moms best friend part 2


"Get off that computer right now" said annette.   I got off and she said to remove my clothes.
"as u know we are all single" she said as she winked to the others. "what sexual experience do you have?"
"None," I said. She then told me to go to her bedroom and lay there naked till she got there so I did.
5 minutes later they all came in wearing just gstrings and heels. and my dick was standing straight up. "ok jackoff really quick to get that out of the way" Annette said. Then we can get started. " I jacked off looking atall three of them and let go uncontrollably and some cum got on alyssa's stomach. "now stand up and comehere" Annette said. She pulled out to strap on dildos for her and tracy.
"Ustart fucking alyssa in the ass, Tracy will fuk your ass, and I will fuck tracy's ass ok chris?"
I said fine and she asked if i ever got fucked up the butt. I replied no. And she said it was fun and her friends fuk her all the time so we started and i lubed up and slid my dick into alyssas ass and it was so warm and good. She was moaning and all of a sudden i felt tracy enter me and i let out a moan.

sweidish harmony 

   I felt the pumping get harder inmy ass when annette stuck her diildo in tracy's ass.
We went like that for 20 minutes all in a line fucking eachother in the ass. Then i busted in alyssas nice ass and we all pulled out and tracy sucked my dick clean and we layed there naked on annettes bed for a few minutes.
After that annette pulled some silk rope out and tied me up to her bed and i was hard once  again.   We were all naked at this point and annette was kissing alyssa and making out.   The apparently were not beginners at that.   But tracy was standing on thebed and she layed with her head by my feet the opposite way of me and she then put her one foot in my mouth and began sucking her toes. she was playing with her self while i sucked her toes and she came finally and turned aroundto suck my dick and return the favor.
After that annette said i was done for the day and every one was gonna go home so she untied me and told me i was free to do whateer i wanted but that she was gonna let me play again tomoorow which was my last full day at her house.

To be continued.