Fun with Sam, Part 1


Topic: Fun with Sam, Part 1     You know it is interesting how things take place, but before i get into my story let me tell you a little about myself.   I stand 6' and weigh about 225 pounds so by no means am i a small guy but i carry myself well.   I have long black hair with my bangs dyed blood red.   I currently have three tattoos and two piercings.   A 6" cock with a good bit of thickness.
     Well enough for the introduction for now. Let us get on with the story.   Now this all begins mid-summer.   I work for a local hard-ware store building grills as a sub-contractor.   Not a bad job but one day i had a very large order to fill and called up one of my friends asking for his help and i would compensate him for his time and effort.   Well as the work day went on we made small talk and the topic of his cousin came up.   Now i had not heard from her in several years as she was my ex girlfriend and co-worker.   Needless to say we had a falling out and parted ways.   Time had of course changed my out-look so i had no issue calling to see how she was.   How was i to know that it would lead to one of the hottest encounters i would experience.
    Well as the day ended i dropped my friend off at his house and made my way to see Sam.

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    Not having seen each other for some time i was a little apprehensive but mustered up the courage to knock on her door after standing out from for nearly ten minutes thinking if it was the right thing to do.   Well when she answered the door i was surprised completely, she looked the exact same as when we worked together.   32D chest curving down to a slender waist and a killer ass.   Now see this was the kind of ass you can stare at all day.   She had bone straight blond hair wearing a tank top that accented her already incredible cleavage.   Seeing her like this had cause my cock to start to harden.   I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek trying to conceal the boner in my pants even though i wanted her to know it was there to show her how much she still turned me on.   We ended up taking a walk on the beach talking of what has changed over the year, about ourselves, people we both knew, etc.   As it was starting to get late i walked her back home gave her a small kiss on the lips with no rejection from her at all, mind you the whole time her stiff little nipples were bleeding through her shirt and i think she knew it but didn't care (or wanted me to see).
    A few days later she arrived at my house wearing a pair of ass hugging jean that showed off her ass and hips perfectly.   I gave her a kiss on the cheek yet again and we went to the garage to talk.   About mid-way through the conversation the topic had changed to sexual experiences during our time apart and i believe that the topic had got us both a little hot under the collar.   She had mentioned that she had never sucked a real cock and always wanted to.   Because of not having a real cock to practice with she made due with soda bottle, cucumbers, you know whatever she had around shaped like a dick.   Well by now i was sporting a massive hard-on and she noticed it.

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    Her hand reached over to my crotch and asked if i would be her first.   Now this had caught me off guard and without noticing she had her pants undone and working on mine.   Who was i to deny her this.   As she pulled my cock out she gasped at the size.   Hearing this caused my friend to swell with pride increasing in size.   She quickly glanced into my eyes with pure lust almost to the point of being animalistic.   As she stroked my cock my hand found its way right to her chest and as i pinched her hardened nipples through her shirt she moaned letting me know that she enjoyed it.   That little push was all she needed to swallow my member whole as i was shot right to the gate of heaven.   Her tongue swirled around my head and i thought i was going to cum just from her touch.   I quickly realized she was still wearing a shirt,  i remedied that fast revealing her incredible tits and that got me all the harder. As she went back to servicing my cock i felt her hand cradle my balls.   I groaned with pure lust as pre-cum dribbled from the head of my dick.   Soon i heard slurping and i was having trouble containing myself.   As she felt my balls start to contract she began to hum a little tune and that sent me over the edge.   Grabbing that back of her head and shoving my cock down her throat i unloaded what seemed to be an endless stream of cum.

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    When it was too much for her to swallow some escaped her mouth and dribbled down her chin and my cock.   Finally my cock twitched its last spurt into her mouth.   As she sat up the bit on her chin slid down and landed on her tits.  
     She looked at me with a devilish grin saying "it seems you enjoyed yourself. "
     I was speechless as she stoked my cock to life again.   I had just unloaded not even two minutes ago and she had me hard again before i could blink.   She then stood before me, turned around and pulled her jeans off.   As they slid off her ass i was awe-struck.   Turning around i saw a beautiful sight, completely shaved, not a hair to be found.   As i reached towards her pussy to start fingering her wonderful cunt she stopped me.   Without saying a word she lowered herself onto me impaling herself with my cock.   She was as tight as a virgin and as Sam buried me in her she started to moan.   Feeling the walls of her pussy grabbing my cock was almost too much but i was not ready to cum in her sweet love box yet.   Starting with a grinding motion she moans as her pussy contracts with pure pleasure.   Soon we start with a rhythm and get going.

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    As the pace increase so does the volume of her moans till she is practically screaming with every thrust.   Out of nowhere i feel her cunt clamp down on my cock causing me to cum filling her with my seed as our love juices mix.   Collapsing on my chest she heaves causing my cock to twitch causing me to yet again get hard.   She looks at me astonished and i grin.   Not long after her movements being again with a quicker pace and within minutes we are both cumming.   As my jizz fills her womb it becomes too much and starts to leak out of her pussy.   She slides off of me and looking at my cum coated cock lowers her head and licks me clean.  
    Footsteps tell us someone is near as we quickly dress and regain our composure striking up the conversation from where we left off (before the sexual part).   As she leaves she tells me she is going to her mom's for the weekend and asks if i want to join.   I agree and part ways with a kiss and an ass grab. Waiting for the weekend to arrive was almost painful.   Every time i thought of what would happen my cock would harden and cause me to rub one out.  
      Well finally the weekend arrives. . .

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  . . . . .
To be continued
***This was my first story so feedback would be much appreciated***
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Topic: Fun with Sam, Part 1.

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