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Mike had grown up around that pool and he still loved to go swimming. He did laps in the morning when he had it all to himself and returned in the afternoon when it was busy. There were a number of good looking women that suntanned on the deck but Mike was too young for them. There was, also, Nancy and Beth who spent a lot of time in the pool. They were quite a bit younger than him, especially Beth, but they both had a crush on him. He was the only boy that paid any attention to them. Even the girls parents liked Mike and would leave them in his care at the pool while they were busy. The sensation of the girl’s skinny legs wrapped around him as they played in the water was addictive. They would rub against him and climb onto him and they knew the effect they were having. They would intentionally brush their bodies against his crotch to see when he got hard and then they would continue until he was shaking. The girls would giggle to each other and tease Mike to show them his diving. They would wrestle over rights to the airbed and Mike would slide over them, pushing his clad erection along the crack of their asses. Nancy had fresh, soft lumps under her bathing suit that Mike would find excuses for touching. Beth was flat as a boy but he groped her tender, round ass at every opportunity. It was like a game between them, to see how much they could get away with amongst the crowd of onlookers. The girls were best friends but they were competitive about Mike.

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   They shared how they would tingle between the legs when he touched them but they never said a word to him. One bright summer morning , Mike was wakened by the doorbell. He was alone in the house. His divorced mother was at work. “I have to go out for a few hours. Can you take care of Beth for awhile?”, her mother asked from the other side of the door. “Ya, I guess so”, Mike feigned regret. “You’re such a good boy”, her mother said as she rushed away. “Can we go swimming?”, Beth begged. “Not today. I had to close the pool to shock it”, Mike replied. “Huh?”, she puzzled“Too much chlorine”, Mike explained, “Cuz all of you little kids that piss in it”. “I DO NOT”, she yelled and hit him playfully. “Better not, because I put in a special chemical that turns purple when you piss in it”, he lied. “So what are we going to do?”, Beth asked.

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  Mike thought for a moment and said, “I dunno. I was just gonna take a bath”. “Okay, but I gotta go home and get my bathing suit”, she said, trying to prove she was not a little kid. “Don’t fuck with me”, he said, “You really want to take a bath together”?“Sure, it’ll be just like the pool, except smaller”, Beth answered confidently. “Do you usually wear a bathing suit when you take a bath?”, Mike led rhetorically, “Neither do I”. He saw the shocked expression on her face but didn’t give her time to respond, “What’s the difference. It’s just a layer of fabric. I’ll be just as naked as you are. It will be like skinny-dipping in the pool”. “No funny business?”, she asked. “Nothin’ funny about it”, he answered. He led her by the wrist to the upstairs bathroom and filled the tub. “Here, you can change in my room and I won’t look when you get in”, he offered with a large towel. Amazingly, that made her feel better. When she returned, wearing only the towel, Mike was already in the tub and he put his hands over his eyes.

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   She hung the towel over the sink and slid in front of him with her back to him so that he wouldn’t see her tiny tits. “See, that wasn’t so bad”, Mike consoled as he tickled her in the ribs. Her wriggling pushed her ass onto his hard cock. “Do you want me to wash your hair?”, he asked. “Okay”, she mumbled. “Lean back and get your hair wet”, he instructed. He held his cock back so that it wouldn’t poke her in the head and he finally got a glimpse of her glistening wet breasts. There wasn’t much to look but all that mattered was that they were there. He massaged the shampoo into her hair and she became relaxed and limp. She thought that the shampoo tingled her head but it was his touch. When he was done he asked her to lean back again to rinse. He held her head and stroked the warm water over her hair. She looked up to see him staring at her body with an intense look in his eyes and she was happy to see him enjoying the view. She slid back up, leaning onto him and feeling his erection in the small of her back. His hand slowly moved from her waist to her breast and her head fell against his chest.

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   As his fingers circled and brushed against the swollen tip of her nipples she felt her cunny ache. She clenched her ass to hold it in but that only made it worse and her ass muscles quivered. “Stop, my peepee hurts”, she pleaded. “What, down here?”, he teased as his hand slid between her legs. His middle finger extended over the length of the crack of her pussy and he squeezed toward his thumb. Her ass muscles matched the motion of his hand. She put her hand over his and squeezed harder. Mike kissed her neck and stuck a finger in the tight, hot hole. Her hips pushed forward to take the finger deeper but her muscles tried to push it out. She relaxed to take it in. Mike fondled her ear with his tongue and felt her ass flex against the centre of his universe. He fumbled with the chain of the stopper with his toes and managed to pull it out. He pulled her up onto his lap and slid down a bit so that his cock was against her pussy. Beth wanted to say no but couldn’t. Instead, she grabbed his cock and held it against her as it stroked along her.

