Hardcore Prep School for Naughty Girls (Part One)


Head Master Staten nodded, “Yes, I can guarantee it. Now, this is an awfully long contract, basically it just signs her custody over to the school while she’s here… for medical reasons of course since you live so far away, just sign here…” He flipped through six typed pages and pointed at a line, handing Rebecca a pen. Rebecca didn’t hesitate, not wanting to argue with the large man. She signed and they shook hands. “Wonderful, say goodbye to your daughter and have her come up to see me immediately. I will need to lay down the rules here right away. ” He exclaimed. Rebecca backed out the door and nodded, smiling, clutching her purse. “Yes, Head Master Staten… and thank you for all your trouble. Goodbye. ” Jessica handed her bags to a guard and thanked him, smiling sweetly at him. She winked and coyly tossed her long brown hair over her shoulder. She threw her shoulders back, sticking her firm 34C tits outward. The strained against the fitted cotton uniform blouse she was now burdened by. At first Jessica dreaded the thought of uniforms, but once she put it on and rolled her plaid kilt (pleated skirt) up to make it much shorter, and unbuttoned her blouse a little, she was pleased with it. Of course, she was breaking the stiff uniform policies of Bradshaw, but she didn’t care.

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   The guard moved by her, brushing against her tight ass, barely covered by her little kilt. Jessica closed her eyes, getting wet from the exciting rush. She bit her lip and watched him hurry up the stairs to put her bags in her room. Jessica knocked on the Head Master’s office door and smoothed out her navy blue uniform jacket. “Come in, Jessica. ” She heard a man call through the heavy wood door. She opened the door and walked in, closing it behind her. She smiled at the Head Master. “Good morning, Sir. ” She purred. Head Master Staten was not impressed. “Come her, Jessica. ” He commanded. As she approached him shakily, “What are you wearing?”Jessica looked down, then back at him, confused. “My uniform?”“No!” He barked.

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   “What you are wearing is a disgrace. Take it off right now!”Jessica blinked. “What? You’re kidding right?”“I never kid, Jessica. If you can’t respect the uniform, you can’t wear it. Now strip down to your bra and panties. ” He ordered again. Jessica looked around, shaking. There was no one there, not even a secretary. She looked back at him, terrified. “Well? What are you waiting for, Jessica? Lay your clothes across my lap. ” He pushed himself out from under his giant wood desk in his chair. Very nervously, Jessica jacket off and laid it across his knees. She slowly unbuttoned her white blouse and slipped it off, exposing a very low-cut pink bra trimmed with a touch of lace. The tips of her little pink-brown nipples were just visible enough for Head Master Staten to get hard. He licked his lips and watched her as she moved towards him, laying her shirt over his lap, her palm lightly grazing his hard cock.

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   Her eyes flew open and she backed up. “Now your skirt. Come on, Jessica! I don’t have all day! Take it off right now!” he yelled. Jessica hurriedly unrolled and removed her plaid kilt, revealing her matching little pink thong. She laid her kilt on his lap and stood before him in her bra and panties. He surveyed her openly and nodded. She was tall and thin, but perfectly curved. He waist indented with a perfect hourglass shape, her firm tits proportional to her developing hips. Her pale skin looked so soft, he had to touch it. “Now Jessica, you’re mother signed you over to Bradshaw. This means you are to obey my authority completely until the end of your year in the summer. Now, this can be an easy 10 months, or it can be very difficult. My advice to you is to listen to everything you are told, and do as commanded. At Bradshaw, there are no second chances. If you misbehave once in classes or out, you will be sent to me.

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   I can promise you I won’t be as nice to you then as I am right now. ”Jessica snorted, “This is nice?”He glared at her and threw her clothes on the floor. “Bend over my knee, Jessica. ” He commanded her. “What? No!”Staten grabbed her wrist and pulled her down onto his lap. He held her down with one arm firmly on her back. His huge firm hand rose up and descended quickly, smacking her tight little ass hard. Jessica cried out, feeling so humiliated. “Ask me for another. Say ‘Please Head Master, spank me again!’ like a good girl. ”Jessica coughed and choked out, “Please… Head Master… spank me again…”He spanked her harder this time. “Again. Louder. ”Jessica’s eyes welled up with tears, “Please Head Master… spank me… again. ”He continued this punishment for several more spanks until her ass cheeks were good and pink like her thong.

