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  " She loked up and smiled slipping out from her desk. He led her into a classroom and made sure she was alright with what was going to happen. She smiled as she sat down and sheepishly asked RYan what it might be that he will be needing today. He didnt waste any time as he lifted her onto the teachers desk. She protested at first but with a gentle kiss on the neck she melted in his arms. He lifted up her shirt to reveal her georgeous breasts cointained in a pink bra. He gently slipped one of them out and began to suck on the nipple, licking it and pinching it, making it hard, She moaned with pleasure. He suddenly realized his bulging cock in his pants and reached down to realise the monster in to free air. He started to unbutton her pants and slipped them off reavealing only a tiny white thong. he took those off to leaving her totally naked on a desk. He started to finger fuck her and she shook and trembled in his arms as her orgasm hit her. NOt today he thought. I want to save her for later. He said she would get his cock later but now they needed tyo goo back to class. She mumbled a yes in a greement as she slipped on her clothes.

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   he couldnt wait, by the way she looked neither could she. Sorry so short!! Must finish later!.

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