okay, im an average looking 18 yr old guy with a slightly bigger than average cock (6. 5 inches) and the girl in this story, lets call her jessica, was a smoking hot 16 yr old with DD's that looked huge om her 5'5 110 lb frame. well i had had a crush on jess ever since her and my sister had become freinds. well one day after jess had broken up with her last boyfriend she came over to our place to talk with my sister, problem was i was the only one home, parents were out for the day and my sister had taken off for work about an hour earlier. since i had the day off i slept in and answered the door in a pair of sweats that i found on my floor.
" oh hi, is breanne home?" she looked as if she had been crying the whole drive over.
"nah, she's. . out for a bit" i lied. " she'll be back soon tho, if you wanna come in" 
she took my invite and walked in, i went back up to my room to throw a shirt on and to throw in the last piece of gum i had. i went back downstairs and she was flipping through the channels.
"you want something to drink?" i asked her,
"yeah, some juice would be nice" she said.
i poured 2 glasses of OJ and walked into the living room.
"thanks" she said as she started to drink.
i couldnt take my eyes offa her and when she caught me, luckily i was looking at her hair.
"what?" she asked
"oh nothing.

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  . did you do something with your hair?" i asked, grasping at straws.
her attitude improved immensly "yeah i got it cut and some had some low lights put in"
"ohh, yeah it looks great, how does derek like it?" i asked
"he said it looked like shit and that i need to stop being so superficial" she leaned back and turned away, but i noticed her eyes start to glisten again.
"well derek is a idiot for letting a beautiful girl like you slip away" i said as i walked to the kitchen to get more OJ.
i walked back to the living room and sat beside her. she leaned forward to grab the remote off of the coffee table, i looked and saw she was wearing a black lace thong underneath her skinny jeans. she leaned back and cast a knowing look at me.
"do you wanna know something funny?" she asked with a smile.
"always" i replied.
"i used to have the biggest crush on you last year" she said with a giggle and moved a little closer to me.
"well whats fair is fair" i said to her.
"you had a crush on me?" she asked 
"mmhm" is all said as i finished up my OJ and put the empty glass on the coffee table
next thing i knew, jess pushed me back against the couch and was sitting on my lap, looking into my eyes she said "how long til breanne is home"
"we got at least 3 hours, she's at work"
"good enough for me" she said as she started kissing me, her boobs were pressed against my chest as her toungue started to dart back and forth in my mouth. my dick was starting to get hard at this point and she could feel it through my sweats. she started rubbing her pussy against it, a soft moan escaped her lips as i started to work my hand under her white tank top and started tweaking her nipples underneathe her bra. she grabbed my shirt and rolled me onto my back.

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  . . . . more to come

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