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(True Story). . . . names have been changed   I am 16 years old, and a junior in high school.   All I had ever done with a girl was hookup, fingered 2 girls, and had started to get a handjob once but it got interupted.   We were all at my friends house for a party.   After we left this girl Jen said she wanted to hook up with me, so after the party we all went to a nearby golf course to keep partying.   Everyone by now was pretty drunk, so me and Jen started to make out, then we got in a friends car and she started giving me a hickey, when we got back out and walked back to the golf course we made out some more and i started feeling up her shirt, i got to her bra and went under it feeling her very hard nipples and her nicely sized boobs.     Next we walked a little farther away and started hooking up again.   I was so hard by now.   She started to feel around my crotch and could feel my extrememly hard 7inch dick.   She asked me if i wanted head, so i said "Yes".   She started reaching down my pants so i helped her undo my pants and take out my hard dick.   She grabbed it and started jerking me off. Next she slowley got on her knees and took my dick in her mouth.

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    She commented on it saying it was nice and big.   We kept gettin interupted by my stupid drunk friends.   Finally we ended up on the side of a shed on the golfcourse and she continued to suck my dick.   I think the alcohol was affecting my ability to cum, because it was taking a very long time.   After a little while she said, "Do you want me to swallow?" so i said "yes" so she told me to warn her when i was guna cum.   She started moving up and down with her mouth very fast while using her hand to jerk me off.   After awhile i still had not cum so i told her to tongue the head alot and suck on it too, this wasnt working so i started to jerk myself off while she sucked on the head.   I was finally gunna cum so i told her and she opened her mouth and i shot one of the biggest loads ive ever had before into her mouth.   She sucked my dick dry after that and swallowed every last drop.   Hopefully i can see her again and do more with her.