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   “Good girl…” He stroked her smooth little ass as she shuddered in pain on his lap, his hard cock pressing into her stomach. “Now Jessica, and tell me the truth… are you a virgin?” His thick fingers slowly ran down the crack of her ass to her tight little pussy, where he pushed her thong aside to feel how wet she was. Jessica moaned softly at his touch, very aroused. “Yes, Sir…I am…”“Hmmm… for such a wet little slut I thought you wouldn’t be. Well… this is a pleasant surprise…” He continued to stroke her little wet virgin pussy. “You like that? Does it make you feel good?”Jessica nodded and moaned. “Yes… it does. ”He spanked her ass hard and she yelped. “You will refer to me as Master every time you speak! Now, what were you saying?”“Yes Master… it feels good. ” Jessica murmured. Staten nodded and slid a finger into her pussy, shocked at how tight the little whore’s pussy was. “You’ve sucked a lot of cocks, I bet, Jessica. Have you?”She nodded, “Yes Master… I have. ”“So you think you’re a good cock sucker then?”Jessica nodded. “Yes Master, very good.

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  ”“Well then…” he pushed her off his lap and onto the floor where she knelt between his legs. “You have 3 minutes to make me cum, or I’m going to punish you, you little whore… prove yourself. ” He pulled his rock hard, 8inch cock out and grabbed the back of her head, pulling her down onto it. Jessica happily licked and sucked his thick shaft but naïvely neglected the head. Although very enjoyable, Staten knew he wouldn’t cum from this. After three minutes and pulled her up and pushed her over his desk, yanking her thong down violently, almost tearing it. Jessica cried out, afraid. “You little slut… liar. You couldn’t make me cum… so now I’ll tease you until you almost cum, but not let you…”He flipped her over and sat her up on the desk. He undid her bra quickly and pushed her back forcefully until she was laying spread eagle on the large wooden desk. He strapped her wrists into place with wrought iron cuffs screwed into the wood. He bent her knees over the edge of the desk and laced her ankles and calves to the legs of the desk with rawhide strips. Jessica looked up at him, terrified. “What are you going to do to me?” she cried. “Shut up, slut…” Staten pulled something strange out of one of his desk drawers and strapped it around her waist and between her legs.

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   In a second she felt a sharp pain on her clit and she cried out. He had clamped a small electrode clip to her clit. She watched him lube up a smooth diamond shaped thing… then yelped again as he slowly inserted it into her tiny little asshole and strapped it to the rest of the contraption. Jessica squirmed, but her efforts were futile. She wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon unless he let her. She started to cry, terrified. She didn’t want to lose her virginity to him!“No Jessica, this is was bad girls at Bradshaw get for being naughty like you…”He pressed a button on a remote control device and her anal plug began to vibrate as the clamp on her little clit shocked her pussy. As horrified and embarrassed as she was, it felt sooo good. “Ooohhh!!!” She cried out. “You like that, Jessica? Tell me you like it…”“Oh Master, I love it!” She squirmed in pleasure under her restraints. He nodded and clamped larger alligator clamps to her hard little nipples, not attaching them to anything, though. Jessica gasped in pain, but soon adapted to the pleasurable feeling. As she moaned and squirmed, Staten couldn’t ignore his growing urge to fuck her tight little cunt until she was raw. He licked and sucked on her clamped nipples, biting them to torture her more. “Naughty little slut… whore you going to be a good girl now?”“Ooohhh!!! Ooohh yes Master… I’ll be so good… oooohhh!!!” Jessica cried out.

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  Staten smiled as she almost orgasmed, watching her body tense up. He cut the power to her vibrator belt and grinned wickedly. Jessica cried out, tormented. “Oh please, Master! I was so close!”“I told you what would happen if you didn’t make me cum you little bitch. ” He unstrapped her vibrating belt, removing the plug from her ass and the clit stimulator. He removed her nipple clamps too, leaving red marks on her firm tits. “Do you really want it, slut?”Jessica nodded anxiously, “Oh yes Master… please…”Staten looked down and her hot, tight little body. He wanted to pop that cherry so bad. He quickly freed her from her restraints her grabbed her hot little waist and picked her up. “Then come with me. ” He led her, totally naked, out of his office and down the corridor to the dining hall. Jessica gasped and strained against him, trying to get away. “No not in there!”“What did I tell you about calling me Master, slut?” He gripped her harder and she gasped as he left marks on her hip. He pushed her, naked, into the dining hall where 200 chattering teenaged girls fell silent and looked up at her. Staten pushed her towards the stage in the front.

