Made-up Detentions


She gathered up her things and walked up to his desk. He always had on a suit, but by the time her class with him rolled around, the jacket had come off and the tie loosened. He had neatly cut blond hair and a very muscular frame. She had spent many a night masturbating while thinking of him. "Yes, Mr. Walker?" She stopped in front of his desk. He looked up from some papers he was looking through. "Manda, I see you haven't made up any of the detentions you owe to me. ""Uh, well no. I guess not. I just get so busy. I never have the time to sit in here after school. ""Well, if you don't make them up by the end of the year, your diploma will be withheld until you do. "Her eyes went wide,"But. . that's.

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  . not fair. ""if you wouldn't have gotten in trouble in the first place, you wouldn't have to worry about it. ""Well, isn't there anything I can do?"Mr. Lawyer grinned,"as a matter of fact there is," he said standing up, his eyes directed at her breasts. His hand slipped onto her thigh as she leaned against his desk. ,"I'm sure we could do something about it, don't you think so?"Manda looked down at his hand, where it was resting on her upper thigh, right below the hem of her skirt, and smiled,"Yes, I'm sure there is. ""Good. Now that we understand each other. . . " he leaned forward and started kissing her hungrily. He slipped his tongue in her mouth and explored. Their kisses got harder and more hungry. His hand came up to cup her right breast through her shirt.

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   His thumb teased her nipple through the thin fabric. She moaned into his mouth. Her nipples were throbbing to be released to his hands. He broke the kiss to pull her shirt off, and saw she was wearig no bra. He cleared his desk in one motion and leaned her back across it. His slid down and sucked her left nipple, licking, teasing. She moaned in pleasure. he slid down across her smooth stomach and easily pulled her skirt and thong off in one motion. His licked along her one pussy lip and then the other. She was wiggling beneath his tongue, she wanted more. He nipped at her clit, he could feel her getting wet. He licked her hole really quick, which brought forth a flood of her juices. He licked them up hungrily. Then his wonderful mouth left her pussy. She heard the jingle of his belt buckle and when he joined her again, he was as naked as she was.

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   He teased her by just putting the head in at first. To his surprise she grabbed his butt and pushed him fully into her. She moaned again as he filled her with his beautiful nine inch cock. he groaned and he pulled back out and thrust back in. "faster," she almost screamed as she could feel her orgasm building. All of a sudden he pulled out and turned her over so her ass was sticking in the air. He shoved his cock into her tight ass and fucked her so hard she screamed in pleasure and pain. His fingers found their way to her clit and rubbed up and down, squeezing gently, until her stomach muscles contracted and she went limp. Right then he pulled out as his cum poured down over her ass and onto her pussy. Whren they both had their energy back she kneeled and licked all the cum off his cock. "Now, I believe we can make that two detentions made up, Manda. I'll see you tomorrow same time?""You can count on it," she smiled and headed towards the classroom door. .