Head in English


       It was a Tuesday morning and I was headed to my English class for 2nd period. There was a guy in my class named Chad. I thought he was so hot. I didn't like him. I knew he wasn't a nice guy. I just found him extremely attractive and I could only think about kissing him and running my hands over his body. But nothing more. So I had my friend Marie tell him that I wanted to make out with him.
      Now at that age i was naive and thought that making out with a guy wouldn't lead to anything else. Or maybe I just didn't think it through. All I could think about was being close to him. He was sooooo very hot.
Marie told him that I wanted to make out with him. He didn't seem as enthused as I did about the whole situation but he did want to so I was glad. This particular day we had one of our favorite substitutes. Her name was miss.

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   Shuttles. She was very laid back and mostly just let us watch movies in the dark. This day was no different. So my friend Marie and I created a little corner with the desk and Chad came back there with me. I was so nervous I wanted to back out.
        "So Anelle, you wanted to do this. " I knew he was experienced. I knew from the beginning. But I only wanted to put my lips to his. Nothing more. Well maybe some touching. And at the moment the thought of him hard inside his pants made me feel wet and tingly. "Yeah, if u don't want to we don't. . .

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  " I was interrupted by his lips touching mine and it was like heaven. I was completely drawn into his world. His lips tasted good and I could smell his cologne. I leaned into him. His hands began to linger up back and then into my shirt. I felt him touching my breasts over my bra. He just kept rubbing over and wouldn't go under it and it was driving me crazy. I wanted to feel his hands on me. I wanted to be on top of him. I felt myself wanting something between my legs. Like there was a spot that needed attention. I climbed on top of him and wrapped my arms around him, pulling him as close to me as possible as our lips moved around each other and our tongues played. I began to press myself against him, and I could feel his hardness in the right places. I rubbed myself against it and it felt really good. I began to move faster and I loved the way it felt.

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   His hard cock pressing against my private place and I couldn't help myself. I began to move back and forth as our lips stayed together. Later I was told this was called dry humping. Whatever it was it felt good and it made me want him more. Just then I felt his hand on my stomach undoing my pants. I new I couldn't have sex with this guy right on my English class floor. But it did feel REALLY good. He stopped kissing me and looked at my face as he touched me. I could hear myself breathing hard.
      "I want to fuck you!" He whispered in my ear. And it sounded wonderful but I did not plan on having sex with him. But I told him ok another time so he would drop it. I just wanted to kiss him again to feel him close to me, to feel his hardness against my sensitive place and to smell his cologne. I pressed my lips to his and my body against his again and this time I really felt him. He must have shifted it because it was sticking out really far.

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   He was so hard and I started to touch him with my hand. I couldn't help it and I couldn't break my hand away. It was something I had never felt and I didn't want to stop. I knew I was wet in my panties but I wasn't exactly sure what that meant. He started touching me again and I felt myself push onto his hand. He looked at my face in surprise. I was surprised too.
      Then I began to undo his pants. After I unzipped he pulled out his fully hard cock. It was the first I had ever seen and it was beautiful. I began to jack him off. I didn't really know what I was doing but it was how I always pictured guys jacking off. He just closed his eyes as I did this. As I looked at his penis I realized I wanted it in my mouth. I felt weird though.

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   Should I just lean down and put it in my mouth? What would he say? Just as I thought this I felt his hand on my shoulder pulling me towards his dick.
      "If I'm gonna do this you can't touch my head. " I told him. I had been told that a girl could throw up if the guy shoved it in too far. He agreed and I leaned down and stuck the head in my mouth. I heard him release his breath. He smelled very clean. Like soap or cologne. Maybe deodorant. Whatever it was it smelled good. I just sucked on the head for a little bit and I could hear him breathing hard. It made me want to please him even more. I tried to stick more of it in my mouth but it was too dry and too big so i took it out my mouth to lick the sides and make it wet. Just as I did i felt the very tips of his fingers pushing on my head very lightly. It made me want him more.

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   Knowing that he wanted my mouth back on his cock was the hottest thing. But when he realized I was gonna lick the sides he relaxed and let me do it. Then I put it back in my mouth and just sucked it slowly. I let my tongue linger on the head and I began to take more of his cock into my mouth.
      I knew that my head was suppose to move up and down so I began to move my head up and down as i took his dick in and out of my mouth. I could hear him whispering "Oh yeah" and I started to move faster. I felt sort of like he was screwing my face but it turned me on and made me feel a yearning down there. A yearning for something to go inside me. I began to slow down I wanted to savor this and to never forget it. Now his hands came to my head but it was so hot. He began controlling my head and not pushing it in too far but just the right amount to not choke me. I wanted more of it though. I tried to take in more but i felt myself about to gag and gave up. He continued to move my head and his cock in and out of my mouth. It was plenty wet now.

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   I heard him whisper again "I want to fuck you. " I shook my head as best I could. He was hot but I wasn't ready to lose my virginity. He just kept moving my head up and down. I could feel his dick getting really hard. Harder then before and he was moving my head faster now.
     "Oh yeah Anelle. " He said as he closed his eyes and laid his head back I suddenly felt him spewing hot liquid in my mouth. I wasn't sure what I was to do with this but it tasted good. It was him I was tasting and I knew it. The result of his pleasure that I gave him. I drank it up as best I could but I could see some going down his penis and onto his pants. I licked it up and sucked his cock until he told me to stop. He just laid there with his eyes closed.
I then looked around our little cubby whole and saw my friend Maria's head peeking in.

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   Had she watched the whole thing? She had a big grin on her face so I guessed she had. When I looked back at him he had his pants zipped up and was about to get up.
      "You can't tell anyone, ok?" I asked him.
      "Of course I'm not gonna tell anyone. " He said with a serious face. I felt a little wrong for what I did but I really enjoyed it. I went home and rubbed myself until I felt that really good feeling. I wrote the whole thing in my diary so I could always remember it. And read it anytime I wanted and relive it.
The next day at school at lunch time I was in the cafeteria eating and one of Chad's friends came up to me and said hey. This guy was very cute also but not like Chad.
     "So I heard about you and Chad. " I was shocked. He had told and he wasn't suppose to.
     "What? What about Chad?" I had decided to play dumb.

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     "You know. In English. " He had a sly but confident look on his face.
     "Yeah he is in my English class but I'm not sure what you mean when you say "You and Chad. " he began to lose the confident look. I could tell he was starting to doubt Chad's story.
     "Yeah right. You know what you did. "
     "I don't have a clue what your talking about. " I tried again.
     "Whatever. " He said as he walked off, probably to talk to Chad. So anyway it got around the school and everyone knew what I had done. I hated Brad after that. But for some odd reason, I still wanted him and I eventually wanted to have sex with him.

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