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"Oh, yes, as much as you want. " Robertson smiled at her reassuringly. He picked up her portfolio and peered inside, pulling out a few shots and examining them briefly before sliding them back in. "You have a lot of assets, Ms. White," he said. "You have a very pretty face. Would you mind standing up and moving around a little?" When she rose, he got up and stood, watching her move about. Kristin tried to keep her best side to him. "Is this all right?" she asked, coming to a stop. He shook his head yes, but his lips were pursed as he gazed down at her legs. "Would you mind pulling your dress up so that I can see how your upper legs look and turn around like that?" Kristin pulled her dress up as high as she dared without having her panties show and slowly rotated about where she stood. When she faced him again, he smiled at her. "That's fine, relax. " She let her dress fall and smoothed it with her hands. "Did you happen to bring a swim suit with you?" "No," she admitted, becoming worried. "I didn't know I needed one.

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  " "Normally you wouldn't, but, as I said, we do need some supplemental shots of you wearing less attire. " He sat down to ponder this situation, and Kristin sat down, hoping once more that everything would be fine. "You know," he said, "Maybe you can do some shots in your underwear, if that's all right with you. " Kristin was silent for a long moment. "You don't have to," he added. This was the closest she had gotten, and she did not want the opportunity to slip away. "You're lucky," Robertson went on. "I have my crew on the premises today. If you are willing, we can get whatever shots are missing. . . No charge, of course!" He laughed and smiled at her. She felt better again. "Well, I suppose I could do it," she replied in a low voice. She felt insecure about removing her clothing.

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   She was biting her lip, feeling nervous. She wondered what kind of a crew of gawking louts would be staring at her. Robertson picked up his phone and spoke a few words as she sat there. He was sending for someone. Soon there was a rap on the door and in came a woman, still very attractive, but she had to be in her forties. "Donna, this is Kristin," Robertson said. "She needs a few more shots. Can you take her to the dressing room? I'll be out in a minute. " Donna greeted the young girl and put her at her ease as she led Kristin out of the office. Kristin felt better that another female would be present. In the dressing room, she took off her dress and carefully hung it up on a hanger. She checked herself out in the full-length mirrors on two of the walls. She looked good. Her bra was sexy, but not trashy. Her panties were perhaps a little too conservative, but thankfully her light-colored pubic hair did not show through the fabric.

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   She put on the slippers Donna had provided. A door on the other side of the room opened, and Donna peeked in. "Are you ready, Kristin? Oh, you look fabulous, dear! I think you'll do well with Pat. " "I hope so. I could really use a break," Kristin sighed. As she passed through the door, Donna gave her shoulder a squeeze of confidence. Kristin found herself in a larger room with floods and reflectors pushed against the wall where she had just passed through the door. Another wall had screens with different backgrounds. The one currently pulled into use was a tropical setting with palm trees and blue skies. Various pieces of furniture were arranged against the other two walls. The photographer, a rugged older guy, looked up from his camera. "Stand over by that screen, young lady," he said, nodding to the tropical setting. His assistant, a younger man, maybe twenty and not much older than Kristin, went over and pointed to where she was to stand. He seemed to be well proportioned as if he spent time working out. He returned to the photographer, who handed him a newly loaded camera.

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   Robertson came into the room. He had changed to loose trousers and a golf shirt. "Let's get started," he said. "Jack, let's do group B; then we'll see what we need. "Do you have the polaroid loaded?" Jack nodded yes and picked up a camera. He walked toward Kristin and took a couple of shots. After the polaroids were developed, Donna, Jack and Pat laid them out on a table and examined them. The assistant smiled at her in a friendly manner. Kristin stopped feeling uncomfortable about posing in her underwear. Jack took a few more shots, posing Kristin in different positions. Again there was a little conference. The assistant came over to her. "I'm Norman. I think they like you, so you may need to do some more shots. It will really be worth it," he said reassuring her.

