Finding Meg 5


Meg walked out of the locker rooms after cleaning herself up a bit. Her pussy was still throbbing. She couldn’t believe how horny she still was after the fucking she just had. She stepped into the cool night air, her nipples hardening as a breeze went through the night. Her heels clicked down the sidewalk as she began to make her way home.  She was again greeted by the same lewd looks and whistles as she walked along the busy streets. She smiled sexily at the men and boys as they stared at her. She was getting turned on by their displays of lust. It gave her that slutty dirty feeling she was now so addicted to.  She was shocked however when a red car pulled to a stop in front of her while she waited to cross the street. A middle aged man sat inside, rolling down the window, his eyes traveling up and down her body. Taking in her perky tits sticking out of her low black corset shirt, her long shapely legs ending in red heels, her young nymphet face. She was perfect.  “Hey baby!” he called to her, his eyes ogling her body, “What’re you doing out this late? Huh?” he waved her over closer to his car, enjoying the slight jiggle of her tits as she walked towards him. He had to have this girl. He’d been watching her for a while as she walked down the street teasing the guys who were calling to her.

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   She was acting like a little slut, and he wanted to see if she was more than a tease.  Meg was already incredibly horny, and this man was making her more so. He was making her feel like a hot little slut and she loved it. “Ain’t you a pretty little thing” he said, feeling his cock hardening as she smiled coyly at him. He was silently praying that she’d be willing to get in the car with him. He’d been dying for a good lay for a while now.  “Thank you” Meg replied staring inside the car at the man she was talking to. He looked like he was in his 40’s, probably around her father’s age. He had lightly thinning black hair, speckled with gray around the temples with olive skin and deep brown eyes. “You’re not so bad yourself. ” she added licking her lips suggestively. She would never act like this, it was against her better judgment to be flirting with a middle aged man who stopped her on the street. But she wasn’t thinking with her mind. Her pussy was calling for attention, and he seemed to be her best way of getting it.  “Why don’t you get in the car honey” he said, “With you dressed like that I don’t want the cops thinking I’m trying to pick up a hooker.

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  ” he said with a small laugh, half joking, really just wanting to get her in the car with him. He smiled at her as she stood there seemingly contemplating his offer.  Meg wasn’t sure what to do. She knew it wasn’t safe to get in a car with a stranger, she knew that. But then why was her pussy so wet at the idea of it? Why was the idea of getting picked up and fucked like a whore making her slit throb, demanding attention. All the blood in her body seemed to be flowing to her pussy, leaving none for logical thinking. She nodded her consent to the man, smiling at his little joke, and walked around to the other side of the car.  She opened the door, making sure he got a nice view down her top as she did, and slid into the passenger seat, letting her skirt ride far up her legs. “So, you think I look like a hooker do you?” she asked, taking in the man’s body as she did. He looked like at one time he was very fit, but had recently gone to seed, a bit out of shape, but still nice. For some reason it turned he on even more.  “Well, can you blame me?” he asked “Look at you’re tight ass little skirt and tiny little top. ” he said, staring at her legs, as more and more of them were exposed while she sat. She laughed prettily, her green eyes glancing hungrily at the obvious growing bulge in his pants.  “So baby,” he said, “What’s your name, how old are you anyway?” he said, glancing around to make sure no one had noticed her enter his car.

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   “I‘m 16, but you can call me Meg. ” she replied coyly, after looking around to, making sure he parents or step-brother weren’t out looking for her. “What’s yours?” “Jonny” he responded. “Well Meg, why don’t we go somewhere where we can get to know each other?” he asked, deciding to just come out and get to the point. He already turned the key in the ignition, bringing the engine to life.  Meg’s body tingled at this suggestion. “That’d be great” she said, sitting back as the car pulled off and headed away from the main streets. She shifted around in her seat, her pussy slick with her juices, demanding some attention, she crossed her legs, hoping to relieve some of that tension.  “You alright there baby?” Jonny asked, noticing her shifting around.  “I will be soon” she said seductively, licking her lips and looking at his cock bulging against his pants. “It looks like you could use a little help though. ” she said, surprising herself with her boldness as she brushed her hand over his cock, making it jump under her palm.  “Mm… yeah baby. And what are you gonna do about that?” he asked all shyness aside, both of them knew what was going on. He nodded at her while she looked at him, comprehending what he wanted.

