Lovely Jessica


We have known Jessica since she was ten-years old.  She is the daughter of friends of ours and the first time I saw her I knew that she would be an amazing girl one day; I just underestimated how amazing she would be.  Looking back, it is safe to say that I was looking forward to seeing how she would develop as she aged.  If the genes carried over for her mother she was sure to be spectacular. 
My wife and I spent a lot of time with her parents.  They had a small home on a lake and weekends there were common.  We would usually come over on a Friday evening and leave on a Sunday afternoon.  We would swim, ski and party all-day and party and play cards or a game at night. 
Jessica always seemed to be slightly more mature than most her age.  I can’t pinpoint any one specific event or action that has me telling you this…it was just a perception. Watching her small breasts slowly develop over the next few years was exciting for me.  As this was happening I could tell that she knew more than her looks revealed. 
Little things would happen over the years that increasingly intrigued me and supported this belief.  When she was about