Music Lessons


Beginning around age 14 I began taking weekly guitar lessons from a local high school girl who lived a few miles away from my home. Each Tuesday afternoon my mother would drop me off at the guitar teacher’s rural house then return to pick me up several hours later when my lesson was finished. It was a weekly routine that seemed rather dull at first but quickly became more interesting as I got to know Alicia, my teacher, better.
Alicia was a slightly heavyset 16 year old girl whose parents were known to be very religious and uptight. Despite her parents’ beliefs, Alicia had something of a seductive and sensual manner about her that I immediately sensed and liked. During my guitar lessons I was pleased to find that she didn't mind sitting close to me and sometimes her leg rubbed mine. When she leaned forward to demonstrate a playing technique I could often see down her blouse and get a good view of her unusually large boobs. Entranced by sight of her boobs and the lacy bras she wore, I soon developed a crush on her that I had trouble hiding.
Alicia’s home basement had been outfitted with guestroom so that’s where we spent our lesson time together. The guestroom was isolated and quiet so the music disturbed no one in the house above. Even so, we were often completely alone down there for hours because her mother was usually away from home in the afternoons. I always felt a secret thrill at being alone with an older girl in a quiet room equipped with a bed and I sometimes fantasized about her on it.   The views of Alicia’s boobs and the touch of her leg during my lessons only added to my secret thrills and fantasies.
We often chatted alone together after my lessons. Since I was a few years younger than her I never imagined that Alicia would be sexually interested in me or shared any of my fantasies, but, to my complete surprise, on some of our afternoons alone together she gradually began to steer our chats toward sex. It began one day with a few gentle jokes or innuendos but it wasn’t long before we found ourselves indulging in a detailed discussions about sexually related topics.


   She sometimes talked about the size of her ample boobs and how difficult it was for her to purchase bras. Other times she’d complain about how teenage boys looked at her chest and only thought about one thing (the same thing I often thought about).
I thoroughly enjoyed secret chats because I had such a crush on her and being alone with her always made me feel horny. I eagerly looked forward to our afternoons in the basement together although I never dreamed that our chats would ever amount to anything more than talk. All I knew was that I always became very hard but I really didn't care when Alicia could see the obvious bulge in my pants. In fact, I wanted her to see it to show her my reaction to her sex chats. To my delight, she sometimes glanced at my waist and then smiled at me when I caught where her eyes had been roaming.
One afternoon when the guitar lesson was finished our chat got a bit more heated than usual. Somehow she got us talking about wet dreams, sperm and ejaculation and we both became ever more excited as we chatted. The topic was interesting for both of us. She admitted she’d never actually seen a penis or an ejaculation and believed just a few tiny droplets of sperm were ejaculated during orgasm. I shook my head and tried to convince her otherwise by telling her that several large squirts came out followed by smaller ones.
She was fascinated and when she asked me if I ever had wet dreams my face turned very red. I could hardly believe what Alicia was asking me but I stuttered and admitted to her that I’d had several sexy wet dreams recently and I even made a point of telling her the result hadn’t been just a few tiny droplets. She stared at me and asked me what was the cause of wet dreams.

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   I replied that I couldn’t control when they happened, they just happened. Sexual fantasies just jumped into my dreams and the next thing I knew there’d been an explosion of sperm big enough to require changing the sheets on my bed.
That made her giggle and blush a bit but she still managed the nerve to ask me what kind of fantasies would cause me to ejaculate. Bashfully, I told her fantasizing about naked girls would do it, among other things. She smiled at me, giggled and muttered that my fantasies could be easily arranged if I wanted.   I was so mesmerized by what she was hinting that didn't bother to try to hide the huge bulge in my jeans as we talked. Alicia’s eyes were frequently glancing toward it and lingering there. And around that time I began to detect a faint musky aroma I’d never smelled before. Believe it or not, I could actually smell the scent of her pussy getting hot and wet from beneath her skirt (although I didn't recognize it as such at the time).
She continued by asking me if I’d like to see an actual a naked girl. I was so astonished by her question I hardly knew how to respond but I managed the presence of mind to nod and croak “yes” in response. My heart was pounding and my throat was getting dry at where this conversation was going. We were alone in her basement and Alicia was strongly hinting that I was about to get to see a real naked girl.
Alicia got up and locked the basement door, sealing us even more securely from the rest of her already deserted house. When she came back to the couch she asked me if I’d promise to keep secret what was going to happen next.

