Like Father, Like Son part 2


I woke up the following morning with a raging thirst and a raging hard-on that only a glass of water and a long piss would satisfy. Yawning, I remembered that there were others in the house, slipped on some boxer shorts over my straining cock with my erection poking over the top. Laughing slightly at the sight, I went to the toilet and gratefully relieved my bladder with a minute’s worth of piss. My cock felt good in my hand, and thinking of last night’s episode I was tempted to wank again, but my thirst got the better of me. I washed my hands and in my boxers walked down to the kitchen to get some water, my phallus slowly subsiding and settling down nicely into my shorts.
Now with it usually being an all-guy household this would not be out of the ordinary in any way, but with the presence of a woman in the house, albeit a young one I was more than just a little aware of my own body. As a builder I was used to some heavy labour and all those years of hauling bricks and mortar around had given me a pretty good physique. My stomach was flat, chest broad and the open-air work had given me a good tan. I’d tried telling Joe he should work out a little but he wasn’t interested. Anyway, after last night’s performance I had a new respect for the boy but knew he couldn’t compete with the old man for sheer physicality.
I poured myself a glass of water and sat back on a kitchen chair with last evening’s newspaper to re-read the sports section. However I was unexpectedly interrupted when a sweet voice said "morning Mr Jones" and in walked the girl, seemingly just wearing a tee-shirt of Joe’s. My eyes feasted on perky nipples making points in the cloth, then slim but shapely legs starting tantalisingly short of her groin before I checked myself and attempted eye-contact. What I saw when I looked at her face was this gorgeous teen looking me straight-up and down from my muscular chest down to my groin, where something was definitely stirring in my cock. She saw me too and looked away, blushing beautifully.
"Oh, hi, erm…" – shit! I had still forgotten her name.

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   "Kimmy" she said.
"Of course! Sorry, I’m not with it this morning Kimmy"
"That’s okay Mr Jones, me neither. Can I get a glass of milk please?"
"Sure" I said. "In the fridge, help yourself". Of course she wasn’t with it after the thorough pounding that Joe had given her the night before, I thought to myself. She must be sore as hell in her sweet little sex after the attentions of his monster dick.
With that she turned and I watched her slim legs walk to the fridge. Oh dear God, I thought to myself, she’s going to have to bend down, I wonder if she as any knickers on? For a split second I tried to choose my own preference between looking at her sweet little pussy, or maybe a little thong disappearing between her pert buttocks. What I got was almost in slow-motion Kimmy bending over into the fridge door, the tee-shirt riding up to reveal fashionable little brief-style panties in pink lace that sat high on her sexy little butt. Jesus, this was getting too much and I could feel the blood starting to engorge my cock as I checked-out the sweet curves of Kimmy’s arse. Her skin was the purest white and clearly she’d been too busy for sunbathing lately.
Hmmm…was it me, or was she spending an unnecessarily long time with her arse in the air, I wondered to myself. Anyhow, I didn’t have time to dwell on this point as she took what she wanted, straightened up and smiled sweetly at me again. "Thanks Mr Jones" she said, and before turning back towards the bedrooms I noticed her eyes again look me over, ending on my boxer’s.
The sight of that wiggling little arse had me in a very horny state and my hand automatically went to my cock.

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   To my alarm I discovered that Kimmy’s little butt had given me such a hard-on that the plum head was close to poking out of the leg of my shorts. Could that have been what she saw, maybe? I would have liked to have seen more, but work was calling and I needed to move so somewhat reluctantly I headed for the shower.
As the day went by, work wasn’t all that bad as my secretary in the office had, after weeks of promising finally fixed me up with a blind date with a pal of hers for tomorrow night.
"She’s great, you’ll really like her". Said Jane who organised my life for me at work. "Her name is Helen, she’s thirty-six, definitely single and looking for a man. Hell of a body, even I can see that, she just hasn’t met the right guy".
"Mmm! Tell me more" I said. "What makes a hell of a body?"
"Oh, I don’t want to spoil the surprise for you. So, I’ll tell her it’s the new Italian restaurant then?"
"Fine, tell her I’ll look forward to seeing her then".
A woman, after all these months, the company of a woman! Frankly I was so horny after six moths without sex that she could have a bag over her head and I would find her attractive. But Jane’s sales-pitch had me intrigued and my hopes of some action at long last were high!
The day went by quickly enough and at 8. 00 I was home and in the shower washing the day’s grime off myself. Joe was out somewhere, I found a note by the fridge saying he was out with Kimmy and would be back late. Great, I thought to myself, peace and quiet and no noisy teenagers fucking to distract me.

