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“Happy Birthday!” I yelled grinning at her. A wide smile crossed her face. “O god please don’t sing to me. ” she laughed softly. She looked good in her short leather skirt and tight red top. Her shoulder length strait blonde hair danced around her face as she smiled at me. “Well don’t you look cute Samantha?” She said as she looked me up and down. I often got comments on how great my body was, but I blushed. I had good curves, and I was always thin. I was proud of the way I looked, but to modest to say anything about it. “don’t just stand there!” She shouted “come on in” As I stepped into the house the music vibrated my entire body, and the lights blinked with brilliance. People were everywhere, dancing and laughing. I loved parties. “Wow, there are a lot of boys here. ” I was a bit surprised. Although I knew she had a lot of guy friends, her parents usually didn’t let them come over.

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   “Yeah,” She said. “Mostly they’re my friends, but my brother brought some of his too. ” I nodded with a smile. Boy was her brother cute. Max stood at 5’ 9” with short spikey blond hair dyed at the tips. His green eyes were to die for, and he had an above average body although he was a little short. I heard my name being shouted over the screaming music, and I glanced over and saw a crowd of my friends. Rachel had already disappeared into the mass of people, so I walked over to them smiling. As the music played and the beat shook the entire house, we danced and rubbed up against each other laughing. A bunch of guys joined us and, the room being packed, we were all pressed up against each other. I was back-to-back with my friend Katie, and some guy was in between my legs grinding with me. “woah, Samantha, shake that ass. ” I spun around raising an eyebrow. Max stood smirking at me. I sighed, “You are an idiot.

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  ” I said. He came up to me and pressed against my chest. “You know what they say,” He said smiling. “If we cant get along…lets get it on. ” I laughed. “Point proven. ” I said patting him on the back. As I turn to walk away he pulled me close to him, so that my back was up against his stomach, and my ass pressed against his dick. He leaned and whispered in my ear. “ You look good tonight. ” I could feel his hot breath on my neck, my legs instantly quivered and a slight tingling began inside my thighs. “Woah, max, lets keep the molestation to a minimum” I heard rachels voice call from across the room. He laughed and pulled away from me. “We were just talking,” He said softly and slowly walked away. The rest of the night was awesome, although slightly less eventfull.

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   We danced and partied until at least midnight. Then people started to have to leave. About 8 of us were staying the rest of the night, including Rachel and her brother. Rachel had two twin beds that her, Sarah, Annie, and Crystal were sharing. Two on each bed seemed like a lot to me, so I gladly chose to go in another room. ‘“Samantha,” Rachel said to me. “You and Katie can sleep in the living room. ” I nodded. “No they cant,” Max said as his and his friends heads peered through the doorway. Rachel rolled her eyes. “Why the hell not?”“Because me and alex are chilling down there so we can watch TV. ” Rachel groaned. “Well then where the hell are Samantha and Katie going to sleep retard?” “They can take my room,” he said. “I have a king bed, they can share it. ” “Okay, Samantha, you and Katie take Max’s room then.


  ”I nodded. “are you sure that’s okay with you max?” I said. He smiled and I rolled my eyes, and with that we all headed off to bed. I was exhausted so I quickly undressed in max’s room and slid on a cozy pair of sweat pants and a little tank top that barely reached my stomach. I slid into his bead, which I had to admit was quite comfortable. “wow this bed is awesome. ” I said. Katie looked up from the other side. “Hell yeah,” She said. “This thing is mad compfy, I vote we never leave. ” I laughed then snuggled my head into the pillow. I rolled so my back was away from the door and then drifted off into a deep sleep. For a couple hours at most, I lay there sleeping, then I heard a creak. My eyes popped open. I could hear Katie sleeping so I let my eyes flutter closed and I drifted off once again.

