Girl Scout Camp Chronicles, Part One


Girl Scout Camp Chronicles, Part One
Summer rolled around again. It seemed like winter really flew by for a change. Angie and I turned seventeen and in June we went looking for jobs to get some spending cash to buy sexy clothes with.
A friend of my mom’s had a daughter, Sandy, who was the head counselor at Camp River Glen in the San Bernardino Mountains, so we got the opportunity to fly south and become tent mothers, under the watchful eye of my mom’s friend’s daughter.
She met us at the airport and we both nudged each other when we saw the size of her breasts! They were big, and perfect, with big nipples like my aunt Kay’s. She had a hundred watt smile and the cutest dimples that we had ever seen in a twenty two year old girl. Long silky black hair almost to her waist and the long dress down to her ankles gave her a kind of hippy look, without the spaced out facial features which you we so often saw on older flower children in our neck of the woods in Eastern Washington.
She drove us up into the mountains while we chatted and got to know each other. She was really interested in our nerve endings problems, and I thought I saw a slight flush when we explained some of the stuff that really got to us, like taking showers and having terry cloth towels rub over our private parts.
We finally arrived at the camp, after fording two really deep streams, and drove into the circle in front of the main lodge. Then we went into the office and filled out all the forms and she explained about our duties as tent mothers and assigned us adjoining tents. She walked us around the grounds pointing out the swimming pool and the other facilities, and we finally got to see our new homes for the next three months.
Angie and I both explored our little tent covered houses and checked out the showers and beds in each. We were going to be assigned ten Scouts each, aged nine to twelve, and would be in charge of getting them to all the festivities and nursing cuts and bruises, and generally making sure everybody had a good time to write home about.
Each session lasted four weeks so we would really have a chance to get to know our little charges.
The next morning the bus pulled in bright and early, while the grass was still dewy and wood smoke from the kitchen hung low over the valley. 

The doors opened and out poured some of the most adorable little kids that Angie and I had ever set eyes on! She looked over at me as we watched them unload, and behind her hand ran her tongue in and out quickly as she grinned and shook her hips. I gave her a stern glance and she laughed, as a couple of the girls turned toward us to see what their new mothers were going to be like.
One little thing really caught my eye, and apparently she was impressed by me, too. She grinned, and then came over and stuck out a little hand and said, “Hi! I’m Nicole, but everybody calls me Nicky. Are you my new mom?” she giggled.
I smiled back as I looked her up and down, and then I checked my clipboard to see if she was on it.
“Yep, you’re my new little girl!” I laughed, as she came closer and I hugged her
“Oh good! I really think you’re very pretty, and I love pony tails, don’t you?”
“Yes, sweetie, I really do like my pony tail, and thank you for saying so. ” I laughed, as we walked over to where Angie was talking to two of her new tent kids.
“This is my dear friend Angie. Angie, meet Nicky, one of my girls. ”
“Hi! Nicky! Glad to have you aboard. You sure are cute, you know?”
Nicky blushed all the way from her toes to her hairline as she looked at the ground, and pushed dirt around with one little sandal, complete with little red painted toenails.
“It’s all right, honey, she’s just impressed with how old you look, is all. ”
Nicole looked up and grinned at the supreme compliment to any nine year old girl.
“Do you really think so?”
“Yes, honey, I do and I’m going to make you my special girl while you’re here, okay?”
“Oh, that is so neat! Let’s go tell the others, okay?”
“Sure, but don’t tell them that we are buddies, or they might get jealous, okay?”
Nicky grinned, and then reached up to pull me down and plant a wet kiss on my face.

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   I looked around quickly to see if anyone had noticed my flushed face, and Angie winked, and grinned widely back at me.
We lined the others up and marched off to the tents singing as we went, “HI Ho, Hi Ho, It’s off to camp we go,” as we skipped and danced around like a bunch of wood nymphs.
We split into our two groups and went into our respective tents to assign each girl her bunk and foot locker. Then we went back down to the lodge for breakfast. As we sat at our tables, one per tent, I noticed one of my girls watching me all the time with furtive little glances at my breasts. The looks started turning me on a little, and I hugged my arms across my chest to keep my nipples from pushing my camp blouse out.
As we passed the food around the looks got more and more open, to the point that she actually licked her small lips with her little pink tongue, and small beads of sweat formed on her upper lip. My God, I thought, that little vixen is making me wet!
Nicky was sitting on my immediate right while I was at the head of the table. She nudged me with her knee, and leaned over and whispered,
“Jan, that girl down there by the end is staring at your blouse, did you notice?”
“You mean the tall twelve year old with the cute curly blonde hairdo?”
“Yes. I’ve seen my sister look at her girlfriend like that and they are lesbians, I think they call them that anyway, you know girls who like girls?”
“Yes, honey, you’re correct. That’s what lesbians are, and she is looking at me like that, it’s true. You’re awfully observant for one so young. ”
“I have to look out for you since I’m your buddy, right?”
“That’s okay, sweetie. I’m little, but I can take care of myself, so don’t worry. But I like you wanting to take care of me, it’s cute.