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   As he went back to fiddle with a camera, Pat came walked over, still talking over his shoulder to Donna. "Honey, you don't have to do this," he said soothingly, "But would you mind taking off your bra for a few more pictures?" Kristin hesitated briefly, but then unfastened her bra. Donna took it from her, placing it neatly on a chair. "Hmmm, we need to wait a few minutes until those marks fade from your skin," Pat said. He stood in front of her, apparently thinking about something. "You know, honey, we are probably going to need some totally nude shots. Why don't you slip out of those panties too, so any elastic marks can fade away. " Kristin looked toward Donna, who smiled at her and nodded her head slightly to encourage Kristin to go along. Turning her back to the crew, the young girl leaned over and slid her panties down her shapely legs. When she turned back, Donna was there to accept the flimsy garment, and carefully placed them next to the bra. Jack and Norm set up some lights and placed a few props near the tropical screen. "OK, let's move along now," Pat said mildly, and Jack took a few more polaroids with Kristin obediently assuming various poses. These were gathered for another conference. This time Norm was included. Pat walked over to her.

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   "Do you mind doing a shot holding this? Tell me if you don't want to do it," he said. He held up a slim pink tube. Kristin knew what it was, a vibrator. She had seen pictures of them, but had never owned one. She agreed and accepted the device from Pat. He patted her shoulder reassuringly and stood back while Jack took a couple of shots with her holding against a nipple or her cheek. Kristin was surprised she had not flushed in shame. After a short conference, Pat announced, "I think we are just about ready. Maybe we will do a little video too. Is that OK, sweetie?" Kristin agreed. "By the way, Kristin, are you still a virgin?" "Is that important?" she asked. She had lost that two boyfriends ago. Damm, she thought, I hope this doesn't hurt me! "No," she admitted, "I'm not. " "Great!" Pat said. He gave her a big smile.

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   "That's fantastic!" Why would he be saying such a thing, she wondered. Norm and Jack were moving some more lights. Now the scene was not the tropical background but the double bed. She began to feel nervous. "Come over here and sit on the edge of the bed and cross your legs. . . Good girl!" Even though she was totally naked, Kristin felt much warmer. Now real film was being shot. Before she knew it, Kristin was lewdly cupping her breasts, offering them to the camera, bending over to display her firm, round ass, and holding a huge rubber cock in her hand. Each time, Pat had said, "You don't have to do this if you don't want. It's up to you, sweetie. The more we have, the more work you'll get. " During a reload, Kristin asked, "Who is going to see these? I don't want my mom and dad or other relatives to see photos of me like this. " "Don't worry, babe," Jack said in a deep voice, "We are showing very little of your face, and, besides, the clients are looking at other things.

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  " That didn't sound right to Kristin because they seemed to be making little effort to conceal her face. But hell, he was the cameraman. He knew what he was shooting. He looked up at her from reloading a camera and said, "These are just for the clients. They see them. " The shoot went on. Sometime later, Kristin was unzipping Pat's fly and pulling his cock out. He had no underwear on. It swelled in her hand, becoming erect, thick and long. She had never seen such a big one like that. Jack was leaning over her, his camera whirring and clicking away like a mad insect. "Kiss it, sweetie, if you want to," Pat urged. Kristin gave the huge cock a big kiss, right on the head. The dark, bulbous head twitched against her lips. "Can you take it in your mouth," he asked softly.

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   She took the entire head into her mouth, stretching her lips around the thick shaft. "Have you ever given a guy a blowjob?" Donna asked softly, leaning so her mouth was close to Kristin's ear. Kristin shook her head no. "Slide it in and out of your mouth, honey. You can use your hand to stroke it, Every now and then pull it out and kiss it and lick the balls. Go ahead now. I'll tell you if you're doing it right. " Kristin began to slide the big penis in and out of her mouth, pumping the shaft with her hand, noticing that her fingers did not go all the way around its giant circumference. Donna made some suggestions. Soon Kristin was kissing her way up and down the mighty shaft and sucking Pat's balls into her mouth, laving them with her tongue. At times she looked up at Pat's face, seeing him obviously enjoying her efforts. The flicker of Jack's flash and the noise of his camera became nothing after a while. She felt better, knowing that Pat was so excited by her neophyte oral caresses. "OK, sweetie," Pat groaned, "I'm coming. If you want, you can jerk me off onto those nice titties.

