His FIrst Time


“Cool. ” I said satisfied with that answer I leaned back into the seat. About ten minutes later we pulled up to a two story house that was big and imposing. Mariah and I got out the car and looked at each other like, what the hell? “C’mon ya’ll. ” DeVaughn said as we walked into the house after him. Inside was David’s cousin, lounging on the couch looking all of fourteen. “This is my cousin, James. ” I was immediately intrigued. He was cute. He was brown skin with a little afro and a pair of jogging pants and tank top. His body was toned in the chest and arms, not quite a boys body, but not yet a mans. Now that I thought about it, he looked nothing like David. David was about, 5. 10 with light brown skin. He has a small goat t with a bald head with a sharp nose and small brown eyes. He was in good shape, with a nice body and killer smile.

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   DaVaughn and David were like Mariah and I, total opposites. DaVaughn was about, 5. 7 with dark chocolate skin; he was built up like a shit brick house and had a demeanor that was thuggish, yet sexy. Mariah and I were in for a wild night, I could feel it. “So, where are the drinks?” I asked, not wanting to hold the party up anymore. DeVaughn pointed over towards the kitchen and said, “In there, help yourself. ” We nodded at each other and walked into the kitchen, fixing ourselves rum and cokes. Walking back into the living room I noticed David’s cousin keep looking at me. I smiled at him and he smiled a shy smile back. Two hours later, we felt no pain what so ever as we laughed at the Truth and Dare game we were playing. Mariah had just gotten DeVaughn to stand on his head and sing Yankee Doodle Dandy. It was so funny. I noticed that his cousin had retreated upstairs, not wanting to participate in the drinking we were doing. I was sitting next to David as DeVaughn continued to make an ass of himself. “Hey, tee, let me ask you something.

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  ” He had begun to whisper in my ear. “Hmm?” I answered. “You think my cousin is cute?” “What? He’s like, fourteen. ” I looked at him crazy. “Look, he’s a virgin. I want you to break him off something. You know, show him a good time for his first time. I know that you can handle it and make him feel good. ” I thought about it and I was intrigued. I had never had a virgin before and would’nt mind being the boy’s first fuck. “Yeah, he is cute. Ok, damn. I’ll show him a good time. ” I said like he had to convince me. David nodded and motioned for me to go upstairs,” Go into the first bedroom on the right and surprise him.

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   And take this. ” he handed me a condom. I stood up and headed towards the stairs before anyone could say anything else to me. Following his instructions I went into the first bedroom on the right and there he was. He looked startled at first, then interested. “Hey. ” I said to him as I sat next to him on the bed. “Hi. “ “I’m here to make you a man. ” “What?” he asked, all confused and naïve. “I’m here to make you a man, “I repeated, “You ever been with a girl?” He looked away and then back at me, then away again. “No. I’m…. . I’m a virgin.

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  ” He responded bashfully. It was at the moment that I noticed the southern twang in his voice and the growing erection in his shorts. I straddled the boy before he had a chance to say anything else. “Look sweetie, im here to fuck you. Do you want to be fucked? So you can go back down south and tell them that you got some fine Mexican pussy?” He nodded, not saying much of anything. I felt his dick trying to push out of his shorts as I bent down and kissed him on his full lips. I forced my tongue into his mouth, moving it slowly so that he could get the hang of it. He responded, kissing me back, his tongue matching mine. “Ok, open your mouth wider, and use less teeth. ” I told him while kissing him again,” See, better. ” He still stared, not knowing what to expect. I stopped kissing him and then began to kiss his ear, flicking my tongue over the rim and back onto the lobe. I put the lobe between my teeth and flicked it, making his leg jump from it. “Well, I see you like that. ” I murmured and kept on going down.

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   Pulling up his shirt I flicked my tongue over his nipples, making them harden in my mouth. He moaned softly, responding to all my touches wonderfully. I reached under his shorts and pulled his dick out. I saw that he was packing and was satisfied with it. It was a nice 7 inches and had the thickness of about 2. Nice indeed. I put my lips on it, flicking my tongue over the head and sticking the whole thing into my mouth until it hit the back of my throat. He moaned louder. “Ever had your dick sucked?” I asked him as I jacked off his dick. “No, but I like It. ” he watched with wide eyes. I looked up at him and bobbed my head up and down; making it hit the back of my throat with every suck. I reached into my pocket and took out the condom that David had given me. “Ready for the real deal?” He nodded again, looking at me with wide eyes. His look reminded me of a deer caught in headlights, startled and surprised.

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   Like, I can’t believe this is happening look. I rolled the condom on and mounted him. My pussy was wet with excitement of fucking this virgin boy. I eased him into my walls and began to buck my hips back and forth. He watched me still, wide eyed and alert. “Oh, baby, your dick is so nice. ” I moaned as he was quite as a church mouse. I rode him slowly, letting his dick come in and out of me so that he could feel what I was. I rocked faster after that, letting my body and the buzz I was feeling take over. I felt my pussy wall contracting as I was about to cum on his nice, young dick. “Im about to cum, o. k. …” I came in a small cry, not wanting to bring attention to us. I stopped and looked down at him and noticed that his expression had not changed. I bent down to kiss him and he turned his head away.

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   “Why you do that?” I asked, confused. “You kissed my thing, I can’t kiss you after that. ” he said with a serious tone. I laughed and dismounted him, shaking my head while pulling the condom off for him I did’nt want him to forget and then have to pull it off dry. “Did you cum? “ “What is that?” he wondered out loud. “If u have to ask, then you didn’t. ” His still rock hard dick stood straight up, like a balloon waiting to be popped. I thought I might as well let him have his first cum with a woman. I put my mouth back onto it and sucked his dick hard and fast, trying to will him to cum in my mouth. I felt his dick begin to throb as I moved faster. “DAMN. ” That’s all that I heard as the young boy came into my mouth, jerking and shaking like he was having seizures. It was great. I swallowed all of that hot cum and looked back up at him. His eyes were closed and a look of pure satisfaction covered his face.

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   I gathered myself and left the room just as fast as I came in. Hearing noises from the other room I walked over to it and creaked open the door. Inside Mariah, David and DeVaughn were fucking like jack rabbits, loud moans and flesh clapping was all I heard. I walked back downstairs and waited for a minute before I joined the group upstairs. James came downstairs and sat right on the couch next to me. He was looking at me with a whole lot of lust that I didn't see in his eyes before. “Ummm, I don’t know what you did to me, but now my stuff won’t go back down. It just keeps on staying hard. Can you help me?” he pleaded, shorts bulging expectantly. Looking at him I nodded and set back to work. I knew why I was there now, to make this boy into a man. And trust me, I was not complaining. Author - Because our formatting does not recognize "indents" on paragraphs, it is important to double-space between them. Please be a little more careful with your spell-check, and do not use slang short-hand in place of words, (i. e.

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   "u" for "you"). .