  ” I answered, as I patted her little knee under the table.
We finished up and I led them outside for the morning crafts events. Then we all took a break, and I herded them into the dayroom lounge so they could relax, and have some free time to write letters and nap if they wanted. I sat on the leather couch with Nicky’s little head in my lap while she dozed on and off. The twelve year old sat against the wall on a beanbag and eyed me constantly.
Finally I had had enough and called her over to sit by me.
“Candy. Why are you staring at me so much, honey?” I asked, as Nicky looked up to see what was going on.
“It’s a free world, isn’t it? I can stare at anyone I want, and you can’t stop me!” she snarled back.
“Just because you are bigger than me don’t think you can talk to me that way!” I barked, as I reached over and grabbed her wrist and twisted it back so her arm was pinned to the couch back
She let out a little yelp, and tears came to her eyes, as I squeezed her arm harder. I released her and she began to rub her wrist and sniffle.
“I’m sorry. ” She blubbered, “I only wanted to look at you, is that a crime?”
“Sweetie, you can look all you want, but try to be a little more careful, okay? There are little girls here and they get confused easily. Nicky even saw you and commented on it, and she’s only nine. ”
“So come on, I apologize for hurting you, and you apologize for yelling at me, and we can be friends, okay?” I said.

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She nodded, and moved over by me, and put her head on my shoulder. She looked up at me with the prettiest green eyes and smiled, as she hugged me.
“I’m really sorry, but you are so sexy looking that I couldn’t take my eyes off you. ”
I gasped at the look in her eyes, and shivered, as I felt the moisture start to edge out of the slit between my cunt lips. I clenched my legs together to hold it in as Candy rubbed my arm, and continued to look into my eyes, with lust written all over her cute little face.
“Stop that, Candy!” I whispered, as Nicky stared at the two of us. “You’re getting me all shook up looking at me that way. ”
”Aren’t camp mothers supposed to take care of all their girls? I need special care, you know. ” She whispered, as she reached up and blew gently in my ear. I jerked, and Nicky stared harder at me watching my lower lip tremble. I gently pushed Candy back, and lifted Nicky up, and then stood up. I walked over to the bathroom on shaking legs, and locked my self into one of the stalls.
“God, Angie, what have we stumbled into here! Not one day and I’m already having thoughts about raping every girl in my group!” I thought, as I plunged my hand under my shorts and fingered myself into an earth shattering orgasm!
I finally got up, and cleaned my bottom, and flushed. Then I went back out to the dayroom and gathered my charges together to head for the afternoon swim classes. Nicky held my hand and Candy walked right beside me, brushing her hip against mine whenever she got the chance and nobody was looking.

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   By the time we reached the change room my nerve endings were on fire again!
All the little girls quickly stripped off their shorts and tops and slipped into their little one piece suits. Candy gave me a sultry look as she slowly pushed her shorts down, and then followed up by sliding her hands under the waistband of her skimpy panties and seductively wiggling her slim hips as she slid them to the floor.
I gasped at the tall beautiful body before me. She raised her arms and tugged her top up over the tight little cones that one day would be gorgeous breasts. As she continued to stare at me she pulled her suit up oh so slowly, enjoying my squirming on the hard bench in front of her hot little body. Finally she slipped her arms into the straps and pulled the suit over her stiff little nipples, and I bit my lip to keep from gasping, as an orgasm wracked my body!
I had never witnessed such a performance from a twelve year old in my life, and I was visibly shaken as we walked down to the pool. Angie joined me, and looked at me, and asked, “What train just ran over you, Jan? God, you look like you’ve been fucked silly. What happened in there?”
“I just saw the most amazing striptease. That tall twelve year old over there had me creaming my drawers, and actually caused me to have an orgasm!”
Angie giggled as we went over to the counselors’ tent to change. I stripped my now soaked shorts off and Angie made a face at the odor coming off my hot cunt. I laughed and punched her shoulder as she toweled me off and rubbed my clit, while looking at me and giggling.
“Angie, stop already! We have to get out there before the boss gets suspicious and comes in looking for us. ” I panted, as she shoved her finger up my wet vagina. She laughed and smacked my mound playfully, and then we pulled our bikinis on.
As we exited the tent, the noise in the pool gradually ceased as twenty pairs of eyes stared at us.

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   Angie and I are each knockouts in our own way, and the girls in the pool were frozen in place, with their mouths open, as they gawked at us in our skimpy little bikinis.
We walked over to the pool and sat down on the edge as our boss sat down, too, beside us.
“You two have made quite the impression on your girls!” she said, as she pushed a loose hair out of my face. I blushed, and Angie smiled.
“I was talking to them before you came out and they were telling me how happy they all were to have such cute mothers while here at camp. ” She added, as she placed her hand on my thigh. When her fingers touched me the sparks literally flew up my spine, and I shivered, and tried to sit still as chills consumed me.
Angie was looking at my face and grinned, when she saw the flush start up from my neck to my burning cheeks. I panted as Sandy moved her hand in lazy circles on my leg. I involuntarily opened my legs and she smiled, as she scratched the inside of my left thigh with one pink painted nail. She had to know she was turning me on, but she just kept rubbing while she talked to us so the little girls didn’t suspect a thing.
I couldn’t take it any more so I slid off the tile and into the warm water and dove under to swim away into the shallow end. When I surfaced I was face to face with little Nicky. She grinned at me and threw her arms around my neck and hugged me to her wet little body. Her soft skin was slippery and shining in the sunlight as I slid my hands down around her tight little buns under the surface of the pool.