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   Her hands went down to his belt, opening the clasp. She made quick work of unzipping his pants and letting his cock spring free of his boxers. She looked hungrily at the cock in front of her, standing proudly at a good ten inches. This was the biggest cock she’d ever seen. She was dying to try and get that cock into her mouth.  Jonny was in heaven as he saw Meg’s red hair spill over her face as she turned and leaned down to suck on his cock. He nearly drove off the road as she licked the head of his cock, massaging the crown. He looked down at her bright red haired head as she took the head of his cock into her mouth.  Meg was working her tongue around the head of his cock, her mouth opened wide, trying to encompass the huge cock she was presented with. She heard Jonny moaning above her as she lowered her head, getting more and more of his cock into her hot wet mouth.  “Fuck baby, that’s it. ” Jonny moaned as the sexy teen began bobbing up and down on his cock while he tried to concentrate on staying on the road. He was headed for an abandoned lot not far from there where no one would catch them. It wasn’t far now, but with Meg’s mouth sucking on his cock he didn’t know if he’d make it there.  Meg had half of his cock stuffed into her mouth, her lips tightly sucking on it, while her hands massaged the base of his cock.

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   She felt like a slut as she sucked on this strange man’s cock as he drove away from town. Her pussy was soaking wet as she worked her tongue around his cock, feeling the hot flesh pulsing under her ministrations.  “God Meg” Jonny said as he turned the corner, they were getting close now, “You’re one good little cock sucker” he moaned as she worked her tongue around the crown of his cock before sucking it hungrily back into her mouth.  Jonny’s cock was ready to explode as he felt the sexy young girl take his cock deep into her warm wet mouth. She was sucking his cock as if it were the best thing she’d ever had in her mouth. How many cocks must this little vixen have sucked to get this good so young? She was better then a lot a girls he’d visited that did this for a living. He groaned as she looked up at him, her wide green eyes filled with lust for his cock. This horny slut of a teen was amazing.  As the car slowed down, pulling into a dark deserted lot, Meg felt Jonny push her up, back into her seat. She moaned with disappointment as she let his cock slide out of her mouth, looking at the older man like a baby denied it’s treat.  Jonny smiled at the disappointment on the girl’s face. “Don’t worry baby” he said, his eyes staring greedily at her sexy body “Just wanna let us get more comfortable” he gestured for Meg to climb in back, his suggestion received with a sexy moan of agreement from the adolescent girl.  He watched her with lust filled eyes as she climbed through the seats to the back of the car. He quickly joined her in the backseat rewarded by seeing her pushed against the far door, her legs knees up and spread wide, inviting him.  The reality of her situation came to her as she saw him climbing across the seat towards her.

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   She was acting like a cheep whore. She was never more aroused as she felt his hands reaching under her skirt, grasping the strings of her tiny thong and pulling it off of her, exposing her tight little pussy to this strange man.  Jonny wasted no time with niceties with this girl. They both knew what she was there for. He pushed her skirt up out of the way, not able to wait to enter this girl’s tight young pussy and fuck her like the slut she was being. He heard her gasp as he pulled her towards his eagerly awaiting cock.  Meg stared hungrily at the cock now rubbing against her pussy. She bit her lip, moaning as he rubbed his cock head against her swollen clit, unbuttoning his shirt as she did, running her hands over his hairy chest. She needed to feel him inside of her.  Meg’s pussy was so hot and wet sliding along his cock head. Jonny needed to feel her pussy milking his hard throbbing cock. He lined his cock up with her tight little hole, his cock head seeming too big to fit. He rammed his cock into her in one quick thrust, burying his ten inches deep inside of the teen, making her gasp.  Meg felt winded as this man’s big cock was buried deep inside of her. She’d never felt anything so big in her, stretching her pussy wide to accommodate the throbbing evader.