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   I settled down wearing a tee shirt and loose trousers, going "commando" as I enjoyed that unrestricted feel around my groin when at peace. I was watching some football on the television when there was a knock on the door.
Answering it, I found Kimmy on the doorstep dressed in a denim jacket, obscenely short skirt and boots just up to her knees. She looked divinely fuckable. "Hi, Mr Jones, is Joe in?" she asked.
"No, I’m sorry but he left me a note to say he was seeing you. "
"Oh, he left a text message with me to say he was staying-in. I just came around to give him some CD’s we were talking about". With that, her lip trembled and she started to sob. Jesus, what was wrong with her?
"You’d better come in, I guess Kimmy, you can’t go home like that" I said, and she followed me into the hall.
"I’m sorry" she said between sobs. "It’s just that I think he’s seeing another girl at his college. I think he mislead me about where he was tonight. Why would he do that? What’s wrong with me?"
With that she started sobbing again and I tentatively reached out to comfort her. To my surprise she accepted my touch and fell into my arms, now crying bitterly.


   "I, I think he’s having s-sex with this other girl" she howled.
"Hey, listen to me Kimmy. There’s nothing wrong with you at all. You’re a gorgeous girl and he’s a mug if he’s making you unhappy".
"Oh, thank-you Mr Jones. " And with that she kissed me gently on the cheek and we held each other for maybe a minute while I made reassuring noises to her.
Now, I’m just an ordinary horny guy and holding on to Kimmy after a minute began to have an effect. She was only about 5 feet three inches and he head lay on my chest, with her little breasts pressed against me and her breath warming my skin. I felt my cock starting to expand in my soft cotton trousers to the point where the girl would have to be mentally deficient not to realise that I was sporting the most enormous erection.
Kimmy detached from me and looked down at the tent in my trousers. "Ooh, Mr Jones" she said in a kittenish way. "I’m sorry Kimmy, it’s just natural when a gorgeous girl like you is close to me that I get hard".
"Oh, thank-you" She sniffed. "It looks big like…. .

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She didn’t finish her sentence but I knew what she was going to say, "big like Joe’s". Only she didn’t know that I had seen how well-hung my boy was, unless she had caught me peeping last night.
I lifted her face and kissed her gently on the lips. She responded forcefully, kissing me passionately back and running her hands around my back. Feeling sure of my ground now I put my hands under her shirt and massaged little circles on her flat teeny belly, finding a pierced navel with a dangling piece of jewellery. Then my hands went to her bra and massaged her little breasts gently.
"Oh, oh Mr Jones" she breathed with passion and one of her little hands dropped to feel my dick though my trousers. Christ that felt so good I couldn’t take it any longer.
"Look Kimmy, do you want to do something about this. Do you want to make love?"
"Oh yes please. Only I’m not very good, I’ve not had much experience. Joe is my first"
"Well, everyone has to start somewhere Kimmy". What I didn’t say was that she looked pretty good with her legs around Joe’s back and lying back with his cum dribbling out of her the night before. On the other hand it would explain the amateurish, if enthusiastic exhibition from last night.

