Julie's Story


Authors Note: This story has been written by alexispablo@yahoo. com.   I do not give permission for anyone to use this character yet, in any manner.   I would like to explore her life more before such permission is given.   Any comments should be directed to the above email address.
Disclaimer: This story depicts an underage teen in a nude scene.   It is not sexually explicit, but not for minors in their own area or those who do not like to read about a pubescent teen getting naked.   I guess it is kind of artistic.   This story does not reflect an individual person, living or dead.
Julie’s Story
Life is pretty straight forward to Julie.   She’s 14, single, brunette with her hair straight down to her shoulders.   She’s got no distinguishing features, her eyes are hazel, she is just another face in the crowd.   But as with anyone’s life around puberty, things change.
It all started one Thursday afternoon after hockey practise.   Julie, being the quiet type, finished practise as usual, and feeling sweaty and worn out headed towards the car park where she would wait for her mum to take her home.   Fortunately for Julie, her parents were able to send her to a private school, and it was the school hockey team that Julie had just finished practise for.

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    While all her other team-mates would go back into the toilets near the field to cool down, Julie trudged towards the car park and opted to use the toilets near the car park since they were much quieter and cooler without sweaty females in there radiating heat.   She splashed her face with cold water, as she always did after practise, and ruffled the base of her shirt to create a cool breeze under her shirt.   However, Julie felt a slight tingle in her breasts as she did this.   To her astonishment, her nipples were hardening!  Feeling slightly uncomfortable with this, she went into a cubicle and wrapped her arms around her chest to soften them again.   Successfully calming them back to normal, Julie left the cubicle and neatened up her hair.   Then she waited for her lift outside.
The following week passed like it always did for Julie.   If she was at home, she was on the internet chatting to her friends, finishing homework at the last minute, or watching TV.   At school, life didn’t change, it was more learning about something trivial or useless.   And even on Thursday afternoon, hockey practise was in its same routine.   Nothing new, nothing boring.   It was life.   After practise, Julie went to the same toilet block she always went to, and splashed her face water then ruffled her shirt.   Her nipples tingled like last week.   Julie didn’t bother going to the cubicle this time, she simply wrapped her arms around her chest to ease them.

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    Successful again, she dropped her arms.   Feeling the heat of this particular day, Julie ruffled her shirt again to cool her down.   Her nipples stiffened once more.   Julie ignored it this time, she was too hot to worry about it.   She looked in the mirror and neatened her hair.   Her nipples were standing out in her shirt.   Something compelled her to look at them for a brief moment, they caught her eye.   She never noticed her breasts like that before, sure she had seen herself plenty of times coming out of the shower, but she never paid much attention to her body.   She looked around and lifted up her shirt.   Her plain white bra was showing, with her nipples poking through them.   Her breasts weren’t small, but they weren’t large either.   She turned to her side, her back to the entrance of the toilets, and checked out her profile.   She didn’t look that bad.   Realising the time, she put her shirt down, and waited for her mum outside.
The next week passed quickly for Julie.

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    She had checked out her chest in her bra once in the last week, while getting into her pyjamas.   Nothing out of the ordinary, she was just looking at herself while putting her top on.   Next Thursday afternoon, Julie went into the bathroom, and washed her face down like she always did.   But this time, she went into a cubicle and pulled her shirt up to look at her chest.   A wicked idea crossed her mind, should she take her shirt off?  With 3 walls around her, Julie felt safe enough to take her shirt off.   She pulled it over her head, and left it on top of the toilet seat.   Without a shirt on, she felt relaxed, but nervous at the same time.   What if someone were to come in?  She covered her chest with her shirt in anxious thought, but listened to hear if anyone was around.   Only a breeze pushed leaves around.   In a moment of courage, Julie stepped out of the cubicle.   She looked at herself in the mirror, and dropped her shirt to her side.   Her nipples were poking through her bra.   Julie stepped back into the cubicle and looked at herself in the mirror which was now a little way away from her.   She put her shirt down on the toilet seat, and in one quick movement, she lifted the base of her bra over the top of her chest, revealing her adequately formed breasts.   As she did, a breeze blew into the toilets, and cold air ran across her pink nipples, making them a little harder, and blew up her skirt, leaving a tingling sensation in her thighs.

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    Julie put her bra back down to properly cover her chest, and undid the back of her skirt, and took it off.   She felt a little uneasy, but curious at the same time.   She covered the front of her navy blue briefs with her skirt, and stepped forward out of the cubicle.   The height of the mirror wouldn’t allow her to see her undies from inside the cubicle, but standing just outside it, she could see the top of them.   Slowly moving forward, her senses keen to any movement, she could see most of her thighs when she looked in the mirror.   She pulled the skirt to her side, and looked at herself in the mirror.   Looking herself up and down in the mirror, Julie saw her figure in a different light.   She heard a car on gravel in the distance, it was probably her mum.   She quickly put her skirt and shirt back on and went out to collect her lift home.
Feeling curious and adventurous, Julie explained to her mother that hockey practise would be extended for another half an hour, in preparation for the end of season playoffs that would be soon.   Thinking nothing more of this, Julies mum agreed to pick her up half an hour later on a Thursday afternoon.
The following Thursday after hockey, Julie walked to her preferred toilets as she always did.   But this time, after cooling her face down, she went into the cubicle and took her shirt off right away.   In quick succession, she had her skirt off and both were on the toilet seat.   Julie felt cool as she looked at herself in the mirror.

