Lusting for Lacey, Chapter 1


I am 21 years old. Just moved out to San Diego a few months ago, looking for a new start. I humbly worked at the local grocery store. And volunteered my time at the junior high youth group at the church. I’m not a pedophile in the true meaning of the word. I am sexually attracted to children. Only little girls. I would never hurt a child and don’t go out hunting them for my desires. If the opportunity came I would pleasure myself with their soft bodies. The only person I have ever had a sexual relationship with is my niece. She is 4. And she loved playing our little games, “Lick the peepee” we called it. I have never fucked anyone before Lacey, so in that sense I was still a virgin, at 21. Our secret relationship started when I was helping the youth group out one Saturday. All the kids were playing games outside. Lacey was tripped while playing basketball and seemed to hurt her ankle.

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   I rushed over to her as she lay on the growed crying. I then picked her up and carried her into the office. It was the first time I ever touched her. I remember feeling her solf thighs as I carried her and getting hard. I sat her down on the desk in the office and shut the door. Not wanting the other kids to make her feel bad. I took her shoe and sock off carefully. She was wearing short cut off jeans and a button up white shirt. As I felt her ankle she whimpered softly. I’m sorry, is that where it hurts?Yes. Lets put some ice on that. I was caring for her yet so turned on by being this close to her thin legs. I decided to take a chance. As I held the ice pack on the ankle with one hand, I took the other hand and put in on her thigh. Not making it a big deal.

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   And she didn’t say anything. Then I slightly caressed her thigh. Starting on the top and moving to the inside. Still no reaction. Then I blurted something out I didn’t mean to say out loud. God your so hot, I said. What?Urr, umm, I mean…. stumbling with my words. That’s ok, I think your hot too. She said as innocent as can be. What?Just then her dad opened the door worried. I just found out what happen and rushed right over. He said. I quickly took my hand off her thigh. Hoping he didn’t notice.

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   He didn’t. I’m alright daddy. I just fell. Dan helped me. She hopped of the desk and walked over to him and hugged him. Only walking with a little limp. Thanks very much Dan. He shook my hand and help Lacey out the door and down to their car. That was the beginning of what would soon be a passionate love affair between Lacey and me. I would introduce her to the wild and erotic fantasies and fetishes I have masturbated to since puberty. .