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I knew I was showing-off a little, but I scooped her into my arms and carried her into my bedroom, placing her carefully on the bed. "You’re sure about this?" I asked her, to which she responded by kicking-off her boots and throwing her jacket into the corner. I leant over her and kissed from her face down her neck and the small hill of her breasts, before gently licking her belly. Her breathing grew more heavily and I unzipped her little miniskirt to reveal little flowery brief-style knickers.
"Dear God you are a beautiful girl Kimmy. Any guy would want to make love to you".
"Thank-you Mr Jones. You’re pretty hot too. I like your muscles".
I took that as an invitation and pulled my shirt off to reveal my muscular torso. She responded by pulling off her top to show a slightly padded bra in the same fabric as her knickers.
We kissed and I paid plenty of attention to her to make sure she was relaxed before finally I reached behind her to unclasp her pretty bra and expose her breasts. Small, up-tilted and with perfect rosebud nipples, surrounded by barely-there areolae.
"They’re a bit small" she said.
"No, they’re perfect, you’d look silly if they were any bigger".

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"My mum’s got huge one’s, so I guess I haven’t inherited them from her".
"Well, they say that small ones are more sensitive, shall we find out?.
"Ooh yes, I really want you".
With that invitation I pushed her gently on her back and licked small circles around her breasts before concentrating on her nipples, drawing them up to smell peaks. Kimmy started going wild, her breath coming rapidly and her hips wiggling like crazy. I continued my licking for a good few minutes on each
"Oh Mr Jones, that’s so good. Ooh-aahh, oh God". Then there came the most incredible high-pitched squeaking that I’d heard from Joe’s room previously. Kimmy thrashed her hips and bucked under me before a long "eeaahhoooohh" and she subsided with the warm glow of orgasm.
"That was incredible", she said finally. "I didn’t know I could cum that way. "
"Well there’s plenty more ways, are you ready t o get naked".
"Mmm, yes I am. I want to see you too". Her hand was on my dick through my trousers and she had a horny smile on her face.

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   I pulled off my trousers and she removed the little briefs and we lay on my bed and looked at and touched each other.
"Oh my God Mr Jones, your cock is huge. I don’t think I’ll get all of it in me. "
"Of course you can Kimmy. It’s just a matter of you being wet enough and relaxed enough and we’ll have a great time. " I couldn’t say that I’d seen her with Joe but struggling to fit all of his young cock and it was hard to tell if he was bigger than me or not.
"How big is it?"
"Well if you must know, it’s nine and a quarter inches when a hot girl like you is around. ""Oh wow. You must have had a lot of women?"
"Well, I’m a lot older than you so yes, but all I care about right now is making love to you. "
I kissed her breasts and belly again before working my way down to her groin where I found neat little dark-blonde pubes over the sweetest-smelling little cunt I’d come across for years. She was utterly delectable and I was going to enjoy this very much.
I planted small kisses on her labia before gently tonguing her sweet slit from her clit down to her vagina and back again, gradually increasing attention on her little happy button. This had the desired effect of sending her bananas and surprisingly quickly she started her high-pitched squeaking and jerking her hips. Her juices were flowing nicely and I introduced a finer into her cunt, which despite accommodating Joe’s huge dick was surprisingly snug around my finger. This girl was going to need some attention to comfortably accommodate my nine inches plus of cock.

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"Oh, ah-ah, Mr Jones that’s so, ah- good-ooh, huugh, ooh. " She was incredible how highly responsive she was, - and so loud! Just as I introduced a second finger into her cunt to open her up more the squeaks turned to high-pitched wails and she began to orgasm into my face.
"Mr Jones that’s……aaaaawwooooohhhhhwwww, shhhiiittttttt!" And with that she collapsed back onto the bed panting, her perky little breasts rising up and down on her chest, gleaming with a light sheen of perspiration. Man, it was so erotic being called Mr Jones by a teenager just cumming into your face!
"That was the best ever! Joe never made me cum like that. "
"Well, to be fair to Joe Kimmy, it comes with age and practice" The little flatterer. !
"I still don’t think I can get your, um, you know, thingy into me. I can’t get Joe’s all the way in,"
"Well Kimmy, if you’re referring to my cock, then you are partly ready because you are nice and wet and open. To be really ready you have to make sure that I’m ready for you".
"Oh goody Mr Jones, I really want to be good at this. Can I suck you now?
"Kimmy, a gorgeous little blonde doesn’t need permission to make me happy. By the way, exactly how old are you?"
"Old enough".
"Meaning what exactly?"
"Sixteen and two months"
Well, thank heaven for that. I didn’t want to feel I was getting into dangerous waters here. The little minx sat up, took a firm hold of my shaft and sank her pretty little mouth over my beel end.
As a sight it was exquisite, with her pretty face framed by blonde hair, her strawberry lips wrapped around nine inches of prime cock.

