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“You know what, at least my problem is fixable, you’re stuck with that Ok he’d bite, “and what’s that”
“That bitch you call a personality!” she stormed out Max’s dorm room. Miki was so feisty and had a helluva temper but dam she was sexy, not that he was going to admit that to her any time soon, he would just enjoy provoking her until she got all red in the face push her eyebrows together throw a tantrum like she was five years old and look ridiculous in the cutest way. She had a pretty nice body and long brown waves that made her look absolutely gorgeous when let down, and an ass that would get you hard in a heartbeat at the thought of touching, and she was so much fun to annoy and it aroused him just the same. Since they were partners he knew he was going to have to find her so they could finish their project. Miki was furious! Max seemed to have that affect on her, he always pushed her buttons, and now they were stuck working together because their teacher thought it would force them to learn how to work together and stop fighting in class. Well to hell with that she thought! The most annoying part was the fact that she kept getting turned on by constant bickering, it did help that he was totally hot with a killer bod and surfer boy blonde hair. Today was like no other she would be stuck going back to her dorm and take matters into her own hands. As she began to lick her fingers and rub her clit around she imagined Max’s dick rubbing her the way her fingers were, she started moaning, “uhhh, ooh yeah, Max, stick in!” and she started to stick her fingers in and really gave to Max came walking up the hall towards Miki’s dorm room, he knew she’d be there probably pouting and sitting on her computer contemplating how she was going to rip his head off or something equally painful. Since he knew she was there he just assumed the door would be open and as he open the door he heard “Ohh. . OOHHH, yeah Max”
He stopped dead there with the door half way open, there was no way she knew he was there so why was she moaning his name, yeah yeah he knew, he wasn’t stupid just “UUHH please, Max fuck me, I want you so bad!”
He dick was harder then ever before, and yet he couldn’t think of what to do to make sure this ended in his favor, he wanted her bad!  He walked in to find her facing away from him sitting on her bed and he closed the door behind him. At the sound of door she jumped, and whirled around to face “Oh My God! What have you never heard of knocking, or are you just too much a caveman to be polite!” Her cheeks were beat red and she was angry really really angry, but she was angrier because she didn’t climax yet more than her invading her privacy which was a bit weird. “Nice to see you too, hope I wasn’t interrupting anything” he flashed a sinful smile confirming her fears that he had seen and heard “That is so typical of you not to have any common curtsey for someone’s privacy. ” She wasn’t giving in to “Well it sounded to me as if you were asking for me to invade your privacy, actually more like begging” His eye narrowed and he stepped forward and watched her step back up against the wall, she still had that determined look on her face, good she was going to make this fun after all. “I don’t know what your talking about!” Miki felt her cheeks burning and her panties become wetter, god she was so dam “Ohh please, OOhh Max!” Max mimicked her as he placed both hands on the wall beside her head and stepped closer his hard rock soon grazing her crotch, “you want me bad Miki felt his cock against her clit she knew she couldn’t take much more, “you’re such an arrogant son of…. Uhhh” he pressed his dick against her and rocked and she was cut off by her own moans.

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   Dam she could already tell he was huge and enjoying the “Say it,” he growled, and he began to run his hand over her thighs under her skirt, finding her lack of underwear. He started to fondle her, he ran his fingers through her lips and slightly tipped on of his fingers into her hole very slightly, “Say it to my face, you know you “I  I  want you,” she He ran his finger up her walls then place his finger back at her hole, but still not sticking it in, he grinned and looked in her eyes, “How “Bad, I want you bad!” she stammered out.
At the same time his mouth devoured hers and he slammed his finger into her thrusting. Max added another finger while Miki began to thrust her “Uhhh,” Miki was moaning and he knew he had her.
Within seconds she pushed his hand away and lifted him out of his shirt and began working with his jeans. Max also ripped off her shirt, it became a panting mess of them rushing to tear their clothes off. Miki dropped down to her knees as she saw Max’s large erection through his briefs. She began to tease him by lightly running her along the cotton separating her warm mouth to his dick. Max clenched her jaw and sucked in his breath. He groaned when Miki started to rub his member with her hands, he desperately needed to get out of theses briefs. She grinned up at him when he vigorously dropped his boxers, she liked knowing she was having that affect on him. She kissed and licked his inner thighs and fondled his balls with her hand and lightly licked the tip of his “God Miki your killing me!”
At that she took all of him her warm mouth, she sucked hard and bobbed her head back and forth and his head grabbed through her “Oh god Miki you feel so dam good”
She kept up at this sucking hard and fast until he felt he was about to “Ah shit Miki I’m gonna cum!”
Instead of pulling back she sucked hard and looked up at him and did the best she could to grin, she had a wicked spark in her eyes and soon she moaned for him to fill her, and that did him in, he exploded into her mouth and she swallowed as he kept pumping and drank him for everything he gave. “You like that huh?” She “You know I did,” Max pulled Miki to her feet and kissed her hard, and he tasted his own seed on her lips, she took him like a pro so he dam well wasn’t going to be squeamish about kissing her. She was back against the wall and Max started to kiss her neck and worked his way down toward her breast. He fondled them with his hands and took the right into his mouth, and sucked on her nipple then licked and repeated on her left.

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   Miki began moaning, dam this guy was too good with his tongue. Max began his trail downward and she whimpered as he left her breasts. He spread her thighs with his head and started tease her as she did him by kissing her inner thighs and licking around her. She was moaning and whimpering so much, and just as she thought she couldn’t stand it anymore he invaded her with his tongue. His fingers soon joined and did a circular rotation, he rotated from long licks to short fast ones and his thrusts stayed at “oohhh… OOhhhhh! Omg Max,” she panted,  “Don’t stop!”
Just as she felt herself about to climax he stopped, she was whimpering again, and she felt his grin in He stood and kissed her hard again grabbing her leg and wrapped it around his waist and ran his dick against her until she moaned in pleasure once again. He could never get enough of having this girl practically begging for “Please Max! stop teasing me, Fuck me!”
With a thrust he entered her and she gasped, Max’s thrusts stayed steady and consistent pounding her against the wall. A mixture of their moans filled the “Harder Max! Fuck me harder!” Miki begged.
That almost sent him over the edge but he wasn’t finished. He pulled out and turned her to face the wall, his hands holding hers against the wall above her head and he entered in from behind. He started thrusting into her again and pulled out so only the tip was in and paused and when she started to moan and wiggle beneath him he pushed into again. They found a rhythm and Miki’s gorgeous ass was slamming against his balls, it was pure heaven. Max knew he couldn’t hold on for “arrghh Miki I’m gonna “ Don’t stop I’m gonna cum too, Ohhh!” She moaned and they quickened the pace. Miki started screaming and Max’s groans grew even louder. Their bodies went still and they both released at the same time, their mixed cum trickling down Miki’s thigh
They stood there Max still inside her, panting trying to catch their breath. When they finally separated to find their clothes Max pulled her in for another hard kiss, “ Hey maybe next time you’ll catch me, getting off screaming your name, lets say around the same time tomorrow,” he flashed a killer grin and wink and walked out of her room.

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