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"Oh I'm sorry, it's just that, it was kind of funny. " I said. "Hey, I would laugh too. " said Rachel laughing. "Well, are you going to help me up big boy?"I rushed over to her side and helped her to her room and then I was about to leave. She stopped me and said something that truly shocked me. "You gonna help me undress?" said Rachel. "I don't know if that's a good idea. " I said. Then, something came over me, I just started acting like the smoothest guy in the world. "Only if you help me get out of my clothes too" I said. She smiled and then said "How about this. . "She stood up from her seated position on her bed and then took off her blouse and revealed to me her bra covered 34Ds. I was struck by the wonderful sight. After that, she slid down her skirt next as she picked up one foot after the other through it across the room and was standing there in here bra and panties.

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   Well, she was after she took off her pumps anyway. Me there with my shorts on and boxers, I realized, "time to lose some clothes. "I wasted no time in removing my shorts and boxers standing there nude, still somehow able to stay soft in order to not get too excited right away. "Why so sad?" said Rachel looking done at my package. "Sometimes, in order to feel happy, you just need a hug. " I said. "I'll give you a hug" she said staring at my cock. "I just wont use my arms. "She knelt down in front of me and started right away by giving me a couple of kisses to awaken my 16 year old virgin prick. It felt like soft wet kisses from an angel. She noticed I liked it as I started getting hard. I looked down as my dick grew larger then ever before it seemed. I am usually at 7 inches, but I could swear it felt and looked so much larger. She then cupped my balls with one hand and she started away at my fuck meat. Rubbing her full lips rubbing up and down my shaft as she bobbed her head back and forth.

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   After a while she took her other hand and put it on the base on my shaft and start jacking me off as I felt her sucking harder and harder on the tip of my male iceberg. It felt like my dick was on fire. Finally I couldn't hold out any longer I exploded in her mouth with a cum shot so think and powerful, it felt like all my energy was drained. "Ohhh SHIT, DAMN!! That was fucking awesome. " I said"MMMMMM. . " said Rachel as I heard a gulp sound and knew to my surpass this slut was swallowing my seed. Then as I looked passed the sight of my cock in her mouth, I realized she was finger-banging herself inside her panties and her entire hand, that was on my balls, was soaking wet with her love juices. Then I heard a noise, and as I looked at the door, we had a viewer of our show. It was my buddy Gabe, standing there with his hand down his boxers stroking his dick, nut trickling down his hand. Rachel just smiled as she crawled over to her brother and just licked the cum from his hand. I was fucking stunned. I couldn't believe it. Rachel then got up and reached into her dresser and then pulled out a video camera. She than gave it to Gabe.

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  "You video tape us as we fuck. Sorry bro. , but I just can't fuck my brother. " said Rachel. Gabe didn't seem too disappointed. He turned the video recorder on and I then grew so hard from all of the shit I had just saw and heard. I saw Rachel come towards me and then we began to kiss. I didn't even mind the taste of my own cum, or her brothers. It was all tasteless at that moment in time. She pushed me onto the bed and then she slid her panties off and straddled me. She started teasing me and my cock as she rubbed her pubic and then her pussy lips against my cock but not letting me slide even the tip of my dick into her cunt. Finally I thirsted upwards and I entered her warm fuck hole and she slammed down and met my thrust and we started fucking a fast and hard rhythm. I almost wanted to bust a nut there. Keep in mind, not so much because of the sex, which was starting out amazingly. But for the simple fact it was Rachel, she was so hot.

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   She had beautiful brown hair, shoulder length. A gorgeous face with a perfect smile. Then you move down to her perfect tits, and see her dark and pointy nipples that could drive any man wild over those great 34Ds. Perfect waist, great hips, and ABS that would make most women want to stay doing extra crunches for about 10 minutes. She had legs for days and right now, I was in between them and loving it. I had my hand on her as and was massaging it as I would then slide my hands to her hips. As she pounced me, her naturally huge tits would bounce in and out of her bra. After about ten minutes of this, Are bodies were sweating from the hot fucking that was taking place. My dick would just insert in and out of her warm juicy cunt. I couldn't hold on much longer. "I'm cumming!!" I said. "Hold on a little longer baby!! OHHH FUCK, I'm GOING TO CUM. TOO PAPI. "She would sit up for a while and then slam down on my fuck pole as my dick tip would nail her right on her g spot. Then she would stay at the base of my cock and grind on it for a while and do it all over again.

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   Keep in mind, we were doing this so fast, sweat literally flew off our bodies, mainly hers. Her cum. released all over my dick and my dick slipped out. I thought it was for the best because I realized I didn't want to get her pregnant. "Don't stop PAPI!!!!!!! Fuck the shit out of me daddy, DON'T stop!" said Rachel. Me being Mexican, I knew all too well about how wild female Hispanics, (Rachel being half Mexican) could get when hot and wet. "Don't worry mami, I'm just going to slip it in your fat little ass. " I said. I couldn't wait for this, I always wanted to fuck that fat, gorgeous ass of hers. And she didn't stop me, so I knew what laid ahead. I waited for her to sit up more and then I stuck my dick right away deep into her ass, my dick being lubed up from her pussy juice. I started ramming my hard engorged dick straight up her ass. "OHHH FUCK, HARDER, DON'T STOP. UNNNNGHHHH, Mmmmmmm SHIT, FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME DADDY!!!" said Rachel, as she started rubbing her clit like crazy. I was just trying my hardest not to cum as I noticed Gabe moving the camera around to different angles.

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   I was so turned on I start fucking her like crazy, just ramming my cock as hard as I could in and out of her cunt. Her pussy would seem to lock around my dick as she pounced me and would bit her lip as to not scream out with joy. "Fuck yea, baby. I'm going to cum soon girl. " I told her. "Shoot it in my ass! Fuck hurry, I want to cum with you. " said Rachel. I sat up and I start sucking on one of her huge tits. The other tit was still tucked into her bra and they were still bouncing as I pumped my love stick in and out of her soft vagina. Sweat still running down our bodies and still flying off of us. I put my hand on her ass and my other started pulling her hair as she was still rubbing her clit and banging herself with one and hand. Her other hand was scratching my back up. She moved her legs and wrapped them around me and we kept grinding into each other as her ass would slap on my thighs when we went down. Soon we were going so fast, my balls would slap up against her skin. She was riding me so fast, I had to cum before I went crazy.

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  "I'm CUMMINS!" I yelled out as she was biting her bottom lip and squinting her eyes with pleasure and just smiling. "I have to shoot off!""I'm right there PAPI! I'm RIGHT THERE!!!! Ohhh fuck!" said Rachel. And with that her body tightened and tensed up as I felt her shake when she had the most powerful orgasm I had ever seen. That and the fact that her brother was watching, getting off on this, it was all too hot for me to hold out any longer. And just how I had rode her into orgasm, she did the same for me. I tensed up and just shot gob after gob into her waiting pussy. And like a champ, she milked my dick like an utter on a cow. "AAAAHAHHHHHH SHIT!" I said. as I started just laughing at what had happened. It all happened in time as the camera ram out of tape just after. THE END. . . . .

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