Maya Saves the Night


He left the mirror and walked down the stairs into the rabble of his 18th birthday party, organised by his parents, with more friends of theirs than his invited. It wasn’t looking promising, especially since his crush had decided either not to show or deny the party’s existence in the first place. Old friends came by, surprising him completely, and left almost as quickly. By 11pm the house was quietening down, with a handful of parents drunk on wine casting an eye over their relatively sober children, too frightened to attempt any sort of fun with their parents watching. He sat down next to one of his female friends, Clara, striking up a conversation and tipsily checking her out, before uncovering through conversation that she was expected to be picked up in about five minutes. The conversation seemed to die after that, and when the doorbell rang he was relieved to have a distraction. He opened the door to let Clara’s mother in, who was heartily welcomed by his own parents and quickly led into the kitchen and coaxed into some cask wine. Clara’s mother was decidedly drunk within minutes, and conversation with Clara was almost impossible with regular parental interruptions and embarrassments. He excused himself and went outside to ponder the pathetic night he had ended up with. As he walked down the street, he noticed that one of the cars had its interior light still on, and he eventually recognised it as Clara’s family’s, and upon even closer inspection, there was someone sitting in the passenger seat, looking either extremely bored or asleep. As he approached the car, he noticed that it was Clara’s younger sister Maya, who was reading a teenage magazine. Without warning, he opened the driver’s door and sat in the car next to Maya. At 14, Maya was well beyond her years in development. By the time she was 12, she already looked 16 and was attracting guys at least that age. With a couple of years practice, she had perfected her look, and tonight she had obviously dressed to impress, wearing a miniskirt, a low cut sleeveless top with a push-up bra, and well applied make-up, including a killer flesh colored glittering lip gloss that begged to be kissed. She knew she was beautiful, and flaunted it with ease as she smiled at him as he greeted her.

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  “Hi. ”“Hi Tom. ”He paused for a second – how did she know his name?“You’re Clara’s sister right?”“Yeah. Is she coming home soon or not?”“I dunno. Your mom got roped into having a few drinks so it’s probably not the wisest thing to be driven home tonight. ”Maya dropped the demeanour for a second as she threw the magazine into the back of the car with a groan. “I got picked up from a killer party to sit in the car for half an hour to find out that my mom’s drunker than I am. ”In the awkward pause, he realised that this “other party” was where everyone was and cursed himself for having the same birthday as someone obviously cooler than he was. “Hey, if it’s any consolation, I’ve been walking round my own 18th trying to find familiar faces and someone decent to talk to. Your sister isn’t even being friendly tonight. ”“Should we go inside then?” asked Maya. “Is there a rush?” “I guess not. ”Maya slumped in her seat, falling further below Tom’s eye level. In this position, it was impossible for him not to stare down her top. And although he knew that Maya had always been a spunk, he’d always thought of her as too young to ever really think of her that way.

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   But now, as she absentmindedly tugged at her clothing, simultaneously covering and revealing parts of her body, he started to get hard in his pants, and quickly sat cross-legged in his seat, managing to set off the horn in the awkward process of moving his long legs around the steering wheel. The break in silence pierced by the horn set off giggles amongst the two, and as he looked in to her face, he really noticed her lips, framing her beautiful smile, and gleaming in the dim car light. Everything about her seemed to shine, and her laugh shone like aural moonlight into his ears. The few drinks he’d had acted, and he said what came into his head. Still slightly giggling, he gasped out, “I want to kiss you. ”As Maya still giggled, the words slowly hit her, and she paused before resuming her giggling even harder than ever. He sat in his seat uncomfortably, waiting for the apparent ridicule to commence. But as she slowly stopped laughing, she remained silent, and when he turned to face her again, he was greeted by the softest lips in the world. She kissed him hard and passionately, and he returned the favour in earnest, pressing back, squashing their lips, unceremoniously mashing them to the sides of each others mouths before he pulled away to take a breath. The sight of Maya, flushed, slightly panting and dishevelled overthrew his mind once more, and he brought his head quickly to hers once more and continued the kiss, opening her mouth with his tongue, running along the ridges of her teeth, exploring the sensations of her own tongue wrestling with his, letting her dominate for sections before forcing his back into her mouth. As they kissed, he tried to reach her body with his arms, and the difficulty of the situation in the front of the car caused the kiss to stop for her to utter two words – “Back seat. ”Racing each other, they exited and entered the car once more, reaching for each other as they met uninhibited in the centre of the rear seats of the car. As they kissed once more, he held her tightly to him, running his hands over her neck, back and sides, casually brushing the sides of her breasts with her thumbs. Sensing little discomfort from her, he pushed his hand down the back of her skirt, sliding his hand over her warm and silky ass before removing it and stroking lightly over the denim skirt and up along her thigh. His other hand groped feverishly at her breast, pushing roughly into it before sliding down towards the bottom of her top.