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   She was panting and moaning loudly as Jonny set his rhythm, thrusting in and out of her soaping wet pussy.  The young girl moaning as he slammed into her tight pussy was driving Jonny to new heights of arousal. “Yeah you slut” he grunted, pounding her pussy, “You like my big cock in your hot little pussy don’t you?” He increased his tempo, making her pant.  “Yes” she breathed as his cock delved deeper and deeper into her, reaching places never explored before. “Oh god fuck me” she grunted, thrusting her hips, meeting his every stroke.  Suddenly her grasped her by her thin waist, pulling her onto his lap easily, moaning as she settled there before he grabbed her hips, and guided her to a good pace as she rode his cock.  Meg was in heaven as she bounced up and down on Jonny’s cock, her clit rubbing against him each time she lowered her body. His cock was inside of her so deep, each time she went down she was met by his hips rising up to meet her. Waves of pleasure swept through her body with their every meeting.  She gasped as he quickly tore her shirt open, ripping the delicate lace holding the corset closed, his eyes locked on her nipples, poking against the black lace of her bra, her tits bouncing lightly inside the skimpy little bra. He quickly pulled her bra off, needing to see her naked tits. They were perfect. Her supple young flesh was pale in the moonlight, each tit was topped with a beautiful pink nipple, hard and begging to be touched, and he was quick to oblige.  He grasped her nipples between his large calloused fingers bringing a soft “Aah” of pleasure from the young teen. It had been so long since he’d had such a young girl to use for his pleasures.

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   And she was so perfect for the job. This horny little slut was just what her needed, he thought as he thrust his hips up and started massaging her nipples between his fingers.  “Ooo god yes!” she moaned as his rough fingers began playing with her nipples. Her body was on fire, she’d never been fucked like this before. Her only other partners had been boys, it was so different with an older experienced man. He knew exactly what to do to her. She nearly came as her thrust up against her, her clit rubbing hard against him.  “Tell me how good it feels slut” Jonny said, grinding his pelvis against her, soft moans escaping her mouth. “Tell me how much you love what I’m doing to you. ” he grunted as he flicked her hard nipples.  “Aa, oh yes Jonny!” she groaned “You make me feel so good. My pussy is so hot and wet for you. My nipples are so hard. I wanna cum all over your big cock” she felt his cock throbbing and pulsing inside of her as she spoke.  Jonny bent down, bringing one of the teen’s nipples into his mouth, flicking the tip with his tongue.

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   She arched her back, feeding more of her tit into his hungry mouth. He gently bit down on her nipple, teasing the hard little bud, making Meg gasp, her pussy tightening its grip around his cock.  Meg’s breathing was coming in short pants, she felt ready to burst with pleasure from Jonny’s ministrations. She was riding his cock with vigor, needing to feel him fill her pussy with his hot cum. “Ahh, Jonny” she moaned, lowering her head, gently biting his shoulder, letting her tongue play over his lightly haired flesh.  Meg’s bouncing was driving Jonny crazy. Her pussy was so tight around his cock, her body so supple, she was so young, so willing. He reached for her hips, and held her against him, rocking her on his cock.  Jonny’s rough hands set Meg’s movements, grinding her against him, her pussy massaging his cock. She clenched her pussy, milking his cock. She felt his cock begin to swell inside of her. She pushed her clit against his pubic bone, grinding against him. “Yes Jonny. ” she moaned “Ooo god” Jonny let out a low moan, not able to resist anymore he let go. With a grunt he pulled her hips towards him and released his cum deep into her.


   Load after load shot out of his cock, filling her up. He heard her gasp, felt her body tremble as her orgasm over took her.  Meg’s body was shaking in pleasure as she felt his hot load shoot inside of her. Her pussy milking every last drop of cum from him. She was still shaking when she pulled herself off of him, his softening cock leaving her pussy. She sat in the back of his car, cum slowly leaking out of her tight young pussy.  Jonny put his finger against her leaking pussy, collecting his dripping cum from her. “Eat it” he said, holding his cum soaked fingers in front of Meg’s sweet red lips. He watched with lust as the teen licked hungrily at his fingers, sucking them clean.  When she had licked all the cum from his fingers, Jonny zipped up his pants. “Pull your skirt down hon” he said, patting her thigh as he opened the door, and climbed out to the front of the car. He had to get moving, he car had been in that lot for too long. He didn’t want to attract any attention to himself. He’d have a hard time explaining the young girl half naked in the back of his car.  Meg did as she was told, pulling her skirt down quickly as Jonny started the car.


   She felt around for her thong, slipping that on, letting it catch the cum leaking from her pussy. She felt like a such a slut as Jonny drove off into the night. She’d just been fucked by a complete stranger, used like whore. She loved it.  A short while later Jonny let Meg out of the car, watching her sweet ass walk quickly to her house. He twirled a small paper in his fingers, her cell number written down on it. He didn’t plan for this to be the end of his encounters with this sexy girl. She’d been more than eager to set up a meeting. He couldn’t wait. .

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