Me and Kaylee


Well, it all started like this. It was about a couple of weeks ago and I was cuttin' the grass outside my casa, had my shirt off and a ball cap on with some jeans. Kaylee lived about 5 or 6 houses down from me when I saw her walking towards my house, tears rolling down her cheek. I parked the lawn mower and went to greet her.
"Me and Josh just got in a fight," she said.
"Did he hit you. . or anything to the sort. . any kind of abuse. . ?" I replied.
"Y. . y. .

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  no," she replied reluctantly.
I looked over her body. I saw a bruise and some swelling on her arms and legs. I couldn't believe it. . Josh, my best friend, had just beat his girlfriend. The goddess that filled my dreams had been mistreated by the guy I thought would never be the type of guy to do a thing like that. I put my arm around her shoulder and asked her to come in.
"Do you want anything to drink, Kaylee?" I asked.
"Yea. . what do you have?" she replied.
"Corona. . uh.

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  . Dr. Pepper. . Dasani. . and a couple of Bud Lites. " I answered truthfully.
"Corona," she replied.
We sat down at my table, talking about how her's and my day has gone, minus the fact that she had that experience with Josh. I had finished my Corona in no time when I felt a hand touch mine, caressing it. I looked up to see her looking innocently at me, looking for a response in my face. I took her hand in mine and admired the smoothness of her hands, imagining what it would feel like to have those soft, small hands wrapped around my cock. Bad thoughts. Suddenly, I felt her spare hand move to my face, caressing it and then kissing me.

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   God. . her mouth felt so good. Her lips were like no other sensual thing in this world. Soft. . smooth. . against mine. Her tongue fished around in my mouth, intwining with mine. I was blown away for a moment there. In a daze. . not believing that the girl I fantasized about when I was jerking off was sitting here, kissing me. She seemed to notice that I was in Heaven and complete bliss.

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   She broke the kiss and stood up and sat down on my lap, straddling me. I felt my cock building up, me, pleading with it to stay down for just a little longer. But my cock is ignorant. It does the polar opposite of what I want it to do. She moaned, feeling my cock rub against her butt. She grasped the back of my head, rocking her hips back and forth against my clothed cock. It begged to be free. I could feel precum oozing off the head. I pulled her shirt off, looking at those inviting breasts right in front of my face, with the most erect nipples I have ever seen. I picked her up and sat her on the edge of my counter. I put one nipple in my mouth, sucking it and kneading it in between my teeth. She moaned in complete ectasy, pushing my head closer to her nipple. I could feel it hardening in my mouth. My cock was making such a tent in my pants that Indians could move into my pants and dwell there. Before I could lick all of her torso, she pushed my head down to her pussy, pushing my head against the area, making me smell the juices.

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   It smelled heavenly. I slowly slipped off her mini-skirt and licked through the material of her thong. I licked over the clit. God she was so wet. I was torturing her like crazy because she kept screaming ,"GODD lick me or fuck me. . God. . I want a part of you IN ME RIGHT NOW!!" That was enough for me. I pulled off her thong with my teeth. I saw the little nub, a. k. a. the clit, that was aching to be tended to. I took it in between my teeth, licking and sucking it.

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   She rumaged her hands through my hair, screaming my name. As I felt her near her climax, I unbuttoned my pants and took off my boxers, revealing my 11 inch cock. I stuck the head of it in her pussy, shallowly pushing in and out. She was just about to cum and I loved the tease. I bent down and started licking her clit wildly, making her cum hard in my mouth. It was so sweet. Tasted like vanilla and chocolate mixed. It was delicious.
"God baby my cunt needed that so much. God you are so much better than Josh. I wanna ride that big cock of yours all day long," she said.
"You ready for my big dick to shove all the way in that tight little cunt of yours?" I said.
With the mix of her cum and my precum, I slid right in. She was so tight.

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   God it was amazing. I started at a slow pace, allowing her to get adjusted to my big cock. Soon she was screaming for me to fuck her harder and faster and to rip her tight little hole. I was thrusting deep into her, nearing my orgasm. I felt her pussy's muscles contracted around my long, thick cock and then I shot the biggest load of cum in her. I shot at least 9 shots into her hot cunt. We orgasmed almost simutaneously. She cummed right after me, spreading cum all over my cock. I fell back in exhaustion. But she was far from done. She grabbed my hand and threw me into my leather chair and bent down and wrapped her lips are my now limp cock, springing it back to life. She sucked the head, rubbing the lucious tongue all over it. She could only take about 6 inches of my 11 inches down her throat, but she was gagging like crazy. As she deep throated me, she started humming, sending shocks and tingles all in my cock. Blood rush.

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   I held back my cum for a little longer, wanting to savor this moment. She took my balls in her mouth, sucking and moving them around in her mouth. Then she licked up and down my shaft. Man. . she was a pro cocksucker. Then she deepthroated 7 inches of my 11 inch cock and I cummed my load all down her slender throat. Suprisingly, she swallowed it all. God this woman was great.
She sat down on my leg, leaning against my chest, panting and resting. I stroked her beautiful hair through my fingers and kissed her.
"I love you Jupitar. Please be my man and show me the love you have given me today, everyday," she said.
"I love you so much Kaylee. I will gladly be your man and give you back what you have given me today," I replied.

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**If story is positively responded to, I will write a few more sequels. This is my first story, any sort of constructive criticism is needed and Jupitar Yager