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   “Good morning ladies! I trust you slept well. May I introduce you to our newest student, Ms. Jessica Boyd. ” He pushed he down onto her knees before him, pulling his cock back out, sticking it into her mouth forcefully, grabbing her hair in a ponytail behind her head. “And this morning for your viewing pleasure, we are going to celebrate her cherry popping!”The girls applauded and cheered, giggling. Jessica was horribly embarrassed as she sucked on Staten’s cock until he pulled his wet, hard cock out of her mouth and yanked her up. “Jessica was aching for more in my office, girls… what do you say I give her what she’s begging for?”The girls all cheered again and Staten yanked Jessica up roughly by her hair and bent her over the table on the stage, her tight bare ass right out there for all the girls to see. Staten called over the teachers, all of which, Jessica suddenly realized in shock, were male. “Actually… I think Jessica wanted it so badly, I should let all the staff have a go. What do you say girls?”Again they cheered. Jessica looked up at the male teachers. There were only about 10 of them, since it was such a small school, but Jessica had never fucked one guy, let alone 10!!!They were all ogling her tight body, liking their lips. One by one they moved towards her. The first introduced himself as Master Collins, he was older than the rest, but Jessica could tell right away he was the nastiest. He grabbed her tits hard and bit her nipples until she yelped.

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   Then he moved down her body and sucked on her swollen clit, nibbling it roughly until she squirmed and cried out. While he did this, another man, who called himself Master Fern, raked his rough hands down her body then back up where he roughly rubbed her tits until she was sure he would leave bruises. A third man, Master Smith pinched her ass cruelly and squeezed it hard with one hand while he probed her tiny ass, still lubed from Staten’s office, with his middle finger. At Master Staten’s orders, the three of them pulled their hard cocks out. Master Fern grabbed her head and shoved his hard, 6inch cock into her mouth and slapped her across the face. “Suck it you fucking slut!!! Suck it before I make you, bitch!” He slapped her again. Master Smith wasted no time and shoved his mammoth cock into her tiny asshole. Jessica screamed and violently tried to pull away. She was met with heavy restraint as she was slapped and grabbed harshly until she stood still for them. Head Master Staten pushed the older man, Master Collins aside. “Not this time… this one’s mine, Collins. ” The old man glared at Staten but backed away, stroking his cock. Staten pulled his cock out and rubbed the head against her pussy. He silenced Jessica with a rough, demanding kiss as he forcefully shoved his 7 inches deep into her cunt, tearing open her cherry. Jessica tried to yell out, but Staten silenced her.


  One by one, all 10 of the male teachers forced themselves onto Jessica. She was forced to swallow their loads of cum and endure their raping of her tiny little pussy and ass. When it was all finished, she was covered with cum, and very swollen and bruised. She lay crumpled on the floor as the men put their pants back on. Jessica looked up in shame at the girls in the audience, her new peers, and was shocked to see them all rubbing themselves. Some were squeezing their tits, others were rubbing their wet pussies. Jessica gasped and tried to cover her degraded naked body, but Staten stopped her. He propped her up beside him and called out to the girls. “How about a round of applause for our newest student, Jessica!?”The girls roared and cheered. Staten patted her ass and led her out of the dinning hall. “You did a very good job, Jessica. Now, will you wear your uniform properly from now on?”Jessica nodded, weakly whipping her tears away. “Yes Master, I will…” Staten nodded and led her to her room. “Good, now you may rest for a while, but you will remain naked and covered in cum until tomorrow to serve as a reminder to respect the uniform. Come see me as soon as you wake up, and I will show you to your classes.

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  ”Jessica nodded weakly, “Yes Master…”He opened her dorm room door and led her to her bed where he tucked her in. “Good girl. ” He kissed her forehead. “Sweet dreams. ”…To Be Continued….