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   The cool air on her wet skin made her crave the warmth of his body even more. She felt as though her childhood was over and that she was on the verge of becoming a woman. She wanted to brag about this to Nancy. “Don‘t worry. It‘s my first time, too”, he lied. “ I need you now”. Beth instinctively needed him inside her, too. She adjusted her hips and took a deep breath waiting for him to penetrate into her. She gasped repeatedly as her pussy gradually stretched from the force of his cock pressing into her. Mike recognized the resistance of her cherry and was proud to take it. He pushed through and continued to stroke through her obvious pain. He was glad he didn’t get blood on his sheets again. Eventually, her hips regained the harmony of motion but it was nearly too late. Mike shuddered under her and stopped. She felt his shallow breaths on her neck.

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   “That was fuckin’ fantastic”, Mike exclaimed, “Did you cum”?“I don’t know. I felt something”, she answered. “Throw me a towel, will ya”, Mike asked. “C’mon, get dressed. I’ll buy you some ice cream”, he continued. It was a difficult walk for Beth who was still sore. She tried to hold on to his hand but he shook her off and warned her that they shouldn’t show affection in public. When they got to the store there were a couple of Mike’s friends outside. One of them joked, “Hey Mike, going for the young ones now”. “Fuck you, just babysitting”, Mike countered. “Let’s smoke a dube”, the other suggested. “I can’t right now”, Mike answered, knowing he was just mooching. Beth spoke up, “I wanna smoke a dube”. “There you go. The lady wants to get high”, the first one encouraged.

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  They went around to the back of the store and Mike lit up one of his own. Beth watched intently as it was passed around so she could act like she knew how to do this. She took a long puff and coughed for several seconds as all the boys laughed. She took another toke and held back the cough as the smoke burned her throat and eyes. She began to feel it almost instantly and laughed at all their stupid jokes and a lot of the things that weren’t jokes but just as stupid. She remembered Mike buying her some ice cream but the next couple hours were a blur. Her mind cleared just in time to hear her mother asking why her eyes were so red. “Mike had to shock the pool with lots of chlorine to take out the piss”, she surprised herself. The next day, Mike answered the doorbell again to see Beth and Nancy standing there. “Nancy wants to do what we did yesterday”, Beth blurted. “What”, Mike gasped as his head shot back. “You know, smoke a dube”, she explained through a sheepish grin. Mike looked at them for awhile and responded, “Sure, why not”. Mike showed them in and left to go to his room for a minute. When he returned, he led them to the small back garden and checked that the neighbours weren’t out.

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   Nancy coughed like Beth had done the day before but nobody laughed this time. After, they went in and polished off a bag of cookies. “So, what did Beth tell you about yesterday”, he asked Nancy. “You mean about you two fucking in the tub”, she said bluntly. “Does this mean she’s your girlfriend?, Nancy continued. Mike’s eyes widened as he looked over to Beth but no words came out of his mouth. “Nah, I just used him for his body”, Beth covered. Nancy started laughing and they were all stoned enough to laugh along with her. “You know all those times we got you hard in the pool”. Nancy reminded him, “We used to joke about diving off it”. “Whip it out. Nancy has never seen a real one”, Beth told him as Nancy exaggerated her shock. Mike just grinned and said, “I’ll show you mine if you show me your tits”. “You first”, Nancy challenged. “Holy shit!”, Nancy exclaimed when he pushed down his sweat pants and underwear to his knees.

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  “Your turn”, he returned the challenge. She lifted her shirt to her neck but she was wearing a training bra. Both Mike and Beth complained that she was cheating so she pulled her shirt right off and unbuckled her bra. “There, are you happy now”, she wined. “Can’t you tell”, he indicated. “Here, hold on to it”, he said as he waddled closer and sat beside her, “But I get to touch your tits”. Nancy couldn’t resist the temptation. Mike reached over and explored the contours of her little breasts. He squeezed her nipples between his fingers. He examined her face as she closed her eyes and knew she was out of control. He leaned in and gave her a long kiss. She responded by opening her mouth and tried the first French kiss she ever attempted but heard so much about. Nancy began to stroke his penis as if she was guided by some primal instinct. “I better leave”, Beth mentioned. “No, don’t go”, Mike pleaded “I want to do both of you”.

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  “Together?” Beth asked in disgust. “Well, one at a time. I only have one dick”, Mike chuckled. Beth looked to Nancy who just shrugged and lifted her free palm and Mike focused on her tits. “What should I do now?”, Beth wondered aloud. “I think we should all go up to my room”, suggested MikeThe girls sat at both corners of the bed waiting for instructions so he recommended that they all begin by removing their clothes. When the girls got down to just their panties, they paused and looked at each other and then to Mike who was stroking his rod and enjoying the view. They both pulled down their panties, covered themselves with their hands and sat back down. “What now?”, Nancy begged. “Just lie back and enjoy the ride”, boasted MikeWhat a wondrous site before him. Their closed legs dangled over the edge and he had a choice of hairless or just a hint of hair, virtually flat or tiny tits, used or new. He also knew that the game wasn’t over. He wanted to plough right in and they wouldn’t know any better but this was like Christmas morning and he wanted to play with his presents for a long time. Mike went to Beth first, leaned over her and kissed her passionately. He slowly slid down her body, kissing and licking his way down.


