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Ok, I was at a charity event that my work was invovled with, I'm not going to be with my job much longer so I thought that I would join my group to spend more time with them. There are a few guys that I work with that I think are pretty good looking and sweet and after we were done with the event we all camped together and had drinks. One guy that I was particularly interested in showed up and was flirting with me and trying to get under my unbrella with me to get really close. I could feel him breathing heavy on me and it turned me on. It had started raining harder so he decided to leave and I was still turned on, I noticed that very few of my coworkers were around, but I seen one of my other coworkers that I had kinda had a crush on. He wasn't terribly cute, but he was sweet and I did like talking to him. He came over to me and asked if I would like to go for a walk somewhere that we could talk. I said ok and we walked towards a school that had some shelter. As soon as we got out of the rain he grabed me and pulled me close. I was kinda shocked and was still a little turned on from before. He grabbed my ass hard and kissed my neck so deeply that I almost collapsed right there. I could hear him breathing in my ear and I could feel myself getting wet. He ran his hand up my top and rubbed my breasts hard in his hands and played with my nipples. I let out a little moan as he lifted my top over my head and started sucking on my nipples. His hands went to the buttons on my pants and he started taking them off. I got the feeling right then that it was so wrong, I didn't even really like him, but as soon as his fingers touched my clit, he showed me that he knew exactly what to do and I couldn't help but keep going.

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   He was behind me reaching around me rubbing my clit in little circles and as soon as he felt how wet I was I heard him let out a little moan and I could feel his cock get hard against my ass. He then rapid pulled my pants down and pushed me up against the brick wall. He pulled his pants down a little and relieved a very pleasing sized cock. He then lifted me up and I was so into that as soon as I felt it inside me I came. He could feel it and I could tell he was pleased with himself and started trusting away, he kept looking at my pussy and telling me that he loved that I was shaved and was thrusting so hard that I thought I was going to be sick even though it felt so good. I was getting to the point that I was going to cum again when I heard him moan a little loader and I felt him juices let go inside of me. I don't usually have sex without a condom. I knew him well and am on the pill. He thrusted a few more times and I rubbed my clit and cam once more a few seconds later. He held me and stayed inside me until he went soft. We were both breathing so heavily and we were so sweaty. He then said, that it was the best sex he had ever had. I was flattered but of course after the fact I felt a little stupid about having sex with him and having to wotk with him again. But I didn't have much longer to work there, and we stayed ok friends. :) I love spontanious sex!

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