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Topic: -One-    He threw her up the wall, “Fuck me,” she whispered in his ear as he quite literally ripped the buttons off of her shirt. She wasn’t wearing any underwear which made him even more hot than he already was. His long hard penis slid gently into her soaking wet pussy. She moaned so loud he thought she was going to wake up her parents asleep in the house. Fucking your girlfriend on her front porch was risky business but they didn’t care. He thrust in her only five or six times before he came.   It wasn’t long but o so good. She collapsed in his arms, and picked up her shirt before she let herself in. “Tomorrow they’re going out, come over and we can finish this. ”    The next night he showed up ready for action but not expecting anything. He wasn’t sure if she even liked him or was using him just for sex. He didn’t care either way, he was going to get laid again. He rang the doorbell, she answered wearing a t-shirt, no bra, and a pair of the tightest jeans he’d ever seen. He nipples were hard and her t-shirt thin which was turning him on already. She casually invited him in and walked him to the living room where to his surprise she was watching a porno. She changed the tv from HBO to another channel, but he stopped her.

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   “Turn that back, I didn’t know you watched that,” he said. “I didn’t mean too, it just came on while you were at the door,” she stammered to say, looking embarrassed. “Don’t worry about it, but lets watch. Maybe we can learn something,” he said. “Fine,” as she leaned over to kiss him. Before long they were laying on the couch making out, his hand slowly creeping up her shirt. His fingers pinching her nipple ever sow slightly which caused her to writhe with ecstasy.     She pulled her shirt over her head, he breasts, which were not large but still very round, bounced out. She then pulled of his shirt. They kept making out, her on top, but suddenly she stopped. She stared right into his eyes when she said, “Come with me. ” She pulled him up and took him upstairs. Her room was girly, teddy bear, pink, covered with pictures of her friends, to him it wasn’t anything special for a seventeen-year-olds room. But she lied down on her double bed and unbuttoned her pants. She was wearing little pink underwear, and he could already see the wet spot forming between her legs.

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   She told him to take off his pants. His cock was hard, he was average but had girth; his cock was trying to escape his underwear when he jumped over to her. He threw himself on top of her, and began kissing again. This time he began working his way down her body. Kissing her breasts. Biting her nipples, and moving down her stomach. When he got to her underwear he stopped, she looked at him, eyes yearning for him to go on. He leaned back and slowly worked the panties off, she was so wet it clung to the soaked underwear. When they were off, he went right back to where he had left off. Slowly moving toward her soaking hot snatch. He used his fingers to pull back her lips. Her clit was throbbing and using his tongue he flicked it up and down, each time moving her toward coming. He could see that she was about to come when her leg was moving up and down and her screaming was becoming louder and faster. Just when he thought she was about to go he stopped and pulled away.     She shot up so fast he barely noticed her pulling his cock out of his boxers.

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   He pulled them down and stepped out of them. “Fuck me like you did last night, fuck me hard,” she said. He got close, still standing he grabbed her legs and slid her towards him. He slid into her with ease, and began thrusting. Her breasts bounced which each movement, and she was biting her lip to stop the moaning. She was enjoying this, “Deeper,” she yelled. He pushed harder and harder with each thrust. He didn’t want to hurt her so he held back, but she was an animal. She wanted to be on top, “How does she know all this, she must have done it before,” as he fell onto his back. She rode him like a pro. She knew all the spots to hit, slowly pushing herself to orgasm. When she came she screamed, he knew what was next, he had to come, so he threw her to her back.        He was on top now, and in control. Fucking her in all the right spots to make himself come. It seemed like hours before he felt like it was time, and with the last ounce of energy he had, he hit her with one last push.

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   Just as he thrust she came for her second time, she was shaking so much that when he burst his huge load into her snatch she didn’t even feel. He didn’t care. He pulled out and laid down next to her on the still made but messy bed. There was a huge wet spot underneath them, and she still couldn’t catch her breath. She just put her head on his chest. After a few minuted of after sex cuddling, he asked her home many other guys she had been with. “Just you last night, this was only my second time. ” He was in awe, last night his poor performance was her first time. She looked at him and said, “You fucked me so good, but my parents will be home soon. ” “He rolled his eyes with anger, he was getting hard again from just looking at her fit body. “How about we go take a shower,” he said. “Sure, my parents have a huge shower,” she said as she stood up. He smiled and followed her into the bathroom. She turned the water on, as he just watched. His cock was getting hard again.

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   He couldn’t help but think of what he was going to do to that perfect little body next. His eyes moved up and down, her perfect tits, her tight cunt, and her round ass. Her ass, he wanted her from behind. He hopped in the shower after her.     She spun around to see him right behind her. She wet her hair and slowly rubbed herself with water. She slid her fingers into her pussy, “I’m wet again,” as she licked her fingers. His cock was hard, and he was determined to fuck her from behind. The shower was huge, four or five shower heads, all jetting out hot water which dripped off of their already sweaty bodies.   He kissed her neck as he approached from behind. He reached around her body and groped her breasts, playing with her nipples, and rubbing her whole body. His cock slid in between her legs, her ass was soft, round, but still firm. She was an athlete and it was obvious. He slid down her torso and slid a finger into her pussy, which like she said was wet. She grabbed his other arm and sucked on his fingers.

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   His cock was ready. He pulled his arms back and bent her over. She grabbed the small seat in the corner for support. “Help me in,” he said. She reached under and did. Her hair was long and wet on her back. He grabbed it and gently pulled back on it. Her back was arched, head and ass up in the air. He was moving slowly making sure he didn’t come and that she felt every single move. It was gentle, but still so dirty. She felt like a whore being done from behind. Like the girls in the movies. But she didn’t care, it felt too good and he was so gentle with her. She bent her head down but he pulled back on her hair again, moving it back up. He pulled a little harder but began to thrust deeper.

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   He was fucking her hard, and she began to pant and moan with every movement.     When he was about to come he pulled out. He reached down and began to jack off. But she turned around and stopped him. She sat on the bench and took his cock into her mouth. Licking the tip and sliding it in deep. She had only given head a few times before, to some of her old flings but she was good. She licked up and down his shaft and slid it back into her mouth. Licking and sucking took him over the edge and he came. So much cum, and she swallowed. She stood up and kissed him. He smiled and she smiled. They held each other under the warming water. Just gently swaying back and forth. When her parents got he had gone and she was waiting downstairs.

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   “So, what did you do tonight?” Asked her dad. She turned to him and smiled. “Oh, nothing really, watched a movie, and took a shower. ” “Good, good,” said Dad. She smiled again and whispered under her breath, “Yes it was. ”.