   Her stomach quivered as he stuck his tongue in her navel. By the time he had slid down to kneeling on the floor, her legs were wide open and he buried his mouth between them. He licked up and down the tiny lips and pushed his tongue inside. He found the little hard bump above the hole and sucked it between his lips. Her ass convulsed wildly and the bed shook. He lapped up the juice coming from her pussy and remembered what one of his friends mentioned, “smells like fish, tastes like chicken”. Neither was true, at least not for her. “I’ll be right back”, he excused himself and lifted himself over Nancy. He started the same way, knowing that she would taste the other on his lips. He spent more time on her tits, feeling the softness on his lips and the more pronounced nipples with his tongue. When he fell between her legs, he lifted her knees up to her chest and nibbled on the back side of her legs before he dived in. All she could do was tremble and moan as her legs were held back and when her moans became begging Mike was more than ready. His dick was aching for attention. Mike stood up and leaned over her with his knees propped against the bed and her calves against his shoulders. “Are you ready?”, he asked but it was a rhetorical question as he jabbed into her.

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  Beth had told her about the initial pain but she wasn’t prepared and she screamed. Mike paused but only for a moment. He continued to stroke into her slowly until she opened her eyes. Then, he pounded into her until the bed rocked. He held on to her legs to keep her from sliding away. Beth was entranced at the ferocious passion before her. She wanted to feel what gave Nancy that arched back and delirious expression. The motion of the bed moved her from the inside. Her hand went between her legs. She soothed the burning and stoked the fire. She hadn’t gone unnoticed. “You want some of this, don’t you”, Mike boasted. He let Nancy’s legs fall around him and then, he reached over and rolled Beth on top of Nancy so that her small round ass was in front of him. Her hand was sandwiched between two glistening pussies. Mike pulled out of Nancy and shoved into Beth’s wet opening.

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   He pushed into her forcefully and pulled her back so that their tits rubbed together. “Hey, get her off me”, Nancy bellowed from below. “I’ll get her off”, Mike joked deviously. He thought that Beth was getting into it by the way she moved but she was actually trying to wriggle away. He switched from one pussy to the other several times before he came into Nancy. He rolled over onto the bed and only vaguely noticed the girls hastily getting dressed and walking out. Mike didn’t see the girls again for days. He didn’t go out of his way to find them but thought he would run across them at the pool. He knew he had to apologize. He didn’t understand why but that was beside the point. If he was ever going to fuck them again he would need to convince them of his sincerity. Unfortunately, the next time he saw them, they were together and he was with his friends. He walked over to them despite their spiteful body language. “I know you’re angry at me. I’m sorry.

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   I just got carried away. Under the circumstances, can you really blame me? Both of you are so hot and I was so turned on, I just lost my head”, he explained. “Mike, you dog, can’t you wait till they outgrow their diapers”, one of his friends yelled from the distance. “We both agreed never to see you again”, Nancy said sternly. “That really hurts”, Mike said as he hung his head, “I gotta go”. It didn’t take long. Nancy showed up at his door the next day. Too bad his mother was home but he had a key to privacy after 8:00 PM on weekdays and 10:00 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. They arranged to meet later. Mike was charming and kind and gentle. They made love on the couch inside the community room surrounded by the stench of chlorine. At least one of them made love or, maybe, she just was just making puppy love. For Mike, it’s difficult to make love to an inferior but it can be easily simulated when both are properly stimulated. Beth required some more convincing. Mostly, she was scared that Nancy would find out.

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   Eventually, of course, they did discover each other’s secret and it cost them their friendship. After all, friendship isn’t nearly as important as love. Mike was baffled why they kept coming to him but he didn’t understand their competitive nature. They kept coming back for years. They came back until they found other boys to go to. They grew up in his hands. They matured under him, over him and ,in time, past him. Even years later, he still gets turned on by the smell of chlorine and remembers the best time of his life. ------------------This is the last of my self-imposed obligation of stories with a common theme. The shu closet:Reset: A New Beginning ……. . posted Aug 20/03Neptune Rising ………………. . posted Sep 08/03 The Scavenger…………………posted Sep 18/03The Family Man (part 1)………posted Sep 25/03The Family Man (part 2)………posted Sep 26/03Orphan…………………………. posted Oct 04/03.

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