Happy Halloween


He was cute but kind of young looking. He didn't appearto be older than sixteen, though I suppose he could havebeen eighteen or nineteen; we never bothered to ask hisname, let along his age. . . As we were trying on various outfits, we noticed that theclerk was paying us close attention, and not because wewere potential shoplifters! The counter he was standingbehind was right next to the changing rooms, and a simplered curtain was all that stood in the way of his beingable to see us. So the next time that we went in to tryon outfits, Jenn purposely left the curtain open agood eight inches or so. Sure enough, as we were stripping down to our skivvies wecould see the clerk peeking through the opening to get alook at us. Better yet, he was massaging his cock throughthe front of his jeans. We put on a good show putting the costumes on and off,acting as though we didn't know that he was watching us. Then, before we put our street clothes back on, Jenn bounded up and yanked the curtain all the way open. Theclerk just stood there like a deer caught in theheadlights, his hand still grasping the outline of hiscock through his jeans. Jenn smiled and walked overto the guy, replacing his hand with hers and stroking hiscock while it grew even larger inside his pants. At thatpoint I went over to the door and flipped the sign overto 'closed', then went over to join in the fun. I tookoff the clerk's belt and then pulled his pants down tothe floor, freeing his erect member from confinement. Jenn and I kneeled down in front of the guy, ourboobs in danger of overflowing our bras and our cottonpanties starting to become damp with juices from ourpussies. We both began to go to work on the guy's cock,sometimes licking it simultaneously, other times passingit back and forth between us.

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  The whole time the clerk didn't say a word, other thanuttering grunts of pleasure. Jenn was the lucky one,as it was her lips that were wrapped around his cock whenhe spewed out his cum, filling her mouth with hot stickyfluid. But Jenn, such a good friend as always, leanedover and kissed me so that I could scoop some of his cumout of her mouth with my tongue. Needless to say, we endedup getting a good deal on our costumes!What? No, I'm not going to do my dance for you now! Mystory isn't over; I'm just getting started. So we blewsome guy in a costume shop. Big deal. That's not a story,it's just an appetizer. The real fun began a couple ofweeks later at the Halloween party. So keep your hand onyour cock there while I continue: The costumes thatJenn and I ended up getting were really hot. Jenn wore a very sexy nurse's outfit, which wasreally just a white stretch mini-dress with red buttonsup the front and a white pillbox hat with a red cross. The only thing she had on under the dress was a whitethong, which I just knew would end up coming off beforethe night was over! She wore her long silky blonde hairup and tucked under the hat, with just a few wisps ofhair escaping and falling down around her bare neck. Shetopped off the outfit with red heart-shaped earrings,bright red lipstick, and a pair of white patent leatherheels. She looked sooo yummy!Not that I was a slouch that night either. I was wearinga pirate outfit, but nothing like you'd ever find in thatDisney ride. The top was a lace-up bodice-like top whichwas red, white and black with gold laces and a frillywhite material to hold my breasts.

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   I wore really shortblack shorts over a black satin thong, matching blackpumps, a red and white striped bandana in my hair, goldhoop earrings, and an eye patch over my left eye tocomplete the ensemble. Between the two of us we couldhave stopped traffic; who knows, we probably did on theway to the party!The party was a Eric's place. We timed our arrival at the party just about perfectly: late enough so that there were enough people there to allow us to make an entrance, but not so late as to miss out on the fun. But just a few minutesafter we arrived and had started to mingle we were upstaged by the next couple that arrived. They were dressed as Tarzan and Jane, and man did theyever pull it off! He was wearing a leopard print half-tunic draped across one shoulder and a leopard printloincloth. She had on a matching leopard print junglebikini. He was six-four, broad shouldered and barrel-chested, while she was nearly a foot shorter and with abody that filled out that bikini in all the right places. They made such a cute couple, and I would gladly havefucked either or both of them. Thus I had my mission forthe night!After about twenty minutes or so I was able to get more-or-less alone with Tarzan by the punch table. I only hadone chance, so I decided to go for the gusto. I asked himif he was wearing anything under his loincloth. He justsmiled and said that was for him to know and for me tofind out. I'm sure he didn't expect what I did next: I reached myhand right between his thighs under the loincloth to takea feel. He did indeed have something on underneath, butit was a pair of wonderfully silky bikini briefs holdinghis balls in place. I didn't remove my hand right away,taking time instead to gently grope at his balls solovingly cupped in the silky fabric.

