How i got in part 1


so i am a senior in high school, and ever since freshman year ive been tryin to get with this cute little pettie girl sarah, we are real good friends and she is always in my thoughts, so let me describe her first.

she has nice long dirty blone hair, short maybe 5'6, 18 and a perfect gymnastic body, nice size boobs maybe a mediam B,
so0o anyway one day me and her were hanging out at her house alone in her basement bored out of our skulls. just chillen wtching t. v so i thought what the hell maybe i should try one last time, so i started to try and flirt with her, try to move closer and tickle her,

it was goign well, she was wearing a nice little skirt so every now and then id get a little sneak peek of what i wanted,,, she was wearing nice girl panties perfectly tight her her body,, man just the site of them got me hard
we wrestled a little bit, then it go really hardcore, she got on top on me in only a skirt, and me only in basketball shorts, and and pushing down on my pretty hard, she was telling me to give up tell me to say uncle. when out of no where, she ask. . . .

is that a boner i feel????
i didnt know what to say,
she sat u p stood up and said
'thats it'
'im done with all theses games, if you want me so bad come and get me'
she slid off her little skirt that i have been dying for her to do for hours, and took off her cami. she only had a bra and cute little panties on,
i got harder right away,
she told me to stand and take my pants off. . . i did as she said. . .
what she did next blew my mind.

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  . . . . . . . .
tell me to keep writting if you wanna hear more
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