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She gasped, as I grabbed and pulled her little knee up into my crotch so her legs were straddling my thigh. Her smooth skin slid up and down as she began to push harder and harder against my leg, while sliding her flat little chest back and forth over my stiff nipples under my bikini top. I looked around to make sure everybody was busy horsing around and not paying any attention to us. Then I turned back and licked my tongue over Nicky’s small mouth until I felt her squeeze my leg really hard, and heard her little gasp as the orgasm ran through her tiny body!
As she clung to me having her little convulsions I felt a hand pushing my bikini bottoms slowly down. Then I heard a voice whisper in my ear,
“What do you think you’re doing to that little girl? How about trying that with me?”
I turned my head and stared into Candy’s wide green eyes and shuddered again as I saw how badly she wanted me. She ran her hand up between my legs and shoved her fingers up into my cunt, as I gasped and clung to Nicky so hard that she yelped, and tried to get loose. Then she looked into my eyes and realized something was going on that she was missing. Candy leaned around my shoulder so Nicky could see it was her messing with me.
Nicky’s little mouth formed an ‘O’ as she looked down in the clear bluish water and saw Candy’s knuckles sticking out in front of my smooth shaven mound. She watched in awe as the water rippled up from the fast moving fingers up inside my cunt.
“Jan, what is she doing to you?” she gasped.
“Shhh! Nicky. She’s finger fucking my cunny just like I would like to do to you sometime!” I panted back, as I stretched my legs wide, and pushed down on the probing fingers.
 Nicky blushed bright red, and then reached down and pulled her loose suit away from her little cunt . Then she pulled my hand down and up against her smooth hairless little vagina.

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“You can do it right now if you want, Jan, I really want you to, okay?” She whispered, as I ran my finger up and down in the valley between the soft little puffy young cunt lips.
 We were deep enough that only our three heads were above the surface as I jerked, and twitched, and Nicky pushed back and forth against my fingers. Then I stiffened, as Candy jammed her thumb up my little puckered hole and gripped hard, as she pummeled my hot little cunt unmercifully, while fucking my rear at the same time. The combination drove me higher and higher until I climaxed, and sank below the surface as I did, so I could let out a blood curdling scream with out anyone hearing me up above!
At that exact same moment Nicky came again, and clenched her little thighs tight around my hand as she bucked and gasped, over and over, clinging to my shoulders to keep from drowning as she submerged with me.
We looked at each other in the blurred water as bubbles rose from our mouths. Nicky grinned and blew bubbles into my open mouth as we rose back up to catch out breath. Candy was hugging my back as she giggled in my ear.
“Like to twist my arm again?” she chuckled, as she bit my ear lobe gently.
“If you’ll do that to me every day until you leave, I’ll forget about trying to keep you in line!” I laughed, as I turned and kissed her puffy mouth hard. She moaned, and slid her thigh up into my groin, and wiggled her cunt against my leg, as her stiff little cones jabbed into my hard nipples through my bikini top.
Angie popped up out of the water, and grinned at us as she said,
“Is this a private party or can I join in the fun?”
We all laughed as I pushed her head back under. She sputtered to the top again and splashed water over us. That started a free for all, and all the rest of the campers joined in, until the pool was filled with screeching little girls, all trying to drown each other!
Finally Sandy blew her whistle to calm everybody down, and then we lined the kids up for swimming lessons. We worked most of the rest of the afternoon with kickboards and teaching them to float on their backs. Angie and I had lots of opportunities to fondle little nipples and cute little butts as we held them up on top of the water so they could get used to floating without fear of sinking.

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As the sun passed behind the tall pines, it got cooler and we pulled all our kids from the pool and helped them dry off. Then Angie and I changed back into our shorts and camp blouses. As I picked mine up, I turned to Angie and said,
“Ang, do you think I could get away without wearing this darn bra?”
“I don’t know, Jan, your nipples always show so easily. But I agree, they are a pain in the butt, for sure. ”
“Well, I’m going to try it, and if I’m not wrong, Sandy may like it more than we know!” I giggled, as we buttoned up over our naked breasts. The cotton material felt nice, and my nipples did get hard right away as it brushed back and forth, causing shivers to run up my back. Angie stared at the bumps, and panted softly, as she licked her lips.
“Jeesh, Jan! I’m getting wet just looking at your nipples. If Sandy does have a thing for you, then that ought to make her cream her tight shorts!” Angie laughed, as she grabbed my buns and squeezed.
We walked out, and our groups formed around us in a circle as we explained the dinner arrangements. Then we all marched back to the lodge singing Girl Scout songs, and laughing about the fun day at the pool.
To be continued in part two of the Camp Chronicles ….