Fucked by James


I think it was March when I met James. I actually met him through my then 16 year old sister. I had just recently turned 15. James and my sister, Katie, weren't dating although they intended to go to prom together. At the time I knew who James was but didn't know him very well. One day he was coming over to see Katie. I live in a house full of women so Katie was dressed in nothing but a T shirt and panties. So she was in her room getting dressed. James was waiting on her and I was just sitting in the next room chillin' online. So he came in my room and sat on my bed with me. I was sort of uncomfortable but I ignored it. I knew he and Katie had fucked before. Which was just gross because James is so sweet and Katie is such an ugly bitch. So anyways, James was sitting on my bed with me and I was like "Uh. . .

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   what are you doing ?" All of a sudden he just throws me on the bed and starts tickling me! We were rolling around on the bed laughing so hard, having a great time. It pissed Katie off knowing that James had his way with her and was through with her. I have a history of stealing her guy friends. So as we were laughing and giggling there was an awkward pause. Then I remember James telling me he was going to "pound the shit outta me". I remember feeling my pussy throb! I couldn't believe he said that to me and we had only just met! I acted as if I didn't hear anything and we kept playing. This was the beginning of it all. James was over at my house pretty much everyday. I loved having him around. He was so funny and so sweet. He was and is everything I look for in a guy. I remember one night us being in my room on my bed. We were making out and I was really uncomfortable. I wanted him to fuck me. God KNOWS I wanted it! But I was so uncomfortable.

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   He lifted off my shirt then took off his. I laid there scared out of my mind. He reached down and unzipped my pants and as soon as he did I heard mom from the living room saying "Sarah it's time to send James home. You have school tomorrow. " I was relieved. I didn't know what was wrong with me. I guess it had something to do with the fact that he was 18 and I had just turned 15. The difference in experience levels can do that. The next night he was back. I don't remember how, but it got interrupted AGAIN. So I arranged for him to come back on Friday. I figured I was ready. Friday he had to work and didn't show up. I was home alone without James to fuck me :( . Months went by and James didn't come over.

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   The only time I saw him was when I bumped into him while he was working at the grocery store. We made small talk but never said much of anything important. Then in the beginning of November he got suspended from school for 2 days for skipping. I saw him at the store and he said he would be over at my place at 7:30am because his grandparents didn't know he was suspended. He couldn't just stay home. So Monday morning he got to my house at about 8. I was thinking he wouldn't show. But he did. We sat on my couch talking for a while about this and that. Shortly after we were both in the floor tickling eachother as we always did. After a while we ended up in my room on my bed. He was sitting on the edge with me on his lap facing him. We kissed for what seemed like an hour. . .

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   taking off eachothers clothes slowly until we were both naked. My whole life there's been one thing I've been wanting to do. Oral sex. Not receiving, but giving. So when we were both naked I slid off of his lap and down onto the floor on my knees. His cock was already rock hard. I stared at its size. It wasn't that thick but it was LOOOONG. I wrapped my hand around the base of it and slowly slid the head in my mouth. I licked and sucked on it for a few minutes. Then I started sliding my hand up and down his cock. . . slow at first. Gradually I started jacking him off harder and faster, using my other hand to rub his balls.

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   I looked up at James. He was moaning and grunting. I felt his cock swell up in my hand and I took my hand off and slid his whole cock down my throat. I almost gagged on it! I was licking and sucking it, still playing with his balls. I slid it out and opened my mouth. I started jacking him off again HARD. James' breathing got shallow and the first stream of jizz exploded on my face and in my mouth. It went everywhere. . . my hair. . . my mouth, face and breasts. I licked all of the cum off of James' cock, rubbing it in the cum on my face and licking it off again.

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   It tasted wonderful. I'd never tasted anything so. . . interesting? But it was definitely YUMMY. James stood up and stood me up. He laid me on my back on the bed and started rubbing my pussy. I was so wet from that blow job! His fingers slid right in. I moaned quietly. I brought James down to me. . . kissing him on the lips with LOTS of tongue. He worked his fingers in my pussy until I was about to explode. I looked into James' eyes and moaned loudly "I'm gonna cum!".

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   James stopped suddenly. He didn't want me to cum yet. He let me come down. Then he moved ontop of me. He was hard again. He put my legs up over his shoulders and slid his cock in my wet pussy. I gasped from underneath him. I loved being able to look up at James while he fucked me. He started to move faster and harder. . . pumping his cock in and out of me. It went in harder with each thrust. He fucked me for a reallly long time. .

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  . stopping before I could cum. Then suddenly he started railing into my pussy extremely hard. I LOVED it! I could feel it slamming into the back of my cunt. I felt James releasing his cum in me and I suddenly burst into an orgasm of my own. Him stopping me before I could cum all those times before made me cum VERY hard. I was screaming and digging my nails into his back. James was still pounding away as I came. I actually squirted all over him. That was something I had NEVER done before! Finally I stopped cumming and we both collapsed on the bed covered in eachothers juices.
. ::THE END::.