Finding Meg Part 4


Meg was alone in her room the following evening. She had just gone shopping that day for some new clothes. She bought new super short skirts, tight low cut tops, and her favorite items of the day: new panties and bras. She had a new collection of thongs and g-string in silk and lace in a variety of sexy new colors, and a collection of bras to match. She couldn’t wait to try them all out on Mike.
She stood in front of her full length mirror, admiring her body in her sexy new panties. She had on a red lace thong with black lace covering the crotch, and a new bra to match. Her body had never looked so sexy. She hardly recognized herself. She had straightened her bright red hair, and applied a bit of makeup, some eyeliner, lip gloss, just some basics. It made all the difference for her. She looked so sexy. Not like some tomboy girl, but a sexy young woman.
She couldn’t wait to see what Mike had in store for her today. Mike told her to come down to the field today for a surprise. Her pussy was aching just imagining what that might be.

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   She’d been in a constant state of arousal since she and Mike had first started fucking. She couldn’t get enough.
She quickly put on one of her new skirts, a short black one with a red lace cut out going high up her thigh, and a sheer red lace corset shirt. She finished it off with deep red heels. She looked at herself in the mirror, she looked completely unlike herself. She couldn’t wait to go and see Mike.
She tiptoed from her room, slipping quietly passed Jeff’s room, and her mom and step-father’s room, walking slowly down the stairs, a little wobbly in her new high heels, once she made it to the door she yelled “I’m gonna go out. We’re having a late practice. I’ll be back later tonight!” With that, Meg dashed out the door.
She made her way down to the field, soon enough she gained her balance, and was able to walk comfortably and even sexily in her new shoes. As she walked, she noticed she was getting a lot of attention from the guys out that night. She loved it; she smiled enticingly at a group of guys hanging around outside of the local high school as she felt their eyes taking in her body. She felt like a sexy little slut as she walked by, knowing they were all thinking about fucking her.
She was amazingly horny by the time she finally reached the locker rooms. She was dying to have a cock deep inside of her again.

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   She felt like she couldn’t go a day without being fucked like the cock slut she was becoming.
Mike was waiting in the locker rooms with his friend Cory. He told Cory all about his new slut Meg, and wanted to see how she reacted to his bringing another guy along to use her before seeing if she’d fuck her own friends. He figured she’d be more likely to fuck a guy she hadn’t known for years.
Mike sat at a chair around the meeting table, Cory across from him, waiting for Meg to show up. “You sure she’s gonna be up for this?” Cory asked he still couldn’t believe that a girl who, just a few days ago was treated like just one of the guys, had turned into the slut Mike had told him about.
“Trust me Cory,” Mike said “Meg’ll do anything for a cock. She’s a complete slut. ” His cock was stirring in his pants just thinking about it. He loved the knowledge that he had turned Meg into the slut that she now was.
The two guys heard the sound of the heavy door opening, followed by the sounds of heels clicking on the hard stone floor. The closer the footsteps grew, the more excited all became. Meg finally stepped around the corner, and the two boy’s jaws dropped. Mike had never believed such a transformation possible. She was no longer the cute tom-boy he’d known for so long, she was a sexy slut that he needed to fuck.

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Meg too, was shocked. She’d expected to find Mike alone, but here he was with a guy she’d never before seen. He had a dark sexiness to him; his dark brown eyes were traveling her body, through his untidy black hair. Seeing the two guys soaking in her body Meg felt her pussy throb. She knew she was going to enjoy this.
“You look great Meg. ” was the first thing Mike thought of to say, breaking the silence of the locker room. He meant it too. He’d never wanted to fuck anyone more than he wanted Meg right then.
“Thanks Mike. ” Meg said, turning slowly, letting the guys take her in from all sides. She pouted sexily at Mike, “Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend?” she asked, turning her striking green eyes to Cory.
“O… yeah. Meg, this is Cory; Cory, Meg. ” he said, his eyes never drifting away from Meg.

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   “I thought he could join us today. ” He said slowly, looking almost challengingly at Meg, testing out what she’d go for.
Meg had a sharp intake of breath as Mike said this. She never thought about fucking two guys, but she was incredibly turned on to think about it. She could just imagine two sets of hands running over her body, two throbbing cocks waiting to get deep inside of her… she could hardly wait. She nodded her head and smiled alluringly to Cory.
Mike was very pleased to see Meg reacting so well to his idea of Cory taking part. He was eager to get this evening started; as was Cory. He was thrilled that Meg not only wasn’t abject to his being there, but seemed to be excited by it.
“Why don’t you sit here Meg?” Mike said, motioning towards a chair between them between himself and Cory. Meg was happy to comply, making her way slowly over to the table and situating herself between to two guys.
Meg immediately felt Mike’s hand come to rest on her thigh, shortly followed by Cory’s on her other. She spread her legs slightly as the two hands began sensuously massaging her. She knew she was being a complete slut, letting the two boys do this to her, but that only made her pussy wetter.
The two guys stood after a minute or so of rubbing Meg’s creamy thighs, much to Meg’s disappointment.