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   I nodded and then she wasted no time in beginning to remove her clothing. I could hardly believe what was happening as she stood in front of me and unbuttoned her blouse, exposing the lacy bra that restrained her ample boobs. Then she smiled at me as she unfastened her skirt and wriggled her hips, quickly dropping it to the floor. I was so entranced by the sight of her in her underthings that I could hardly breathe. She continued to shed her clothing and soon was standing totally nude in front of me. Her enormous boobs were bare for me to see along with her pussy and everything. She smiled and then strutted around in front of me with her hands on her hips as if to reveal all the details of herself for my inspection.
Then she sat on the couch next to me and told me I should show her my penis so she could play with it and see for herself how much sperm it could ejaculate. I was totally astonished by her request because I could hardly believe my 16 year old guitar teacher was asking to play with my penis. Even though we were alone in her basement guestroom I was still a bit nervous about taking my clothes off in her house. But I felt so horny I was eager to do anything she wanted and I certainly wasn't going to pass up this opportunity. We didn't have much time before my mother arrived but the risk of getting caught only added to the thrill we were both feeling.  
I was so intoxicated by the sight of her that I was as hard as I'd ever been in my life. After shucking off my shoes I unbuttoned my jeans and quickly stripped them off. She leaned forward and helped me pull my briefs down, allowing my boner to spring quickly out point straight up at the ceiling.


   I was still a bit red faced with embarrassment but her eagerness soon caused me to forget any modesty.
She kneeled down on the floor and touched my stiff tool while grinning seductively at me. There was an eager twinkle in her eyes as she explored my rod with her fingers and palms while complimenting me on its length and hardness. My balls were swollen and bulging and I was completely lost in the pleasure of her loving touch while she toyed with them.

She began stroking me and for the next few minutes her eyes remained locked in rapt fascination on my quivering boner. Then, to my total surprise, she leaned over and inserted my cock head in her mouth, licking it and sucking on it while continuing to grip the base with one hand. She was clearly awkward and inexperienced at giving head but I didn’t know the difference at the time. She wasted no time rolling her tongue around on it and smacking her lips and all. She turned her head to smile at me while she sucked and I could see her cheeks bulge from the cockhead inside her mouth.
As you could imagine, the sensation of Alicia’s mouth was beyond belief. The warmth and wetness were far more exciting than solo masturbation and the pleasure she delivered was too great to control. I lasted only a short while before I tensed up and involuntarily quivered before getting ready to blow my load. I tried to pull out of her mouth so she could watch but she wouldn't unclamp her lips. There was no choice but to blow in her mouth and so that's what I did. Bright lights exploded in my head and spams of pleasure radiated from my groin into the whole of my body.

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   My hips bucked and I groaned as I cut loose streams of warm cum.
Perhaps she really believed just a few small drops were going to dribble out but I proved my point by squirting my load into her mouth very quickly. I feared Alicia would screech and quit when the flood hit her but instead she tried to swallow my sperm. I could feel her gulp madly but she couldn't keep up it. She gagged and coughed, sending the rest of my squirts onto her face and chest. When I was finished pulsing she looked up at me with a puzzled grin on her face as strands of my cum hung from her lips and chin down to my cock.
We were both breathing heavily and I was in complete ecstasy from the vast pleasure of my first true blow job delivered by my horny guitar teacher. I’d loved the sensation of cutting loose into something other than a towel or wad of tissue paper. She was really quite a tiger rather than just a modest high school girl. She knelt there, nude, while trying to scrape the rest of my sperm from the inside of her mouth with her tongue. A few stray drops were dripping from her boobs onto her belly.
After a moment, she asked "Does that much always come out?" and I nodded to her wearily. She smiled back at me and squeezed my sagging boner with her right hand, giggling as more jizz spilled out. She worked it between her fingers muttering “That was so cool” as she surveyed the mess on her boobs, her hands around my deflating cock.
We got up and used the guestroom sink to clean ourselves up with warm water and paper towels.

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   It felt odd for both of us to be standing together naked in front of the bathroom mirror like a couple who’d been married for years. We didn’t have much time for modesty, though, because my mother might arrive at any moment. She cleaned my sperm off her chin, as if such events were commonplace, before checking the mirror to make sure there were no stray strands hanging from her hair. Finally, we inspected the couch to make sure there were no stains or wetness where I’d cum. By this time my cock had completely softened and was dangling to and fro as we replaced our clothing and confirmed there was no visible evidence of our fun.


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