Kelsey and Jamantha prt:6 my time


the twins stayed in thier room for the next two weeks, only appearing for meals. id given Ly my idafram and brought them a bulk load of condoms.
sometimes i would join them, letting Kyle fuck m ass, face and tits but always stop him before he got to my pussy. there were only to guys i wanted to fuck me there.
i hadn't seen jamantha since the nigh of her fantasy becasue she had gone to visit her mum. greg hadn't been round in a few days, not since he had ducked no off at the movie, but that is another story.
that say was my birthfay so i had expected them to come over in the morning. i kicked the twins out of the house and gotten dressedin a pink skimpy dress.
 they didn't turn up so i went to bed early. it was stifiling hot in my room so i left the windows open. i lay in bed for ages fingering myself thing of having gregs cock up my cunt.
 i gave up on that before i had cum and went to sleep. i woke up when ii felt my arms being pulled above my head. someone sat on the bed next to me and start running their hands up my legs.
another hand started playing with my nipples, tweaking and ulling them. someone leand down and kissed me, i tasted strawbeeries and beer.

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the hand on my leg started to move up my legs, pushing my nighty out of the way. the hand crept up my leg until it found mywet pussy. fingers gently massaged my clit before one slipped into my slit.
the hand on my breastsbecamerougher, tearing at my nipples. me and the other soon found a rhythm, grinding against each other.
more fingers were slipped into my  pussy until the whole fist was roughly shoved up inside me. just as i was about to come the fist was removed and my legs were lefted up and out. the hands on my nipples stopped as the second peson stands on the bed and sits down on my stomach.
my legs are spread over someones shoulders, which are moving. the person on my stomach start to pull apart my ass checks as the shoulders stop moving.
something touches my ass, then suddenly plunges in without warning. i gasp in pain and surprise. sudedenly i know what is happening. i gasp again.
before i can say anything,the cock in my ass starts moving in and out fast.

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   at the same time fingers and shoved into my pussy. by this time i am so excited, i can't hold it. i cum all over the fist in my cune.
during and after this the dick and fist don't stop moving until the guy in my ass moans, grunts and cums hard.
the hand comes out of my pussy and the person stands up only to sit back sown only this time on my face. instantly i stick my tongue out and find out that the person onto of me is a naked girl.
i suck the girls clit and stuck my tongue up inside her. she gasped, Jamantha, i thought. the cock comes out of my ass and then gently goes into my pussy. i moan in pain as i am still tender from the earlier beating but soon they change into moans or pleasure.
i wish we could have stayed like that for ever, the guy plunging into my pussy and gently pulling out again. and Jamantha sitting on my face, but all too soon we all came and jamantha hoped off the bed and went to the window. .
the guy left his dick in me and lay onto top of me. he kissed me and undid my hands.

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  i looked into his eyes and relised it was Greg. he was wearing one of the masks we had woren for Jamantha.
he brushed my ear with his lips then whispered "marry me". before i could answer he climbed off me and left throught the window.
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