My name is Clive and I am 18 years old and this my story about my night with Lucy. Lucy is around 5"5 with long brown hair, blue eyes, large breasts - 34D and a large, firm ass. We had been exchanging flirty messages for over a week and had finally decided to do something about our teenage urges.
I knocked on her door that night and she answered it wearing loose track suit trousers and a tight pink strap top with a pink bra underneath. "hey clive" she smiled, "how ya doing?". "i'm alright" i said giving her a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek. She lead me up to her bedroom and we sat on her large double bed talking about school and other-small talk. I was mesmerised by her considerable cleavage for such a young girl - her tits looked so full and firm inside her straining bra. We watched a movie and she curled up next to me, my hand wrapped around her waist. We both gained eye contact with one another and i moved towards her and kissed her on the mouth. She hungrily accepted my tongue and we kissed passionately, i could taste her hot sweet breath and she started gridning against my body. I lifted her strap top off of her too see her tits ready to burst from her bra and kissed and licked her cleavage, whilst fumbling with the hook on the back of her bra. Whilst this happened she had taken my top off and was leaning back moaning as i licked and sucked her glorious, brown nipples. Her breats were huge and full and were too large to fit in 1 handful. We continued our horny kiss as she pushed her tongue deep into my mouth. I slid her trousers off and left her lying there in a pink G string - her pussy lip had become exposed and i could see it glistening.

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   i crawled on top of her and kissed down her sexy body until i reached her hot slit, slipping her thong off in the process. I sniffed her sweet aroma and felt her wetness on my tongue and slipped two fingers into her tight, shaved box. It was absolutely soaking and i could taste her juices on my tongue as she squirmed on her bed in pleasure and moaned "uh huh uh huh" as my tongue licked up and down her sopping pussy. After a few minutes of licking she began to shake as orgasm overcame her as she screamed in ecstasy. She pulled me up to her and kissed me deeply tasting herself on my tongue. She then rolled me over onto my back and pulled my jeans off - my cock jumping into the air as hard as steel. She insantly took it into her mouth; licking and sucking my balls and swirling her tongue over the head and then taking it almost to the hilt and slurping back up again - leaving a trail of saliva. she sukced harder and faster as i felt the familiar feeling of rising cum in my shaft as i dumped a huge load down her willing throat. Her eyes closed as she tasted the salty semen and she jerked my cock fast into her mouth, pumping my sperm into her mouth and swallowing every drop.
She then lay back as i got on top her and kissed her ears and neck as i eased my cock into her warm, wet love box. She started slightly with pain but soon relaxed as her vice like pussy clamped my cock and made slurping noises as i manouvered it inside of her. I began to pump her hard and fast as she lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist - her tongue down my throat again as her moans were muffled by our kiss. Her pussy continued to get even wetter and my cock flew in and out of her like a well oiled piston at a ferocious speed - her bed making loud creaking noises (lucky we had a free house!). I flipped her over and mounted her again, my cock slid effortlessly into her expecting pussy as she reached another orgasm. i pumped her from behind gripping her ample ass cheeks as she shook with silent orgasm as her hands gripped the sheets.

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   i was unable to hold back and shot my load deep into her slit as i slowed my pace down in an effort to get my breath back.
We both collapsed on the bed as we recovered from such an amazing fuck. Lucy leaned over and kissed me, whispering. . . "same again next week?". .

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