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    She had an idea over the last week.   As she was getting dressed for bed, she took all her clothes off before putting her pyjamas on.   That brief moment of nudity gave Julie some a quick rush of blood to the head, and she wanted to feel it again.   But she didn’t feel comfortable with people around, and having no-one around while she was in the toilets was the loneliest feeling she knew.   She closed the toilet door and locked it.   Quietly, she reached behind her and undid the clasp on her bra.   She took it off, and lay her bra on her pile of clothes.   She gently unlocked the door and opened it slightly.   She looked around and feeling safe enough with no-one around, she opened it and looked in the mirror.   She could see the top half of her body, naked.   She covered her breasts after a second, and closed the door again, locking it softly.   Now for her undies.   She put her hands on the sides of her hips, slipping her thumbs into her light blue undies.   In a silent movement, she had them down by her ankles, and took them off around her shoes.   She lay her undies on her clothes and opened the door quietly.

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    Feeling a little insecure, she put her arms on her breasts to cover them and took a small step out of the cubicle.   She took another step forward, allowing her to see the top of her dark brown pubic hair.   She never had to shave her bikini line, her patch had never got that far.   Though, it was getting closer.   She took another step forward, revealing all of her pubic hair in the mirror.   She ran her hand through it to puff up some of the flattened hair.   Feeling a little safer, she dropped her hands by her side and looked at herself in the mirror.   It was her body, which she had seen hundreds of times, but it looked different, she was intrigued with it.   She turned her back to the entrance, and looked at her profile.   Her chest was probably a size C, though she never had herself measured.   She wasn’t small by any stretch of the imagination, but not large either.   She turned and looked at her profile from the other direction.   Pretty much identical.   She tried to look at her rather firm bottom, but not to much avail.   Being naked like this felt pretty good.

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    She wandered up to the end of the toilets, and then to near the door.   There was a brick wall in place so no guys could get a glance into the girls toilets, and Julie hid behind that.   She peered her head around the wall, to see if anyone was around.   She couldn’t see anything.   The side wall was longer than she thought.   She moved around towards the edge of the brick wall and peered her head around down the corridor.   Empty classrooms, no-one was around.   There wasn’t any staff rooms near here either, so no teachers were about.   Julie had a naughty idea.   What if she were to stand in the doorway?  She felt nervous about it.   No-one was around, but she didn’t want to be caught.   She had an idea.   She grabbed her shirt and skirt and put them on.   But she only buttoned the top button on the back of her skirt and left it unzipped.   She looked around the entrance to the bathroom.

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    No-one was in the corridor, and it was dead quiet.   She stepped out into the entrance, so only those in the corridor or bathroom could see her.   Hesitating for a moment, Julie undid the button at the back of her skirt, and let it drop to the floor.   She had no bottoms on!  She stood there for a sec, then kicked her skirt into the toilets and went back into her cubicle.   It felt exciting.   Feeling more adventurous, Julie put her skirt back on, and went back to the same place to do it again.   This time, she would take her shirt off before her skirt.   She waited for a minute, checked if the corridor was clear, then stood in position.   She lifted her shirt quickly above her head, and tossed it around the corner into the toilets.   Then, sparing no time, she unbuttoned her skirt and kicked it near her shirt.   She stood with only her shoes on facing the corridor for a moment, then went back to her cubicle, collecting her clothes on the way.   This was exciting!  Julie looked at her phone.   Her mum would pick her up soon.   But she wanted to go just a little bit further.   She wanted to go into the corridor.

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    But she needed cover quickly if something went wrong.   Then the idea struck her.   She would put her school dress on.   Her dress was similar to her skirt in that it was a single button up the top of the back with a zip down the back to close the dress up.   She would unbutton her dress, and let it fall to the floor quickly then pick it up.   She put her dress on quickly and did the button up.   Looking around the wall, she saw the coast was clear.   She walked into the corridor, and picked a secluded spot in the corridor where no-one could see her unless she could see them.   It was in the middle of the corridor, but positioned so that entrances to the corridor couldn’t peer in at her.   There were two entrances to the corridor, one near the toilets, the other at the far end of the corridor.   Julie was in the middle of the corridor, in the middle of the pathway.   She nervously looked around.   She couldn’t see or hear anyone coming.   She pretended to play with her hair as she undid her button.   The dress fell down her shoulders and she let it drop down her arms, revealing her chest.

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    Then after looking around again she let her hands through the small sleeves, which left the dress to drop to the floor.   She ducked down immediately in fear.   This was so nerve racking!  She stood up after a moment and in a brief flash of courage, she stepped out of her dress.   Instinctively, she had her arms covering her chest and downstairs, but she forced them to her side as she looked around.   It felt scary and great at the same time.   She walked around her dress, carefully listening for anyone about.   Then in one last act of courage, she kicked her dress a few feet from her, and put it back on roughly.   Quickly, she went back into the toilets and got changed back into her hockey gear.   She left her toilets like every week, and waited in the car park for her lift home.
Julie’s Story is not over, however, her team did lose out in the first round of playoffs, so hockey training has been cancelled.   What’s in store for Julie next?  Wait and see.




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