fit him in, their gasping grunts the only sounds she could hear. Finally, Angie spoke.

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“Ok, that’s far enough,” she gasped. Steve’s cock was about halfway in, with only a few inches of his condom cloaked shaft visible. “Let’s try fucking now. ” She turned to Michelle. “Once we get going …” She nodded to the vibrator in her hands and Michelle nodded her understanding.
She turned her attention back to Steve, who was beginning to withdraw from her tight ass. She grimaced as his cock slid out, then groaned as he slowly pushed back in.
“Oh my god!” she moaned, closing her eyes.
He began a slow, gentle fuck, feeling her sphincter relax a little with every thrust. It did feel good. Her ass gripped his cock much tighter than her pussy and the heat, combined with the slick lubricant, felt amazing. While a little hesitant at first about the numbing cream in the condom, he was thankful Angie had brought them.
Michelle moved in and flicked the vibrator on, moving it to Angie’s engorged clit. She cried out and her body tensed as the vibrations electrified her pussy. She threw her head back and continued to wail gutturally, her body shaking and jerking from the combined assault.

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Steve could feel the vibrations as Michelle began to rub Angie’s dripping snatch, but when she inserted the slim silver device into her pussy, he felt them move along his cock and to his balls, increasing the sensations even through the numbing cream that had allowed him to hold off this long. He watched Angie’s face and body contort and he knew she was about to explode in a massive orgasm. This only increased his own sensations and he felt the familiar tingle starting, although the condom was allowing him much better control.
He watched Angie tense, her flushed chest thrust upward and her head thrown back. Her mouth was open in a high, almost silent scream of ecstasy as she came hard, her powerful sphincter muscle clenching around his cock much harder than her pussy ever had.
Angie felt her mind drifting as the sensations increased exponentially. This was much more intense than any other sexual experience; more so than she’d ever even dreamed possible. She could feel Steve’s cock thrusting into her bowels while the buzzing vibrator moved in her pussy, tingling her hard little clit and sending shocks of orgasmic bliss to her over stimulated nervous system. Her body felt numb, her mind almost a separate entity as she felt the orgasm building - higher and higher - until she felt like she was about to explode. She tried to say something, but no sound came out.
She felt herself almost floating, teetering on the brink of a thunderous orgasm, then suddenly it swept through her. She stiffened, her body jerking upward as the intense wave of mind-numbing pleasure gripped her entire body. She was aware of Steve’s cock in her ass and the vibrator in her pussy, but was powerless to control her movements.
How long it lasted, she couldn’t honestly say, but she did eventually regain some motor control and began flailing her arms down around her over-stimulated pussy. Her clit was throbbing and starting to hurt and her intention was to ask Michelle to pull out the vibrator, but she couldn’t speak.

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   Michelle must have understood her predicament, because the vibrator was mercifully extracted.
This didn’t stop her from cumming, however. Even though Steve was no longer able to move his cock because of her clenching, she continued to cum over and over, each one diminishing in strength until she was finally able to catch her breath as they spaced out. She dropped lifelessly to the towel, panting heavily and sweating profusely.
Steve watched as she twisted and writhed under him. After Michelle pulled the vibrator out of Angie’s pussy, he leaned over her with his arms braced on either side of her head. He couldn’t move inside her or even pull out, and he was becoming a little concerned.
Glancing over at Michelle, he saw that she was watching them both while now using the vibrator on herself. She had her eyes partially closed and was obviously very close to her own climax. The sight of both girls in the throes of sexual pleasure at the same time almost made him shoot his load into Angie’s tight ass right then and there, but he held off. Michelle was looking so fucking hot masturbating that he wanted to get into that pussy before he came.
He felt Angie’s body relax under him and after a few seconds he was able to slowly extricate his throbbing shaft from her clenching ass. She let out a long sigh as he pulled free, then lay still, her heaving chest the only part of her moving.
Michelle looked at her, then up at Steve, who was tugging the condom off. “Are you ok, Angie?”
Angie’s hand rose from the towel only a few inches and she gave a slight nod.

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   “Uh …huh…”
Steve looked over at Michelle, who had pulled the vibrator from her cunt and was eyeing him lustily. Without saying a word, he crawled over to her and she lay back, opening her legs for him. She was wet - very wet, and his bare cock slipped into her warm sheath easily, causing them both to let out a long moaning sigh. He began to move faster, just wanting to pound her pussy mercilessly until she came. Sweat dripped from his brow onto her bare quivering tits as their bodies smacked together, each focusing on their own imminent climaxes.
Michelle was first to go. She groaned loudly and thrust her pelvis upward against him, her pussy tightening around his shaft. She grunted and moaned as she came, her pussy milking his cock. Steve continued to move in and out of her pulsating snatch, amazed that he was still able to keep in control. That cream was really working!
Finally Michelle relaxed and he pulled out, his cock glistening with her juices. She opened her eyes and saw he still hadn’t cum, and immediately sat up. She took his wet cock in her hand and began to stroke it as she moved him into position so she could suck on it. She hungrily took his meat into her mouth, murmuring and sucking hard on him.
Steve watched as Michelle came to him and swallowed his cock without a word or even a second’s hesitation. He watched her long hair swing back and forth as she pumped his rock hard cock in and out of her hot little mouth.


   As he felt his release nearing, a movement out of the corner of his eye caught his attention and he turned to see a very bedraggled Angie moving over to where Michelle knelt. She looked up at him and smiled sleepily, then reached out and began to caress his heavy balls. Michelle noticed her and pulled off. Angie immediately took him into her mouth, sucking with an energy it didn’t look like she had after her huge orgasm.
Together, they took turns sucking him until he felt his balls contract and knew it was only a matter of seconds.
“Oh, shit…!” he groaned, closing his eyes. Michelle was sucking him then and she pulled off, stroking him as Angie moved up next to her. She pumped his cock, pointing it at their bare breasts and they both whispered words of encouragement. It didn’t take long before he felt the cum surging from his balls and through his shaft with a force he’d never experienced before.
“Ahhhhhrrgggg!” he cried as the first shot erupted, spraying a thick stream of cum that came out with such a force that it struck Michelle in the face before coating her tits. Angie quickly grabbed his member and pointed it at her own tits, catching several smaller shots.
When he finally stopped, he opened his eyes and looked down at the two naked, cum covered girls kneeling before him. They grinned at each other and embraced, kissing passionately as their breasts pressed together, smearing his warm cum into their skin.
Steve dropped to his knees and kissed each of them passionately, then looked at Angie, concern in his eyes.
“Are you ok, baby?”
She smiled and nodded, noting Michelle was giving her the same look.


   “I’m fine, but I think I’ll need some recovery time before we do that again!” She grinned and Michelle stifled a giggle. Angie took her hand, her face serious and her eyes wide. “Oh my god, Michelle. You have got to try that!”
Michelle looked over at Steve, who shrugged sheepishly, and nodded. “Ok, maybe later. ” She looked at her watch. “We better get cleaned up. Kristi and Jake should be here soon. ”
They all walked over to the creek and waded in, splashing and playing as they washed the evidence of their wild afternoon from their skin. Hopefully, the rest of the camping trip would be even wilder.