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   She moved her mouth over my glans with enthusiasm and looked up at me as if seeking approval. Gently I lifter her lips off my shaft with care and said in as kindly a way I could:
"Kimmy that was great but there’s no way you are going to make a guy with anything other than a pencil dick cum like that. . Lick up and down my shaft and over my balls"
"Like this?" and she slurped and licked her way from my great purple head over the heavily veined shaft and around my egg-sized balls.
"That’s better, get my cock nice and wet baby"
After a few minutes of this tratment I was beginning to feel some stirring in my balls. I would have been dead not to, with this treatment.
"Now Kimmy I want you to use your hand on my shaft and take the head of my cock into your mouth at the same time". She was getting it now and I could feel the sperm rising from my balls and I took hold of the back of her head, urging those sweet lips faster over my cock. I would have given anything for an experienced cocksucker who could take the whole of my length, but Kimmy was doing just fine now.
"Aaagh, that’s it Kimmy, keep going, I’m going to cum now,. agh, here it cums". With that I hit the back of her throat which caught her by surprise, causing her to pull her mouth off my dick, but fortunately still wanking me so I hit her in the face with my second and third blasts.
"Sweet Jesus you are beautiful" I said to the girl who now looked more like a little whore with my sperm dripping from her cheek onto her breasts.
"What does it taste like?"
"Mm, not sure, hab you gob a tissue pleeb?"
Pity, she looked like a swallower. Ah well, and with that I sank back on to the bed and after she had cleaned herself of my cum she rested her head on my muscular chest and recovered, gently rubbing her hands all over my body.


   As time passed and we both recovered her hands were back on to my cock and she had a horny gleam in her eye.
"I have a little confession Mr Jones. I saw you looking at me. You’re very naughty".
Oh shit, I thought, she caught me at Joe’s bedroom door.
"All I wanted was some milk, it was a good job I had my knickers on, wasn’t it".
Ah, she meant this morning, whew!
"Well Kimmy, I wasn’t the only one looking, was I?"
"You’ve got a great body Mr Jones and when I saw your cock in your trousers I really wanted to fuck you, because I’m not doing it right with Joe and he is as big as you. "
"What, exactly the same size?"
"Well, I think so, only he hasn’t made me cum like you. Will you fuck me now Mr Jones?"
"Okay Kimmy, it would be an honour and I think we are both ready>"
And with that clear invite she rolled onto her back, opened her thighs and pulled me towards her. My cock was priapic again and I didn’t need to use a hand to find the entrance to her sweet little cunt. After my oral attention she was fairly open, her lips spread and her inner labia glistening and protruding. As my cock-head made contact Kimmy began to pant and looked at me with urgency.
"Oh fuck me Mr Jones, please fuck me. I want you in me so much. "
Despite our mutual oral attentions she was still pretty tight and I had to gently ease my shaft into her.