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   Though, she smiled when she heard Mike. “Why don’t you lay down Meg?” he asked, “Get more comfortable. ”
Meg did as she was told, spreading her long lovely body over the table. She immediately felt two sets of hands return to her body. Mike was running his hands lightly over her tits, making Meg moan in pleasure. Her nipples clearly sticking out of her top made Mike’s job all the easier as her began to gently tease the little nubs.
Cory had started on her legs again, his hands running along her smooth inner thighs, parting her legs over the table. He could clearly see her red thong now, soaking with her juices. His cock grew hard as he made his way ever closer to her pussy. He couldn’t wait to feel her hot wet pussy.
Meg was in heaven. She loved the feeling of four hands playing over her body. She spread her legs wider, inviting Cory’s hands to explore her further. She’d never been more turned on. She gasped as she felt Cory’s fingertips brush gently against her soaking thong covered pussy.

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Mike had made ample progress as well. He had teased her nipples, playing over her hard little nubs, making her arch her back and moan. He began to unlace her top, wanting to taste her bare flesh. He pulled her top off, throwing it onto the floor, rewarded with a view of her lace red and black bra. He reached inside of her bra, taking her nipples into his hands, rubbing the little pink buds, making Meg squirm.
Cory’s fingers were running the length of Meg’s lace covered pussy. His fingers were covered in her sweet juices as he teased her pussy. His fingers traveled the length of her slit, stopping to circle around her clit with each pass, driving Meg wild, her hips thrusting up to meet his exploring fingers.
“O god…” Meg moaned, her body on fire as the two boys expertly played with her body. She felt Mike taking one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking on it gently. She arched her back higher, trying to get more of his mouth on her. She felt his tongue rubbing against her hard nipple while his other hand was at work behind her, removing her bra, leaving her wearing nothing but a thin lace thong and her red heels.
Cory stopped his fingers trail up and down her slit. He gently pushed his finger against Meg’s pussy, pushing his finger inside through her lace thong. Meg responded by pushing her pussy against his invading finger.

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   “She’s like a dog in heat…” Cory thought as he pushed more and more of her finger into her pussy, while gently rubbing her clit with his thumb.
Meg’s body was tingling with pleasure. She fucked back hard onto Cory’s finger, grinding her clit against his thumb. Mike was working her tits perfectly. His tongue dancing over her erect nipples, he would nibble at her flesh, sending jolts of pleasure through her. She could feel an orgasm building inside of her as the two boys played with her body. “O god, yes. I’m cumming!” she yelled, her whole body shaking as the boys continued to rub, and suck or bite or.
She came down from her orgasm as horny as before. Both boys had stripped, while she regained her breath, and were now standing above her with cock hard and waiting. The boys were talking as if she wasn’t in the room at all. “So, what is she up to?” she heard Cory ask.
“I’d say anything. I’ve fucked every one of her holes, and she loved it all. ” Mike said, hungrily eyeing her body.

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   “I recommend her ass. She’s so fucking tight up there. ”
“If you say so Mike. ” Cory smiled, his hand lightly rubbing his hard cock. “What are you gonna take?”
“I’m gonna fuck her wet little pussy. ” Mike said. He knew she’d be willing to take them both. He knew he’d turned her into a cock hungry slut.
Meg’s pussy tingled as she heard this conversation. She could only imagine how good it would feel to have two cocks buried deep inside of her, fucking her like the whore she was.
The boys turned their attention back to Meg, seeing that she had recuperated enough to be leaning up, hanging on their every word. “You hear that Meg?” Mike asked, his hands rubbing her thighs, sliding under the thin strings of her thong. “You want to have our cocks inside of you? Do you want to feel your two holes stretched out for our cocks?”
“Mmm, yes Mike. I can’t wait to feel both of you fuck my slutty little holes. ” She said, grinning as Mike slid her thong off of her.

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   She felt so sexy and slutty sitting there about to be fucked by two guys. She had never been so turned on.
Mike made the first move, pulling Meg up, his hand rubbing against Meg’s slit, getting her nice as wet before the games began. His fingers circled around her clit, making her gasp as he grasped the button.
“You better get some of this juice on your cock Cor. ” Mike said, stepping aside, “You gotta get a smooth entry. ” He smiled mischievously at her friend, anticipating the events to come.
Cory stood in front of Meg, letting his cock slide against her pussy, rubbing his member between her puffy pussy lips, letting her juices coat his cock. Her warm juices spilled onto his cock as he drew back and forth, rubbing against her clit, making her pant. He couldn’t wait to try out Meg’s tight ass. Once his cock was coated in Meg’s pussy juice, he moved behind her, getting a view of her gorgeous ass.
Mike sat up on the table, pulling Meg towards him. He pulled her close to him, ready to pound into her tight pussy. “Hop up” he told her, as she did, he pushed her knees to the far ends of the table, positioning her. His cock was throbbing anticipating the pleasure to come.

