Ginving into him again


One night, I realized I needed Kevin again. I drove to his house and snuck in through the sliding door leading to his basement. I felt my way around so I wouldn’t trip on the couch. I turned on a small lamp in the corner, and smiled in success when I saw that both Kevin’s and Greg’s doors were closed.
I turned the lamp back off and opened Kevin’s door. He was moaning and I could tell what he was dreaming about… I accidently bumped into his ride cymbal, which was unconveniently next to the door. He stirred a little and I knelt down next to his futon. He looked up and groggily asked, “What are you doing here?” “I think you know,” I replied. He understood and pulled me on top of him and began stroking my hair. “I was dreaming about you,” he said slyly.
I was shivering from nervousness and cold. He held me tight and I cuddled up against him for a few minutes before getting to business. I pulled his plaid pj pants down just far enough to expose his growing hard-on. I did the same with my sweatpants. I wanted to get totally naked and have him bang me for all I was worth, but I wanted to keep it short and sweet for fear of waking his brother in the next room. Kevin fingered me for a minute to lubricate my throbbing pussy.

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   He gently entered me and I moaned. “I want it hard,” I said, “show me no mercy. ” He gladly obliged as he rolled me onto my back and started pumping me with incredible force.
The futon creaked softly and my moans grew louder as Kevin pounded harder and faster. “Shhh, baby, Greg’s in the next room,” Kevin paused and whispered. “Oh, don’t stop,” I pleaded. Kevin continued, making my pussy feel like it would tear apart. I bit gently into his shoulder to keep from screaming as we both met our climax. Wave after wave of his juices flooded my pussy. Quite a bit escaped and tears welled up in my eyes as I was bursting at the seams. Kevin grinned sheepishly when he realized how much he let loose in me. Suddenly, the door swung open, and there stood Greg. Kevin scrambled to cover our naked bodies with a blanket.
“You better not tell mom,” Kevin growled. “I won’t,” Greg replied, “as long as I can get in on the fun.

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  ” My eyes widened. Though Kevin was only 16 and I was 17, I had absolutely no intention of screwing his 14 year old brother, but I didn’t have much of a choice. Kevin laid on his side and gave my ass a smack as if to tell me to get going. I looked at him with the saddest look I could.
His hard, dark eyes almost looked sympathetic, but he made no motion to stop me. I turned around and Greg was already butt-naked. He took my cloths off and looked me up and down. My body isn’t exactly a sight to behold, but he was quite intrigued with my 38C breasts, my bright blue eyes and long blonde hair. He got down on his knees and began pleasuring me with his tounge. It flicked over my clit in slow short strokes. My pussy juices flowed like Niagra Falls and Greg licked up every bit of it.
Not able to stand it anymore, he got up and pulled his erection to my entrance. It was smaller than Kevin’s, but by no means small in cock standards. He entered my already stretched pussy, and I again began to moan. I was surprised to find myself grinding my pussy on him, yearning for more clitoral stimulation.

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   Kevin watched with wide eyes as I fucked his brother in the middle of his room. “Oh yesssss,” I hissed. Greg didn’t take long before he was ready to come. My pussy muscles were contracted around his member, but I refused to let him cum inside me, and jerked backwards just in time. He came all over me, and I was a complete mess.
Kevin stood up and led me to the bathroom. We showered and fucked in the hot, steamy water. When we were finished, I kissed him passionately before he pushed me out the way I had come in. I drove home knowing that he would probably still treat me no different and that his brother would probably go brag to all his friends, but I was satisfied. I walked back into my room mentally replaying the scene of Kevin’s 7 ½” x 2” thick cock pounding my pussy.
I peeled of my soaked panties with a disgusted look on my face. But in some twisted way, it was kind of erotic. I decided to lay a towel down on my bed and go back to bed completely naked. Yet again, juices flowed from my pussy as I had dreams of being Kevin’s permanent sex slave…