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   Then without any notice BAM, max and his friend jumped on me and Katie. I heard her groan a sleepy “Get the hell away from me” as Alex rolled over her. I felt max’s hard body laying against me I groaned then rolled over facing him. He smiled. “Go away,” I said sleepily. “Im so tired. ” He laughed. “Then ill sleep with you” He crawled under the covers and I rolled away from him, but pulled his arms around me. I felt his hot breath, sending chills up my body then his lips gave me a quick peck on my neck, as he curled behind me. My eyes once again fluttered closed. A while later I awoke. It was still dark, and max was still curled behind me. I was a lot more awake this time, so I stared off into space. I heard lips smacking and I looked over to see Katie and Alex intertwinded in a deep kiss. I grinned trieng to contain my laughter then nudged max, and pointed at them.

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  I felt his lips touch my ear. “Why don’t we do that,” he whispered softly. My eyes widened and I turn to face him, the moon shone through the window and lit up his face. Before I could even get a word out he pulled my face close to his and pressed his lips against mine, my eyes fluttered closed and I opened my lips slightly more allowing him to slip his tounge into my mouth. As we kissed I felt his fingertips lightly brush my hip and I shivered. He slid his hand up my side, gently caressing it. I moaned and pressed harder against him, wrapping my arms around his back. His hands ventured up to my tanktop, and he easily slid his hands up under it. He kneaded my breast with his hands and then lightly ran his thumb over it a couple times. I shivered once again, and a soft moan escaped my lips. His eyes twinkled under the moonlight and I saw a smile once again cover his face. As one hand caressed my hard nipples, the other ventured down the small of my back, rubbing it ever so slightly. His hand slid under the band of my sweat pants and I felt him gently squeeze my ass. I could feel an intense tingling between my thighs and I smiled contently. He gently rolled onto his back and pulled me on top of him, giving him free access with his hands.

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   He slid the covers up to my back and then let them gently rest on top of me. I felt him hook his thumbs in the waist band of my sweat pants, and he started to slide them down. I grabbed his hands, and he looked up at me hurt. He smiled once again and leaned into a deep kiss. As his tounge met mine, I released his hands, and he continued sliding off my pants. As they slid to my calves, I pulled them the rest of the way with my feet, and then kicked them off. He smiled widely. I looked down at him and grinned. He rolled me over so that I was on my back, and he lay on his side beside me. One arm lay behind my back and the other rested on my tummy. He looked at me as he rubbed his fingers over my underwear, gently pressing on my swollen clit. I moaned quietly as he ran his fingers back and forth slowly. He pulled his hand back to my stomache and then slid his hand under my underwear slightly. I looked up at him and shook my head. He looked back at me smiling.

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   “I know you want this,” He said grinning. I let him continue. My body jerked as his fingers reached my clit and gently pressed on it. Once again he ran his fingers back and forth over the lips of my pussy. Involuntarily, my hips moved back and forth begging for his fingers to push into my opening. He moved his fingers in small circles, causing me to whimper. He smiled wickedly and popped his forefinger in to the first knuckle. I moaned and pressed my hips into his fingers. By now I would do anything to have his fingers in me. With his smile growing, he slid his finger into my pussy. I groaned and pressed my hips hard onto his hand. He added another finger and stroked them up and down inside me. He met resistance and his hand came to an abrubt stop. I looked up at him inquisitively. His face seemed to be wrenched in thought.

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   He put his lips close to my ear. “You’re a…” he paused. “A…uh…”“virgin?” I said softly. He nodded. “You don’t want me to… break it… with my fingers… do you?” he asked I pressed up against him. I was so horney. I wanted this, I had never really thought about having it popped by fingers before. I always thought my Hymen would break when I had sex for the first time, but I needed this. I nodded at him. “we could break it with…something else. ” He said softly. “like?” He paused. Then grinded my pussy into his rock hard cock. I gulped and looked up at him. He had a slight smile on his face.

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   “Have you ever…” I trailed off blushing. “had sex?” He said softly with a chuckle. I nodded yes. “I have,” he said. “I’ll be careful I promise. ” I looked at him nervously. “It feels soo good” he said softly. My pussy dripped. I smiled up at him. He was my best friends brother, did I really want to loose my virginity to him while she was in the next room. I looked into his green eyes. In the back of my head I was screaming how much I wanted him in me. I placed my hands on his pants and slowly unbuttoned them. The smile that crossed his face was the biggest that I had ever seen. He looked down at me as my fingers fiddled with the zipper.