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Meg was wasting no time. She wanted to feel two cocks stretching her out more than anything in the world. She raised her pussy up above Mike’s hard cock, rubbing her clit against it’s head. She slid down, letting his cock rest against her hole, resting there before impaling herself onto him. Both of them groaned loudly as his cock was engulfed in her wet warm pussy.
Cory was wasting no time on his part either. As soon as Mike was in her, he started rubbing his cock against Meg’s little ass hole. Her juices were coating his cock, letting it slide easily against her ass. He was dying to feel her ass milking his cock. He could only imagine how tight she’d be with two cocks deep inside of her.
Meg was in heaven Mike’s cock felt so good filling up her tight snatch, and she felt Cory’s cock rubbing against her ass hole. She arched her back, pushing her ass against Cory’s pushing cock. She gasped as she felt his head sliding into her asshole.
Mike was enjoying the feeling of Meg’s pussy milking his cock. She was grasping his cock even tighter as Cory began entering her ass.


   His hands were grasping Meg’s nipples, twisting and teasing them while Meg arched towards him, sticking her ass out for Cory.
As Meg’s ass grew accustomed to Cory’s cock he began pushing more and more into her. He pushed slowly inside of her inch by inch, her ass stretching tight around his cock. He could feel Mike’s cock buried deep in Meg’s pussy right next to his.
Nothing had ever felt thing amazing to Meg. She felt so full as Cory continued to thrust into her. With each thrust more and more of his cock was swallowed by her tight ass. She was groaning loudly the harder Cory thrust into her. She moaned loudly as she felt his balls slap against her. His whole cock was up her tight ass.
Both of the boys hands began exploring her body as she grew accustomed to their cocks. She felt so full, she loved the feeling of the two boys cocks deep and pulsing inside of her. She slowly began rocking her hips back and forth on the boys cocks, alternately pushing each one deeper into her.
The longer the cocks were inside of her the more aroused she became. She was gyrating her hips faster and faster, massaging their cocks while their hands played with her delicious body.

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   Cory was pinching and pulling on her nipples, making her moan as he started gently fucking in and out of her ass. Mike was rubbing her little clit while bouncing her on his cock in time with Cory’s fucking.
Mike’s hands were busy playing down between Meg’s legs, teasingly flicking her clit. Her pussy was so hot and wet. He massaged her little button, making her pant. She was squeezing tight on his rock hard cock. Her juices were leaking all over his cock. He wanted to cum in her tight little twat so bad.
Cory was in heaven as he pumped in and out of Meg’s sweet ass. She was so tight, her ass was milking his cock so well. He roughly grabbed her nipples, making her groan and push back hard on his cock. He kissed her neck, sucking, biting her soft white flesh.
Meg was more aroused than she had ever been. The feeling of two cocks fucking in and out of her was amazing. She was moaning softly each time the boys cocks fully entered her again.

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   She’d never been this full. With the two cocks fucking her and the hands playing with her body she soon felt an orgasm building inside of her.
“Oo, o god. ” She moaned. Her hips humped rapidly against the two boys, she was grinding her clit against Mike’s hands, panting heavily. She was arching her back, forcing her breasts into Cory’s hands. “O fuck. Yes, fuck me!” she was fucking back onto the two boys cock hard, forcing more and more inside of her.
Cory and Mike were thrusting deeper and deeper into her, meeting her on every stroke. Their moans filled the locker room, echoing off the walls. The two boys were pumping in and out of Meg for all she was worth. Her pussy and ass were so hot and tight around their throbbing members.
Meg was the first to cum. “O, god yes!” she moaned as they continued to pump her pussy and ass. Their fingers pulling on the nipples and clit and the feeling of two cocks fucking her drove her wild.

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   She moaned as her orgasm swept through her body, her pussy and ass convulsing, squeezing tight against the boy’s cocks.
It was all the Cory could take to see her cum like that. “O fuck” he groaned as he felt his own orgasm building. “Fuck Meg, your ass is so fucking good” he moaned, suddenly his cock erupted, sending load after load of his hot cum deep into her ass.
Mike was soon following Cory. He could feel his friend’s cock shooting deep into Meg’s tight ass, it was too much for him to take. “Fucking god” he grunted, shoving hard into her before shooting his load into her tight pussy.
The three teens were exhausted from their sexual activities of the day. They soon stood, disentangling themselves. Meg stood up, cum dripping down her legs out of her ass and pussy. She smiled as she saw the white cum dripping out of her two sore holes. She ran a finger down her thigh, collecting the boys’ cum as it mixed going down her leg. She brought it to her mouth, licking the mixture off her finger, smiling sexily at the boys as she did.
Mike and Cory were both shocked at what a true slut Meg was becoming. The boys knew that they would never forget that day, and wanted to fuck Meg again as soon as they could.

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For now though, Meg was already picking up her clothes, ready to head out. She smiled coyly at the boys as she made her way to the restroom to clean herself up. “Thanks for the good time” she said, licking her lips. After cleaning herself up well, she headed out, looking everybit the slut she was becoming. She couldn't wait for her next sexual adventure to being.
To be continued.
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