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  The ice broken (okay, smashed!) he then asked me if I hadanything on under my shorts. I told him that he couldfind out, but that we'd have to go someplace a bit moreprivate. We set our punch cups down and hastily made ourway to the second level of the house where we found anempty bedroom halfway down the hall. Once inside, Tarzan picked me up in his arms, gave me abig deep kiss, and carried me over to the bed and set medown. I took off my shorts, showing Tarzan that I was wearing athong. He seemed disappointed, but I told him not toworry, that it would come off easily. I took his hand andbrought it up to my mouth, sucking on two of his fingersto get them wet, then I moved his hand down to my crotch. He got the hint. He pulled aside the thong and put hisfingers up inside of my pussy, which was already growingwet with anticipation. After he got my pussy good and hot we proceeded toundress each other. He undid the laces on my top, pullingit open to expose my bare breasts. While he began to suckon my tits, I took off his loincloth and yanked down hisunderwear as far as I could. He finished taking them off,then I lifted my legs straight up in the air so that hecould pull my thong up and off. Finally we were ready tofuck!I spread my legs wide open, inviting him to insert histhick cock inside of me. I moaned with pleasure as hepushed into me, spreading the walls of my pussy with hiscock.

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   Slowly he moved in and out, in and out while herubbed my tits and squeezed my nipples. I was just about ready to come when suddenly the door tothe bedroom opened. I then realized that in our haste wehad forgotten to lock the door! To make matters worse, the woman who came through the door was Jane! Ifelt for certain that Tarzan and I were screwed,figuratively now as well as literally. But instead of whatever sort of reaction one would expectfrom a woman who has found her man screwing another womanat a party, Jane just closed the door behind her and cameover next to us at the bed. She complemented Tarzan onthe sexy first mate he had found. With his dick stillinside me, fucking away, Tarzan put his arm up underJane's backside, running his fingerthrough her short black hair. He pulled her tight up nextto him and kissed her deeply. I was now gettingincredibly turned on!Once their embrace had ended, Jane came around the bed sothat she was near my head. She unhooked her bikini topfrom behind, pulling it off and offering her perfectlyshaped breasts to my mouth. I began to suck on hernipple, flicking it with my tongue until it was nice andhard, then I repeated the process with her other breast. Jane was just starting to pull down her bikini bottoms,presumably so that she could mount my face, when the dooropened again! This time it was Jenn, along with someguy dressed-up as a vampire. Needless to say it didn'ttake much effort at all to get Jenn and the vamp intothe action!Although he was dressed as Dracula, thevampire guy instead said that he was supposed to be Vladthe Impaler. When he dropped his pants, we saw why: hehad the longest cock that I have ever seen! Believe me,any woman would love to get impaled by that wonderfulshaft!Since Jenn was the one who found him, she got to beimpaled first. Vlad got up on the bed and laid down onhis back next to me, where Tarzan continued to pound awayat my pussy. Jenn pulled off her thong from under herdress and then climbed on top of Vlad, still wearing therest of her nurse costume.

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   As she spread her legs apartin preparation of mounting Vlad, the tight short hem ofher dress rode up to her waist, giving us all a perfectview of her pussy as it settled down on Vlad's shaft. Jane began to suck on my tits while Tarzan fucked me evenharder and Jenn enjoyed the pleasure of slowly movingup and down Vlad's long cock. Jenn reached down andtook my hand in hers; we squeezed each other's grip tightas we started to come simultaneously. Now it was Jane's turn to give Vlad's cock a spin. Shetook over Jenn's place, and Jenn moved to sit onthe edge of the bed in front of Tarzan. Tarzan pulledJenn's dress off over her head and then placed hiscock, fresh with my pussy juices, between Jenn'sluscious globes. Jenn squeezed her tits around hiscock as he fucked the cleavage between her wondrousbreasts. Tarzan must have been close to the brink already, becausebefore too long he was spewing his cum all overJenn's chest. As Jane was still pleasuring herself onVlad's long cock, I turned my attention to Jenn,licking Tarzan's sticky cum off of her tits. Even after I finished licking off Jenn, Jane wasstill fucking Vlad. So Jenn and I took it uponourselves to speed matters up. Jenn got behind Janeand started to massage her tits, while I put my handdown to Jane's lightly furry crotch and began toaggressively rub her clit. That did it. Between Vlad'slong cock and Jenn's and my helpful hands, Janeproceeded to have a powerful orgasm so intense that herwhole body shook with pleasure. I figured that Vlad might be ready for a change ofposition, so I had him get up from the bed.

