Katie and me


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Katie and me
    First of all let me start of my describing myself. My name is Oliver and I am 15 years old. I have short black hair and am 5'10” tall. I have dark brown eyes, and dark tanned skin (because of my Lebanese heritage). I am pretty heavy (at 220lbs) however, I tend to do well for myself.

    I have been branded a “nerd” for as long as I can remember. I am pretty addicted to my video games, and computer. I have even dabbled in hacking. While these things certainly have not helped me find a girlfriend in my Freshman year at WRHS (West Ridge High School), I have had the occasional fling. You see, aside from all of my “nerdy” qualities, I am also known as a drug distributor. This has helped me maintain some social status but I am still far from popular.

    I guess my story starts when I was sitting, alone, in my Honors English class before school started. I always got to school early, and had about half a hour to myself before the rest of the kids started pouring in. On this particular day, a few minutes after I settled myself in, a girl walked into the room.

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   Now, I've seen her in my class many times before, yet I have never gathered up enough courage to talk to her. She was about 5'8” tall with mid-length blond hair and gray/blue eyes. She was wearing tight blue jeans, and a equally tight t-shirt, along with a pair of black-framed glassed.

    As soon as she entered the room, as if she were expecting me to be there, she set her backpack besides my desk, and sat in the desk directly in front of mine. We sat in a sort of awkward silence for a couple minutes, until Katie turned around in her desk and faced me.

“So how are you doing?” she asked.

“Pretty good, pretty good, yourself?”

“Well, I just decided to come in a little early today and catch up on some homework. What's your name?” She said with a small smile.

“Ah, my name is Oliver and I think your's is Katie” I said trying my best to act nonchalant.

“That it is,” she said with the cutest smirk I can imagine.

    The conversation died down, and she turned around again, this time reaching into her backpack and pulling out a Rurouni Kenshin pencil board.

“You like anime?” I said in surprise.

“I sure do, you could say I'm very. . .

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“Nah, there is nothing wrong with that, hell, I am probably as big of a nerd as it gets,”

    She smiled and we began talking about music, movies, and computers. After about ten minutes of conversation we discovered that we were very similar people. “This must be too good to be true!” I thought to myself as the conversation intensified. Our eyes eventually connected, and we slowly began moving towards each other to embrace. Just then the door to the class room opened and students began to storm in. “Damn!” I thought as I took out my books in preparation for the class.

    For the rest of the day all I could think about was this perfect woman, I found it impossible to concentrate on any of my classes. When I got home, I immediately began asking around for her messenger Screen Name. It took about a hour for someone to come up with it, and it took me many more to gather up the courage to send her a message. After I finally sent that first message, I was greeted with a warm response. We continued our line of conversation (pretending that the near-embrace never happened) and found out great deals of information on each other. By the end of the conversation I felt as if I had known her for years. We agreed to meet up in the class room the next morning.

    After a restless night, I eagerly went off to school, and headed towards my 1st hour. When I opened the door, I saw her, waiting for me.

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   This time she was wearing a white button up shirt and blue pleated skirt, as long as those adorable glasses. I walked over to the teacher's desk where she was sitting, and before I could do anything, she pulled me close to her and initiated our first kiss.

    I could go on for hours describing what I was feeling at this moment, he lips were so soft and she tasted so sweet. I started stroking the back of her neck, while she was rubbing my back. We continued like this for a couple minutes, I then laid her on her back, and began unbuttoning her blouse. I slowly kissed down her neck until I reached the junction of her bras. I unclasped it with my teeth, exposing a pair of perfect breasts (which I would guess to be 38C). I began nibbling her nipples, while she started to slide up her skirt. Noticing this, I quickly helped her in completing this task. What I saw was the most perfect, shaved pussy.

“Naughty girl,” I whispered in her ear.

    I slid down to my knees, and started to play with her pussy. I slid in a single finger at first, getting a feel for her juices, after feeling her loosen up I began to slide in two, then finally three fingers. After what seemed like hours, I slid out my fingers and began to suck them clean. I then started using my tongue to stimulate her most perfect of parts.

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   I twirled my tongue around her clit, and slid it into her vessel. She let out moans of ecstasy as I continued to service her.

    Resting her legs on my shoulders, I lifted her knees, and began a intense workout for my tongue. Her body tensed and shook as I continued to drag my tongue across her pussy.
“Oh god yes,” she moaned as I began sliding my tongue in and out of her.
    Sensing that she was about to cum, I stood up and place my 7” penis at the entrance to her vessel.

“Fuck me!” She pleaded.

    I slowly thrust myself inside her, causing her to claw my back. I slowly began to increase momentum, feeling my balls slap against her perfect ass. I turned her over and began to fuck her doggy style on the desk.

“Fuck me, oh fuck me,” She moaned.

    I placed my hands at her shoulders and began ramming myself into her, increasing speed and force ever moment. I continued to pump in and out of her, as I leaned forward and began kissing the back of her neck. Soon, I felt her vagina tense as she orgasmed. I slid out of her, and in perfect synchronization, she slid to her knees and took my waiting member into her mouth.

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   As she began to fellate me, she cupped my balls in her hands.

“Oh. . . Katie,” I moaned.

    I grabbed hold of the back of her head, as forced my cock deep inside her throat, which she handled like a pro. I did not manage to last long and I soon began to shoot my load into the back of her throat. Katie stood up and smiled at me. We began to kiss, after which she swallowed my load.

“Oh shit look at the time!” I said, noticing that we did not have much time left before class started.

    We both cleaned up and returned to our desks. Katie smiled at me, and I returned the smile. We were just in time, not a second later the first couple students entered the room, and I started another day of school.