Friends girlfriend


I am almost 18 years old and still a virgin.  I actually have never been with a girl besides kissing.  One day I was hanging out with my friend Mike who was 14 years old and after receiving a call from his 15 year old girlfriend, Sarah, he asked me if I would want to hang out with his girlfriend too.  I said it was fine.
We arrived at her house and hung out and chatted in her bedroom.  She was a very cute girl with dark brown hair and eyes and a very nice body.  She was wearing a green tank top and white sweat pants.  I became very aroused by her.  I could see the outline of he panties and of her bra which was small and most likely a b cup and, telling by the uncovered straps, was white.
At some point she said to him, "Your friend\\\\\\\'s pretty cute. "  I blushed, embarrassed and pretended to ignore the comment until Mike, having seen me nude in the locker room at school, said,
"He has a pretty big dick too. "  I\\\\\\\'m actually only about 7 inches but he is younger and his is smaller than mine.  This remark added to my embarrassment.
Sarah smiled and surprisingly asked me to show it to her/them.  I refused at first but they became more persistent about the "joke. "  I eventually agreed and though shy being watched by them, I pulled my jeans down and off.

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    "Now the boxers," she said.  I took my boxers off and she smiled and looked at my penis.  It was very awkward feeling then she told Mike to undress so she could compare.  Even though she was his girlfriend and being naked was no big deal for them, I still felt more comfortable not being the only one undressed.  Mike told her she had to get naked since we did and though she was reluctant at first, she agreed that it was fair.
I was sitting on Sarah\\\\\\\'s bed next to Mike and watching her undress, I caught her watching me getting very hard.  She kept glimpsing at me and smiling.  She was in her white bra and panties and she commented on my boner and told Mike to get hard so we could compare accurately.  She started rubbing his dick till he got really hard.  We all realized what we were doing and said we\\\\\\\'d never speak of it to anyone.  We all agreed that mine was bigger and Mike said it felt so good and talked about I should see how great she gives head.  At this point we were all very horny and Sarah said it wouldn\\\\\\\'t be right if I was left out.  Mike was just horny and didn\\\\\\\'t really care, but he was actually ok with this notion.  He said, "You can do him after me if you want.  If thats ok with him.

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  "  They both looked at me and she was smiling.  I said she didn\\\\\\\'t have to because I didn\\\\\\\'t want to impose but I really did.  Mike told her, "Undress all the way first. "
She took off her bra, exposing her small firm tits.  She then took off her panties and I was so amazed, never having seen a girls pussy.  It was shaved and I was extremely aroused and erect looking at it.
Sarah got on her knees and put Mikes penis in her mouth.  She started sucking on it slowly, rubbing the base of it with her hands.  She was bobbing her head on it, his dick going farther into her mouth each time.  She stopped for a moment, took a breath, and was right back into it.  She started to pick up speed and I could tell Mike was enjoying it by the expression on his face.  As he came, she continued sucking slowly.  Sarah removed his dick from her mouth, took a big gulp, and smiled.
Sarah looked at me and asked if I would like a blow job as well.  I told her she didn\\\\\\\'t have to if she didn\\\\\\\'t want to not to impose but I really did.

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    Sarah smiled at me and told me it was no problem.
She moved over to me and I was so excited I was tingling.  I was almost shaking as she gently gripped the base of my dick with her hand.  She put it in her mouth and slowly started sucking on the tip.  She started slowly bobbing farther down on it.  It was better than I ever could have imagined.  She stopped sucking and told me, "Tell me when your gonna cum. "  I nodded and said ok.  She put my dick back into her mouth and sucked on it some more.  She went faster and I felt and heard her slurping on it as she went down.  She almost gagged, being used to smaller.  It was absolutely incredible.  Needing to take a breath, she took it out of her mouth, still connected my a thin strand of saliva.  She continued jacking it and spit on it for lube.
I was so caught up in the moment and saying nothing, I ejaculated all over Sarah\\\'s face and on her small breasts.

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    She got an angry look and I apologized but she said it was fine and laughed it off with Mike as he got her a towel.  I said sorry again and she wiped herself off and left the bedroom to take a shower.
Mike was already dressed and I grabbed my pants and put them on.  He said, "Pretty great huh?"  I nodded yes.  Though the situation was awkward at times, l was completely satisfied with my first experience receiving oral sex.