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   I then stoodat the edge of the bed, leaning over on my hands andspreading my legs, inviting Vlad to fuck me from behind. God, did it ever feel so good as he inserted his longcock inside of my pussy; I thought that it was nevergoing to end! Slowly and deliberately he moved theentire length of his shaft in and out of my pussy. Mostguys with large cocks think that their length alone isenough, but Vlad really knew how to use his to its fulladvantage. Meanwhile, Jenn, seeing that Tarzan's cock wasrapidly returning to its hardened state, assumed aposition identical to mine, inviting Tarzan to give herown pussy a good fucking. When Jane recovered, she cameover to join us as well. She leaned over on the bedbetween Jenn and I. Although there were no morecocks to be had in the room, Vlad and Tarzan took turnsfinger-fucking the beautiful young lady while Janealternately turned her head to Jenn or I to give usdeep wet kisses. At last it was time for the big finale. Jane, Jennand I kneeled on the floor in front of Vlad and Tarzan. The guys took their sex-soaked cocks in hand and strokedthem until they began to spray their cum on the three ofus. Then we three girls began the wonderful task oflicking each other clean. But we didn't stop there. After we finished with faces, necks and chests we turnedour attentions to pussies, and each of us had one moregood orgasm before we were finally worn out. We never didend up seeing Eric that night, even though it was hisparty! But we ended up thanking him for throwing such agreat bash the next weekend at a little private party ofour own. .

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  . Speaking of getting worn out, I can see thatyou've managed to refrain from spewing your cock-juiceall over the place; not a small accomplishment! But,unless I miss my guess, it would appear that you're darnclose to getting your rocks off. What do you say we skipthe veil-dance and get on with the fucking? I thoughtyou'd agree!Start by taking off my skirt. . . That's good. . . Throw itanywhere, I don't care! Pull off my panties next, that'sright, now stick a finger up inside my pussy. . . Mmmmyeah! See, you're not the only one here who's ready tofuck! Keep moving your finger up in my pussy while I takeoff my bra. . . there! Tell me again how much you love mytits; a girl can never get enough of that kind ofcompliment!No, I think I'll keep the veil on over my face; eventhough it's see-through I think it adds a level ofmystery and excitement, don't you agree?Now you just lay back while I climb on top of you.

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  Perfect. Now let's get that cock of yours up inside mypussy. Ohhhhh yeeeaaaahh. God but I love your cock upinside of me. I know that you want to come right away,but try to hold off as long as you can. Let me do all thefucking, you just relax and enjoy! Oh yes, yes! Your cockis so big and good inside of me. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Ohyeah! It feels so good fucking you!Uh, oh, you're getting ready to come, aren't you? That'sall right, I'm gonna come right along with you. . . Yeahbaby, oh yeah! Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Yes!!!! YESSSS!!!! Ohgod we're coming! Come in my baby! Yes! Yes! Oh godyes!!!! Oh fuck, that's soooo goooood. Keep coming baby,don't stop. Yes. . . yes.

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  . . yes. . . yesssssssss. . . . . . Well, was it worth the wait? I thought it would be! Ohboy, look at the time, I've got to get going or I'll belate for the party. I wouldn't want to miss out on thefun. I'm sorry that you can't come along. Don't worry,you'll be with me in spirit, or at least your cum will bethere up inside of me.

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  Maybe I can find some cute young devilette to lick yourcumm out of my pussy. . . Have a good night!.