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   It was a true test of patience for me, because I wanted to bang the arse off her, but she looked so young and desperate and I could not hurt her and so I eased my cock-head and shaft soo-oo slowly to be sure she was okay. With gentle thrusts I eased more and more of my length into her until she had maybe six inches.
"How’s that then?"
"Feels good, you can go harder"
"Yes, but faster isn’t necessarily going to make you cum. We have to find what makes you happy".
With that I put my hand under her little arse to shift the angle of her pelvis. Bingo! Works every time, my shaft was now pressing her g-spot and she began to lose it.
"Oh God, Mr Jones that’s so……. oh, yes, oh, . . that’s incredible".
She was right, she was relaxing around my cock and I could fuck her with less worries. My shaft was bottoming out in her little pussy and she was enjoying every second of it. Her tits were so small that they barely moved on her chest as I ploughed into her sweet horny little slit.
"Kimmy, put your hand down over your cunt and see what you can feel. "
She did and I felt her little hand loosely enclose my shaft as it pistoned in and out of her.

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"Oh my God, it really is all in, now please I’m so horny I want to cum. Fuck me hard and make me cum!!"
I needed no further invitation and I pushed my torso up on my one hand higher and began to fill her with deep steady strokes. Her eyes grew misty and one hand roved over my chest as the other stayed around the point where we joined between her thighs.
She gazed fixedly at me and her noises became more frantic with those sexy little squeaks came from her. I was feeling good too and my balls were doing their thing, getting read for a good emptying. My lack of sex over recent times had made my shaft super-sensitive and I was getting so close to m own orgasm that I could barely hang on.
Fortunately Kimmy started to orgasm, with an extraordinary "ayeeheee, ye-eess, eeeeyyesss", accompanied by her arching her little butt off the bed so strongly that she took my weight with her. In a moment of pure ecstasy I pumped a satisfying load of sperm into her and gave a mighty roar of satisfaction as the weeks without sexual pleasure ended in a mighty rush of blood, sweat and sperm:
"Oooahhh, ye-ess, fuck oh fuck" I roared as I bathed Kimmy’s little cervix in sperm, ramming my shaft deep inside her sexy little body, before I collapsed back on the bed with a sense of job well done. My cock was still dribbling as it began it’s inevitable drooping from it’s magisterial state. Kimmy on the other hand was lying back with a "cat that’s got the cream" look on her face, watching my sperm and her juices dribble out of her pussy and on to the sheets. Her blonde pubes were matted and her whole body covered in a veneer of sweat.
After a minute she turned to me with vibrant eyes. "That was amazing Mr Jones. That’s just what I thought it would be like. I was in heaven when you lifted my bum up, I’ll have to get Joe to do that".

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"Oh, so you’re still going to see Joe then?"
"Course I do. I really like him. " I was confused now.
"Kimmy, did you really expect to see him when you came around tonight? Or were you really looking for me?"
"We-ell, I saw your cock this morning, and your muscles and everything and I just wanted to know what it was like having sex with you. "
"So that whole seen scene you made about him with another girl was made up?"
"Do you think I’m a tart now Mr Jones?"
"No Kimmy!" (Mostly true) "You could have been a bit more direct though. I would have fucked you without the story"
Well, as far as set-ups go this wasn’t something I could complain about and Joe would get the benefit of anything she had learned tonight. She was now stroking my cock again with a lascivious look in her eye, but after two superb orgasms I was spent. As much as I would have loved to have taught her a few more tricks, I needed my sleep.
"Erm Kimmy, it’s nearly midnight. What time is your mother expecting you home?"
"Oh shit, I’d better go. I haven’t got permission to stay overnight tonight. "
With that she rapidly pulled on her clothes and looked vaguely presentable, if smelling strongly of sex.
"Bye Mr Jones, that was fun".
"Bye Kimmy. You’d better hurry before Joe gets back.


  " Too true, it would be difficult explaining me fucking his girlfriend to the lad. I was drained but very pleased with myself and after a quick shower went to bed with a satisfied smile on my face.
In the third episode you get to read about my date, my next encounter with Kimmy and the further adventures of Kimmy and Joe. But only if I get some positive feedback!!

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Αξιοπιστία Συνοδοί Άγιος Νικόλαος συνοδοι

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