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   Creeping under it, he lightly explored her delicate skin on the flat of her stomach, slowly sliding up and tracing the outline of her bra. Without warning, Maya broke away and quickly slid the top off her body, telling him with a smile, “You were taking far too long”. “I never knew you were like this. I never knew you might like me,” Tom gasped. “I don’t care,” was the short reply as she reached back into him and kissed him softly, without the intensity of before but with just as much passion. The sensations were driving him wild, the absolute softness of her body meeting every touch sensor in his body, his cock revelling in the experience and letting its presence be felt by Tom. Managing to undo her bra, he brought the straps over her arms and tossed it aside, pulling away from the kiss to marvel at the new sensory excitement that had been thrown his way. He could have sworn that his cock swelled another inch at the sight of perfectly pert and perky mounds hanging before him, tipped with gorgeously pink and erect nipples. Grasping her left breast with his hand, he lowered his head to her right, tasting her flesh with a series of sucks, licks and flicks, savouring the pure flavour of her skin and the firmness of her breasts, before changing sides for the continuation of his oral assault on her breasts. As he swapped back and forth, short erotic squeals emanated from between the perfect lips of the 14 year-old, and only once she started thrusting and rubbing her hips against his legs did he stop and take notice of the presence of her other anatomy. Unbuttoning the top of her denim skirt and pulling down the zip, he pulled it roughly down her legs and set about unveiling the mound that lay beneath a single layer of white underwear. Lowering his head even further, he breathed in the odours that he’d never encountered before, almost tasting the smell, his hands shaking as they grasped the edges of her panties and slowly pulled down. Her pussy was undoubtedly the single most beautiful thing that he had ever laid eyes on, with neatly trimmed light brown hair framing a glistening strip of pink, puffy layers of skin waiting to be unfolded and explored. With an amazing effort of self restraint, he removed his own shirt and took off his belt before lying down on top of her, feeling her nipples against his chest, and the edge of her pussy against the waist of his pants. As he kissed her once more, she moved her hips against his, rubbing her crotch against his pants, and upon swift realignment, the length of his covered penis.

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   Reaching down to unclasp his pants, he discovered the button to be slippery from moisture, and upon successful completion of pulling his pants to his knees, he moved his fingers to his mouth and indulged in the slightest amount of her taste, making him hungry for more. Quickly moving, he knelt on the floor and positioned his head over her pussy, with his mouth forced onto her with a quick thrust from Maya’s teenage hips. A beautiful, salty taste invaded his mouth, and he used his tongue to probe every corner that he could before slowing down to focus on really pleasuring the beauty before him. Mustering all the knowledge he had gained from porn and stories, he did all the right things, thrusting his tongue and twisting it inside her, licking the length of her slit, flicking her protruding clit with the end of his tongue, all setting off the same erotic squeal from Maya’s lips. The noises continued, and gradually became faster and faster until she suddenly yelled, “Just bite my clit god damn it!”As he obliged, she arched her back upwards, her muscles involuntarily shaking with the sustained effort. The juice that ran onto Tom’s face was overwhelming, and he marvelled at the maturity of the young body that was before him. As she finally relaxed, he moved his face to hers once again and kissed her softly, introducing her to her own taste, which she accepted with amazing passion. Their tongues entwined once more, and although he could have stayed in that moment forever, he was not annoyed when Maya broke the kiss and told him to sit up. “I guess I’d better repay the favor. ”Tom sat awestruck as she fully removed his pants, and slid his nylon boxers off afterwards. His 6 ½ inch cock stood throbbing, already tipped with precum, and the sensation of her soft, luscious lips sliding over his head and shaft almost set him off immediately. To his credit, he held on and felt the sensations of her tongue wrapping around his shaft and stroking the length, her lips sliding over the end of his cock, treating it like a lollipop, and her hands gently massaging his balls and stimulating the base of his cock. The smoothness of it all, the sensations of saliva coated lips, the delicate stroking became too much for him, and he gave her little warning before exploding into her mouth, cum dribbling out the corners and onto her legs. Having never explored the urge before, he reached down and kissed her again, discovering that his full load had been kept inside her mouth. Their tongues twirled as their mouths shared his salty semen, and he had never felt more erotic in his life.

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   The excess liquid slowly disappeared as they swallowed, and in the ensuing kiss, he felt his cock start to slowly grow again, swiftly aided by the grasping hand of the teenage beauty he had before him. Once back to full length, he stopped and looked at her knowingly. As she nodded, she spoke once more. “I’m already on the pill you know. ”Tom said nothing as he laid her down once more, putting her legs over his shoulders. Grabbing her by the waist, he moved quickly towards her, entering her fully with his first thrust. It was done, his virginity was gone, and he spent the next moments concentrating on the new sensations around his cock. He could feel every millimetre of her walls gripping his shaft, the warmth and tightness like no experience he had ever come close to feeling. As he slowly withdrew, he felt shivers of pleasure rush through his body that repeated with every stroke that he took. As he sped his thrusting, he looked at Maya’s face – her eyes closed, her teeth biting her bottom lip, but all in absolute pleasure. Her hands were roaming her own body, pinching her nipples, rubbing her clit, and clutching her hair. Both could swear they were sensing exactly what the other was feeling, and both seemed to know exactly what the other wanted in terms of speed. Without speaking, he doubled his tempo and spent his last energy in expelling his orgasm deep into her body, shooting his second load and watching as the explosion that came through his body passed into Maya’s. She laid back breathing heavily, sweat dripping off her face, hands clutching her own breasts. He leant in and kissed her again before sorting through his clothes and attempting to re-dress in the dim light.

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   Managing to assemble most of his clothing in the right order, he helped Maya try to resemble the picture she was half an hour earlier. No sooner had he finished smoothing her hair did he hear the front door of his house open and shut. Kissing Maya in a silent goodbye and thankyou, he left the car, closing the door as quickly as he could before hiding behind his neighbour’s fence. He watched as Clara and her mother entered the car, and wondered if they’d noticed the smell or the wet patch in the back seat. He guessed he’d find out from someone in the family next time there was a party. .

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