Mommy's Friend Touched Me


I got out and he shut the door and we walked up to his front door. He fiddled with his keys for a moment before opening up the door like he was anxious.
He opened the door and I walked in. I looked around. The house was cold, kinda dirty and gave me the chills.
"Hungry? He asked smiling once again as he walked into the kitchen.
"No not really. "
"Go ahead and watch TV, I'll be right back. "
I sat down on the couch and saw him go back into a room which I assumed was the bedroom. He didn't bother to close the door. I could see the shadows of him undressing and then putting on some other clothes. I was still staring as he walked out. I looked away and he smiled. "See something?"
"No. " I felt my face get hot as I grew embarrassed.
He sat down next to me.

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The show I was watching started to play a steamy sex scene.
I went to turn the channel feeling a little awkward having him watch it with me.
He looked at me.
"Why are you turning it?"
"I don't know. "
"Don't like the show?
"No i do. "
"Go ahead and watch it, it's not like I've never had sex before. "
I felt even more embarrassed.
I smiled and he looked at me giving me another funny look.
"Well really it isn't. I'm a grown man and that's what grown men do. "
"Yeah I know. "
"Isn't that what you do with those stupid teenage boys?"
I felt humiliated and awkaward.
"I guess. "
He put his arm up on the couch around me.
"You can tell me, i aint gonna say anything?"
He grabbed the remote and turned the TV off.

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  His arm lowered down around me.
"I don't know. "
"Well then, I'm curious, tell me.
I felt a little funny but didn't want him to think I was a baby. I mean I was 15.
I smiled, "ya I guess it is. "
I was virgin and I had only kissed and been felt up before.
"Your not a virgin?"
"No I am, but I've done other things with boys. "
"Like what?" I felt his arm hug me tighter and he scooted closer.
"Like kissing and feeling each other up. "
"Such as him feeling your breasts and you feeling his cock?"
I felt uncomfortable when he said the word breast and cock. I didn't know what to say.
"Yeah. "
He started to stroke my shoulder. I shivered.

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"Do I scare you?" he said.
"No. "
"Good. "
He started to play with my shirt and then my bra strap. It got me a little horny. I looked over and saw a buldge start to form in his pants. My eyes got a little wide eyed. He smiled.
He started to pull my straps down. I didn't know what to do. It felt nice. Should I stop him or let him keep going? I'd feel weird saying no but then again this is wrong.
Then he pulled my other strap down. He slid his finger down my shirt until he found my breast. his nice touch made my nipples hard.

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"You like that don't you sweetie. "
"Yeah," I started to say not wanting to sound like a little kid. "It feels good. "
"How about taking your shirt off for me?"
I took it off revealing my 34 B chest to him. He licked his lips and told me to lay down.
I did as he said and he started to fondle my breats and finger my nipples. It felt so good I didn't want him to stop.
Then he brought his mouth to my nipple and began to suck gently and then harder. As he was doing that his hand began to move down towards my pussy. I felt him grope and stroke my pussy gently over my pants. I felt myself get wet as I did when other boys would do the same thing. It made me moan with pleasure. Which made him even happier. He then unbuttoned and unzipped my pants revealing my white lacey thong. He smiled and told me to take off my pants.

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   I stood up and did as I was told. He grabbed my pussy once again and started rubbing. I fell to the couch.
He kissed above my thong and licked gently at my thighs.
It made me moan again.
He then started to slip my thong off and said he wanted to spank me.
I didn't really want to be spanked and I thought he was going to far but he made me get up.
"I don't want to do that. Can i just put my clothes back on or at least my panties?"
"Shut up your being a fucking tease. Now get over here. I'll make up some bogus ass shit to your mother and turn this all around on you if you don't do what I say. I'll give you some shit to cry about too. "
I was surprised at his tone and how he was speaking to me. I grew scared and wanted to get out of there but didn't want mom to know anything about this. So I did as he said.

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I walked over to him and he grabbed me and turned me over. I layed across his knee and my ass was in his full view.
I felt so embarrassed.
"Move and it'll hurt even worse. "
I got scared.
He raised his hand and struck me.
I cried out in pain.
I could hear the slap noise.
He continued to strike me.
Harder each time I squirmed.
he struck me harder up to 20 times.
Then he separated my cheeks and started to stick his finger in my butt hole.
I cried out.
He slapped my cheeks with his other hand really hard.
Tears started streaming down my cheeks.

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Then he called me a baby and flipped me over.
He took his finger and started to rub my clit which felt good. He grabbed my nipples again squeezing them hard. It hurt but at the same time it felt good. Then he started to force his fingers into me. It hurt and I cried out again in pain. He took his fingers out and turned my halfway over exposing part of my ass and struck me.
I then learned to shut up.
He continued to finger me and I held the pain in as it started to feel somewhat good.
He took out two fingers and started only using one because I was too tight and he was probably tired of my cries.
Suddenly the phone rang. We both jumped. He took out his finger and grabbed the phone. I sat up and covered myself.
He looked over at me, "it's your mom.

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I felt a sigh of relief.
"She's coming to get you. "
more to come

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