Hope No One Finds Out


                                                         This story is all fictional, just a fantasy.                                                                      First Story, be kind    Please let me introduce myself to give you a picture of what you are about to read.     My name is Brandon. I am eighteen years old, six feet tall, red hair down to my eyes, blue eyes, have fairly pale skin as I am Irish, have some baggage but not enough to be called fat and wear glasses.     My story begins in a little town in Pennsylvania called Milford. I am sitting on home, just checking on my e-mail, when I suddenly get a text message from someone. The name that came up was Anna, not knowing who it is. The text message read, “Damn! The Giants are losing 3-1 in to the Mets. ” As I read this text message, I realized it was someone who knew my friend, Jonas.     Now Jonas is my friend, same height as me, African-American, kinda chubby while he also wore glasses, had a mini-afro.     I started to talk to, telling her it was me. Usually if someone sent a wrong text to me, they would stop talking and let me be. She still continued to talk to me, to my own surprise. After about an hour or so exchanging text messages, we both exchanged pictures of each other. She was only fourteen years old and was gorgeous. She looked about five foot eight, long light brown hair, which reached her A-cup breast.

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   The only part of her body I didn’t get a good look at was her ass, must be really nice.     I instantly fell in love with this girl. I couldn’t tell any of my friends this as it will be rape if I do anything with her and get caught. The two of arrange to meet each other at her house.     I picked up Jonas as he knew where to find Anna. It didn’t take to long to get to her house as Jonas knew some shortcuts. I had butterflies in my stomach as soon as I stopped my car. I didn’t show my nervousness to Jonas.     We head to the door and knocked on the door. It was Anna’s mother who answered the door. She asked who we were and why were here. Jonas did the talking as I am a very quiet person. Anna’s mother escorted us in as we waited for Anna to come. She came into the room and we met each other’s eyes for the first time.     Though she her picture showed how beautiful she was, it did no justice to what I was looking at now.

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   I was close in the height, she was five foot six. Her breast still looked liked they were A-cups, though I would not know as of now. Her mother called her to do something and she turned around to leave us for a moment. That moment made my mouth water as her ass was the greatest thing I had ever witnessed.     She greeted Jonas with a hug and a very enthusiastic wave to me. We all went outside for a little bit as the weather was very nice. Anna and I began to talk even more, it was a bit surprising for me to talk this much to anyone. Losing track of time, it was already five o’clock and my father told me to be home by five-thirty.     As I left, I told my feeling for Anna to Jonas. Jonas was the only person I could trust to keep things a secret. He gave me his blessing. The ride home was shorter than I anticipated it and I dropped Jonas home and arrived home by five-fifteen.     After dinner, Anna and I started to talk more, mainly through texting, we never really liked having the phone to our heads. She asked me to come over the next day to hang out, I gladly accepted it.     Jonas couldn’t come with me as he has a doctor’s appointment that day and wouldn’t be able to go anywhere.

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   I arrived at Anna’s house to find that no cars were there. I went to door anyway to knock. Anna was there in nothing but a black tank top and red short-shorts. She brought me in the house and showed me her room. She excused herself as she still had some things to do around the house and left me in her room.     I couldn’t help but look through her drawers as I needed her scent of her pussy. I found a pair of panties that looked like she wouldn’t mind missing and I sniffed them. As I did this, I instantly got a hard-on. I couldn’t help but continue smelling her used panties. I couldn’t help but sticking the panties down my pants and jerk off with them.     A minute later, Anna came back upstair and was shocked to see what I was doing. I had a guilty look on my face and slumped my head down waiting to be told out of the house. That response never came.     I lifted my head to see the Anna seemed to enjoy that I was masturbating in her room. In fact, she seemed turned on.

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      “So you like me that much, huh? Would you like to see the panties I have on now?”    All I could do is stare in shock that she also wanted me in the same way. As she took off her clothes, I felt a little drool. She was so fucking hot.     “Ok, I took off my pants. To be fair, take yours off too. ”    “Why don’t you do it for me?” I said trying to get her to suck my cock.     It had worked. She worked on over to unzip my jeans and pull out my seven inch dick. She started to suck on it like it was her job.     “Oh shit! That feels so good! I feel I’m about to cum! AHHHH!” As I shoot hot semen into her throat. She ate every bit.     How about we do this some other time         More Sex to come in the second installment as well as there is good feedback.