   I slowly slid his pants down with his boxers and he kicked them off like I had. I slid off my underwear slowly and he pulled me in for a deep passionate kiss. I had always liked max, and now he was going to fuck my virgin pussy. I grabbed a hold of his massive dick. I gasped at its huge size. It was way to big to have in me. I could have chickened out right then, but I was so wet. I lay on my back and he gently placed a pillow under the back of my head. He rolled on top of me. I felt the huge purple head of his dick press against my opening. I squirmed a little and he grabbed my hand. “We don’t have to do this. ” He said. Although I knew he wanted more than anything to fuck me senseless and take my virginity. I smiled at him, giving him the O.

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  K. “this will hurt, but you’ll like it. ” I grinned. He sighed and then sturdied himself on his elbows above me. He slid his hips closer to me then gently pushed forward. As the head of his massive dick pressed into my tight hole I groaned in pain. “Shhh,” he said softly. I dug my nails into his back. He inched forward. I bit down hard and tried to relax so that it wouldn’t just hurt worse. He slid into me and then stopped when he felt the resistance of my hymen. I looked into his big green eyes and he looked back. He leaned in for a passionate kiss, I guess to distract me, because a second later he slammed his dick into me with a loud grunt. He quickly pulled his hand up over my mouth as I screamed in pain. As I reflex I arched my back, wich just made him push deeper in to me.

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   He moaned. Tears fell slowly down my face. He stayed like that for a little while and I felt the pain fade slowly away. When I pulled him close for a kiss he knew it was safe to continue. He slid his dick out slowly and gently, then softly pushed it back in. it still hurt but my whole body started tingling. I moaned in pleasure as his dick pressed against the walls of my pussy. He started moving a little faster, shoving his dick harder and deeper than he had before. The more I moaned, the more it encouraged him to fuck me. Before long our hips were slamming into each other’s. I bit my lip to contain the moans that were forcing themselves from my body, as my hands held tightly onto his back. He smiled as his dick slammed in and out of my pussy. The feelings started to get more and more intense. And soon I was moaning like I never had before and he was slamming deep inside me. I could tell I was near, the pleasure in my body seemed to be getting greater and greater, I knew I was about to cum.

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   All of a sudden we heard the door creak. Max collapsed on top of me and rolled slightly to the side, with a fake snore coming from his lips. I followed suit and made my breath deep and heavy like it was when I usually slept. It took every last piece of self restraint in my body not to scream out. His dick was still in me, Pressing against my sensitive pussy. Making my hips want to slam into his on their own. I opened one eye slightly, I saw his mother standing in the door walking slowly towards us. I prayed to god she wouldn’t come pull the covers off to reveal her sons dick dripping with the juice from my virgin pussy. As she got closer, my breathing became more intense and my heart was beating so loud I was afraid she could hear it. She stopped over Max and then reached down for the covers. My heart stopped, and the whole world seemed to freeze. She reached down and then lifted the covers slightly…and pulled them up farther over me and max. I was never more relieved in my entire life. My whole body was so tense that I hadn’t realized the muscles of my pussy were clamping down around Max’s solid cock. I looked over to him, my eyes still fake-closed.


   Right as his mother left, I saw that he had his jaw clenched, and he mouthed something to me. I couldn’t tell what it was, but he rolled on top of me and slammed into me so hard I moaned, and then his whole body tensed up, his eyes fluttered shut and he grit his teeth. I felt my pussy grow warm and wet, it was just enough to push me over the edge, and my hips involuntarily pressed farther against his slamming him deep into me. As my pussy spasamed I milked his dick for all the cum it had, and he seemed to empty more into me. He slumped beside me. His face looked torn. I leaned up and kissed him, our bodies still inside one another. “Im so sorry” he said softly. I brushed my hand against his cheek. “are you kidding?” I whispered. “That was amazing. ” He smiled and with that we feel asleep from the exhaustion of mind blowing sex. me your comments and crap. PS. Should I write another chapter about a “group” thing with alex and/or Katie, who had been watching the whole time?.

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