Marks Relationship - Part 2


She slipped on a pair of black panties and a white cotton shirt that went down a little past her waste, so you could still see a lil bit of her panties. She admired herself in the mirror and ran for the phone. Boy she was glad her mom had gone out for work as she dialed Marks number. Her mom was always leaving these days, but Jen didn't mind all that much. Mark was asleep when Jen called, but he didn't mind. He quickly got dressed as he made sure he looked decent. It took Mark about 5 minutes before he was on Jen's doorsteps. Jen opened the door and Mark's jaw dropped at the sight of Jen in her little cotton shirt and black undies. "Wow. . " He gazed at her. ". . . . You look great.

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  "Jen smiled. . "I can tell. . " She said, noticing his big erection. "Oh. . " He said starting to blush. "No, its ok. Come on in Mark. " Jen greeted him with a hug, pulling him tight to her bra-less breasts. He could feel her hardened nipples through the cotton shirt. Just as Jen could feel his hudge member through the black cotton panties. Jen stepped back to let Mark admire her for a few seconds. She loved the attention she had been getting from him.

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   Mark noticed her nipples, and the shape of her breasts through the smallish tee shirt she was wearing. If fit her figure perfectly. Her legs were smooth as he could see and he longed to touch them once again. She grabbed his hand and took him upstairs to her room, and sat him on a big comfortable chair that had been her fathers. She smiled at him as she sat on his lap with her legs around him. She placed her hands on the side of his cheeks and pulled his lips to hers. They sat there and kissed for a while, slowly and passionately. She took his hands and put them on the bottem of her shirt, motioning for him to take her shirt off. He pulled up slowly uncovering her breasts, gently kissing the firm nipples when he got to them. "Oh Mark, its been forever. . " She said. Mark laughed. "What, two days? Gee you little horny she devil. ""Just shut up and fuck me.

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  " She said demandingly. She straightened her back out and sat up on her knees, pulling down her panties. She didn't allow him to touch or do anything, she just sat there kissing his neck and bare chest. Mark finished gettin his pants and boxers off. Jen still sat across his legs, and used her hands to stroke his length. It felt so good to have soft small hands on his dick. "Oh yeah. . " Mark moaned. Jen leaned forward so Mark's face was between her breasts. He kissed her chest all over, and placed his hands on her hips. Jen sat up, and positioned herself over Mark. "Ohhh. . " She said with joy as she lowered herself onto him.


   Mark bucked his hips to match Jen's rhythm. Jen was moving her body hard up and down Mark's long, thick cock. "Oh yeah Mark. . oh. . . . oh. . " She was panting, catching her breath. Mark loved to watch her move her hips, and loved it even more to hear her moan his name. "Jen. . .

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  oh Jen, Im gonna Cumm. . . ""Oh Mark. . me too. . . " And with that Jen cummed and her pussy walls just wrapped tightly around Mark's dick, and Mark shot his big load into Jen. "Oh Jen, that was wonderfull. . . . "Jen threw back on her tee-shirt and black panties. Mark got dressed and sat next to Jen on her bed, putting his arm around her.

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   Stick around for the next chapter. .

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