First Orgasm


My fist time with Michael, was incredible. Hes 11 inches and thick. I remember seeing it for the first time thinking "omg, no way. "  But in  the end it was worth it.
His cock was throbbing so bad you could feel it through the pants. I always wanted to know what it was like. I felt like i was losing my virginity again. I felt him press against me and lay me down on the table,   while slowly re-moving my pants. Leaving my thong on. He kissed my legs all the way up to my thighs. I try not to shudder but hes doing it so soft i cant help but shudder. I try to wriggle free but in the end i'm laying on the table naked and hes kissing my legs and my thighs.
All of a sudden i feel a tongue-ring touching my clit very hard and i moan very loudly. I try not to sqiurm but i cant help it. He starts licking and sucking on my pussy. I try not to move and wriggle but i cant help it.

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   I loved every moment of him touching me. Grabbing my breasts and his tongue touching my soft wet pussy.
After 45 mins i feel my very first orgasm coming on and i tell him. He starts licking harder and faster, but longer strokes. I tell him dot stop now and he doesnt stop. I can feel my body start to shake and i feel like i'm going to exploade.
I orgasm all over his mouth and he licked up every drop of cum. I loved it. I could feel him gently licking me now and i love it. His cock pulsating. now time for sex.
11 inches is pretty big in my standards!! Anything over 8 is big! but 11 is ORGASMIC!!! I could feel him enter his head of his cock enter my pussy. So thick i think. he pushes himself on to me and i start to moan out loud. I could feel my body trembling.

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   At first it hurt but then it started feeling really good. Never orgasming from sex, i knew that i would soon cause his cock was just running over my g-spot so many times that i could feel my body tremble again. I knew i was going to orgasm soon.   Michael started pounding harder and faster. I could feel it cumming! I started cumming and after 5 mins of fucking michael, i orgasmed so loud that i started shaking  right afterwards. I loved every moment of it.
But i knew it wasnt then end it was only the beginning of a new night. My fist orgasm from sex and oral. anal soon to follow.
Thanks for reading.
spelling i know. . .