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  " Kristin pulled the fleshy prick from her mouth and pumped it vigorously. Jack moaned and shot gobs of pearly cum out, splattering her breasts with little beads of semen. She saw that Norm had removed his clothing, and she could see his broad shoulders, slim hips, and flat, washboard stomach. Kristin let her eyes drop to his loins and saw a penis even bigger that Pat's. "Babe, lie on the bed," Jack said. "We need some stills with you and Norm. " Norm lay next to her and gave her shoulder a reassuring squeeze and a little kiss. Then he knelt next to her and placed her hands on his huge joint. Donna helped pose them for the first shot. "This is just show business, honey," Norm said confidentially to her. "What happens and what appears to happen are two entirely different things. " As the camera clicked away, Kristen had the mammoth cock in her mouth, pushed hard against her wet pussy, and poised over the rosebud of her ass. "Thank god, she thought, I didn't have him inside me; he would split me in two. After the shots appeared done, Kristin noticed that Norm was in some kind of distress. "What's wrong?" she asked.


   "I just need to come so bad, honey. You got me all excited. Would you mind, giving me a little hand job? I would really appreciate it. " "Great idea, Norm. Maybe we can tape you helping Norm out," Pat said. "How about it, Kristin baby. You don't have to. . . " Kristin decided to go along with the suggestion; besides it was her fault that Norm was all stirred up. Soon she was stroking the huge penis with both her little hands. She heard Donna from behind the bright lights suggest she kiss and suck the meaty pole a little to help out Norm. "Yeah," Pat said, "And, if you want, do a little moaning yourself, girl, like it's really exciting you. " So Kristin moaned dutifully as she pumped the thick, swollen cock until it spewed its creamy contents on her pretty face. "Oh fucking shit! "Oh shit, baby, you know how to jerk off a guy!" Norm said to the camera as he rubbed drips of his cum onto her soft breasts.

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   "Sensational, Kristin, Norm!" Pat said. "That's a wrap, everyone. I want to see you in my office, Kristin, as soon as you're ready. " Donna handed her a wet towel to clean up. Fifteen minutes later, Kristin was seated across the desk from Pat. He was on the phone and was shuffling through some forms. He gave her a smile and ended his conversation. They were now using first names. "Pat, do you think I can get work soon?" Kristin asked. "Kid, you were already working, and you were great! I already sold what you did today. I want you to come back on Thursday. We'll have more for you, so be ready to work. " He counted out five one hundred dollar bills onto the desk in front of her. "This is partial payment, off the books, and I'll have a check for even more for you when you return. I haven't been paid by the client yet, but I think I can trust you, right?" "W-Well.

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  . . thanks, Pat, this is a surprise. " "Thank you, Kristin. You were great. I wonder if you could do your hair different for Thursday. . . You know, pigtails, ribbons, or something else that makes you look about sixteen. I think with your face we can get some nice teen shots. " He sat there rubbing his chin for a few seconds. "You know what would help too, if you don't mind. You could shave off those pubes. . .

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   maybe make yourself look fifteen or even fourteen. " "Oh, of course, Pat, I can do that, no problem. " After Pat escorted Kristin to the outer office, she found Donna waiting. "Nice work, Kristin, you are really a fine looking young lady. How about if you come over to my place for a drink, and you can relax while I fill you in with some useful advice. You don't have to, of course, but it will be chance for just us two girls to really get to know one another. ".

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