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When I entered the locker after my shower, I stopped dead in my tracks.  One of my closest friends, April, was standing up against her lockers, using a small vibrator on herself, while she rubbed her clit. Her eyes were closed. From her facial expressions, I wasn't sure if she was ready to have an orgasm or close to one, so I just stood there & watched.

As the stall were between the showers & lockers, I must of been in one of the stalls when April went by after her shower. Seeing no one at the lockers, she must of decided to do herself. She was one of the horniest girls I had ever know. Her stories of how often she use to masturbate, made me wet just listing to them.

Whatching her made me horny. I leaned against the wall & started to play with my boobs & then slid one had down. I continued to sgueeze my tits with one hand, as I rubbed my clit with the other. When I had sex with my boyfriend, I had to bite my lip or stick my panties in my mouth, cause I moaned so loud. The slight moans of pleasure I was hearing from April, made me hornier. I started to rub my clit faster & faster till I had an orgasm. I had completely forgotten About April by that time.

When I opened my eyes, she was standing there smiling.

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   I tried to say something, but my words ended up all jumbled. . April took her vibrator, turned it on low & started to tease my nipples with the end of it. Smiling & looking me in the eye, she said, "I could of let you use this youself or pleasured you with it. I never told you that when I in my masturbation stories, that in many of them, we were having sex. You & me dear Samamtha. You were so submissive in them. You loved giving me oral sex time after time & tasting my juice of joy.  Then letting me use my toys of pleasure on you, till you had orgasms after orgasm. " "Have you ever had thoughts like that about me" she asked.

She had me hot & confused. "Well Samantha, did you?" I had to say yes, as I had, had those thoughts. "Yes April I have. ," in answer to your qustion. "Well me saying that you were submissive to me in the masturbation stories, is that true too," she asked.

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   Again I said had to say yes, as it was true. "Seeing as how we are the only ones left & the janitor never comes into the girls locker room till after midnite, lets have some fun then.

She led me by hand over to the benches, took her towel, laid it down & laid on top of it. She spread her legs wide. "Now Samantha I want you to lay on top of me & lick & suck my titties till I tell you to top. " I did as I was told. She was right. I was submissive. April had nice firm tits, with pinkish areolas that were topped with nipples that most girls would love to have. About the size of the eraser on a pencil & just as hard. "You are such a good submissive Sam," Sam being what she usually called me, "& doing such a good job on my tits, I cant wait to see what you will do with my pussy that is soooooooooooo wet now & eager to feel your lips & tongue. " She was making me hot & wanting to please her & taste her juice. I was now a different person then before I saw here masturbating. "Was this my coming out," I thought to myself.

"Now my dear you have pleasured my tits long enought, so lets see if you can if you can do the same to my pussy & make me have a wonderful orgasm.

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  " I slipped down till my face was right there. She was wet for sure.  The head of her clit sticking out from between her perfectly shaped, swollen pussy lips. "Now Sam take my clit between you lips & tease it with you tongue. If you do it right, you may make me cum real quick. "

April took her spread legs & swung them up over her head. Her aroma of excitement was exhilerating to my nostrils. I grabbed her clit between my lips & flicked the end with my tongue again & again.

I felt her hands on the back of my head. "Oh baby" she moaned. "You are so good I think I'm just about to cum. " "When I tell you, spread my pussy open & lick my cum as it runs out. " I teased her clit until that moment. "Now sweet baby, now," she moaned. I spred her pussy wide with my fingers & caught her first creamy juice of total ecstacy with the tip om my tongue.

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   I quickly took it into my mouth, so I could savour the sweet taste. After she had come down from her high & I had licked up all of her juicy joy, she said, "well Sam I think it is your turn.

We traded places. She rubbed one of herd nipples against my pussy & then the other before she started to lick & suck on my tits. As she did that, I could feel one of her hands playing with my clit. Then felt one fingure, then two slip into my pussy. She finger fucked me while she drove me crazy the way she was sucking on my nipples. I ended up cuming on her fingers. She sat back, stuck the fingers she had just used in her mouth & moaned as she sucked my cum off her fingers.

She took her vibrator, inserted & as she proceeded to fuck me with it, took my clit between her teeth & teased it with her tongue. I picked up her panties & stuff them into my mouth. Over & over again she made me cum. It was so wonderful. I had gotten the best of that day.

As I write this story, I think I got the best of all the days & nights we had sex.

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   I loved giving April oral sex. Tasting her sweet juice. Hearing her moans of pleasure as I brought her to the heights of sexual satisfaction. Being submissive to her needs to use countless sex toys on me. Right to the point of her sharing me with another girl. She told me one day she wanted me to join her & two friends in a foursome. I grin when I think of that & wonder if it would or wouldn't be fun.


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