Kate's Encounter


"You look like shit. " "I know," she said "I really shouldn't party this hard the day before midterm reviews. Or maybe I just shouldn't go to school at all. " The pain reawakened in her temple and she lowered her head back onto the desk. All she wanted was to fall back into a deep dreamless sleep. "Well I heard there is no review session today and I got something for that hangover in my room. "She looked up at him again. He was watching her intently, half smiling with his perfectly shaped mouth. Kate felt something stir in the pit of her stomach. Even though seconds ago she could barely raise her head, her hangover slowly began to be replaced by another sensation. His hand nonchalantly dropped to her shoulder, and she felt the heat of his touch though her sweatshirt. "You wanna go?" He asked. "Yeah. . . sure.

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  " And with that she was following him out the door. On the way back to the dorms she let herself look him over carefully. He was tall with broad shoulders, slender hips and a perfect ass. His toned legs and muscular arms were tan and he moved with totally smooth confidence. Every once in a while he would look at her with his blue-green eyes and she would lose herself for just a second in their depth. "How are you feeling?" "Umm still like hell" she lied. In reality by this point Kate was wide awake and felt the heat lightly rising between her thighs. He was magnificent and she wondered what it would feel like to touch his body. As they walked up the stairs and along the hall way to his room Kate became nervous. They would be alone together and she didn't know what to expect. Would it be just a quick visit for some headache medicine? Would she lose control and tear all his clothes off? Or worse, would it be an awkward situation where neither of them could think of anything to day? She has lost sight of where she was as scenarios and possibilities flew through her brain and her stomach was in knots. The sharp slam of the door awoke her from her thoughts. She found herself standing in his room, with him a few feet away staring straight at her. In those few seconds she tried to read his expression and control her own. She was sure that he could see how much she wanted him and how excited he had made her.

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   His stare pierced her and she lost herself once again in his gaze. Then the space between them closed. She felt herself pushed back against the door with the full force of his body. His mouth was on hers and they were locked in a passionate kiss. Their books thundered to the floor around them, their hands exploring each others bodies as their tongues did the same in their mouths. His lips descended on her neck and she moaned lightly in his ear. He was warm and strong and she relished the feeling of his hands pushing up under her shirt to her flat stomach. His first contact with her skin made her jump a little. As he pushed her sweatshirt up and over her head, she did the same with his tee-shirt. Their half naked bodies slammed back against each other and the kissing began again. His tongue ran along the inside of her mouth and she lightly moaned as he fumbled with the clasps of her bra. The feeling of her newly freed breasts rubbing against his strong chest excited her nipples. The hard sensitive peaks streaked along his body as he lowered his mouth to them. He took the left nipple in his mouth, rolling his tongue around it, sucking, licking, biting. She drew in breath sharply as he moved on to the right, treating it with the same magnificent tongue work.

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   She felt him slightly tense as her hands began undoing his belt. As his mouth continued to worship her thoroughly excited nipples, she urgently began removing his pants. When he was finally completely naked in front of her he pulled away, stopping her hands inches from his fully erect cock. She began speaking in protest but she gently shushed her, then unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts. Pulling down her shorts and skimpy panties as he lowered to his knees in front of her, he kissed down the length of her body to the top of the small patch of hair above her glistening pussy. She stepped out of the pile of clothes on the floor, deliberately moving herself closer to his eager mouth. At first he kissed just above the entrance to her pussy then slowly licked his way down the slit as far as he could go. Instinctively Kate spread her legs a little, opening herself up for him. He inserted a finger into her wet cunt then turned up to look at her reaction. Her eyes were nearly closed and her mouth slightly open. A light sigh escaped her lips. With the second finger came a sharp breath and then he withdrew. Looking up at her mischievously, he smiled and repositioned himself underneath her. No sooner did she close her eyes that she felt light tongue flicks at the entrance to her pussy. He slid his tongue up to the fleshy pink clit, now protruding slightly through the moist folds of flesh.

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   She felt him lick the sensitive nub, slowly building the pressure and speed. The fingers found their way back inside her pussy as he continued to lap at her clit, now sucking on it as well. The rhythmic pumping of his fingers combined with his mouth work told her that she would not be able to stand if she came right there against the door. He replaced his tongue with his thumb, as he licked his way down back to the opening of her pussy. His tongue thrust inside her, licking her, tasting her. His intentions were clear; he wanted her to cum in his mouth. The finger on her clit became merciless. Rubbing and rolling the small peak drove Kate to the edge of sexual insanity, her orgasm so close. Then finally she exploded. She began to shudder and moan as her knees went weak and she grabbed on to the door handle beside her. He tasted her completely, happily savoring her climax. But she could no longer remain in her position. He stood up, holding her against his strong body, his still erect penis between their bodies. As he kissed her, she tasted herself on his tongue. The kissing once again became fiercely passionate as Kate recovered from cumming.

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   By this point her body pleaded to be fucked and his cock craved release. Before she could realize what was happening, he hoisted her up against the door. Instinctively she wrapped her legs around his waist and then forcing her downward, he plunged his rock hard cock into her hot wet pussy. Her body bounced up against the door, up and down onto his penis. He penetrated her completely, his large cock filling her tight sheath to capacity. She moaned loudly in pleasure as he grunted along with the rhythm of their fucking. As the pace and intensity increased, her moans became louder and louder and she held on to him as if her life depended on it. He grabbed her smooth ass and slammed into her pussy with complete abandon, only faintly recognizing the massive orgasm building in his groin. One of her hands burried in his blonde locks, the other digging into his back, another orgasm made her body shudder against his length. Her screams of pleasure and pulsating vagina drove him over the edge as he exploded inside of her, groaning. Sweaty, tired, and breathing heavily, they collapsed as one onto the floor. Both still moaning, the aftershock of a much needed orgasm still overtaking them. As their breathing returned to normal, he turned onto his back and pulled her body up against his. In response she wrapped her arms around him and put her head down on his shoulder. "My name is Kate.

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  " She finally whispered through still uneven breaths. "I'm Seth. " He replied and drew her closer. And with no more words they slept for hours holding on to each other. .