My Daughters Best Friend, Part 4


I turned on my television and put in a porn film. Then, I undressed and started stroking my cock, thinking about Carrie’s perfect little pussy. I shot a load in no time and lay there thinking about teenage pussy. I while later, I walked down the main hall and heard the girls giggling in Robin’s bedroom. I listened at the door for a few minutes as Carrie and Robin talked. "He is so sexy and so gentle," I heard Carrie say. "But do you think he would ever do that to me?" Robin asked. "I don’t know, but your mom is going away for the weekend real soon, isn’t she?" replied Carrie. "I bet I could get him to do just about anything. "I couldn’t believe it. The girls had planned the entire thing, or so it seemed. I wondered how far I would be able to go. After all, I did have sex with my daughter’s best friend, but screwing Robin would be the ultimate taboo and it excited me. I tapped on the door and told the girls that I was going in the pool and they could join me if they had their homework done. Carrie walked out and headed to the guest bathroom where she kept her suit. Robin said that she would be out in a few minutes.

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  I followed Carrie across the house watching her smooth ass swing back and forth. She got to the bathroom and started to lower her shorts as my eyes were glued to the crack of her ass. She closed the door with a smile and I headed for the back yard. I jumped in the pool and turned to face the house. I watched Carrie walk across the yard, trying to look as sexy as possible. Her slim hips swayed back and forth and her bikini was riding low on her perfect little body. She slid in the pool real slow just in front of me and I ran my hands down the front of her body. Her teasing worked and I was hard as can be. I kissed her softly on the lips and rubbed my cock against her crotch. I took hold of the sides of her suit with my thumbs and pulled straight down. I caught her totally off guard and slid my tongue in her mouth. It was my turn to tease as I pulled out my cock and started rubbing my head against her slit. I whispered for her to take off her bottoms and put them on the side of the pool. She did as I said and spread her legs for me. My cock was right at her tiny little fuck hole and I slid in just enough to spread her inner lips.

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  I reached inside her top and ran my fingers across her nipple. Then I pulled top to the side and exposed her little breast. Her nipple swelled as I took it between my teeth. Her breathing quickened and she wrapped her legs around my waist, grinding her pussy against my rock hard cock. "I want you to do something for me," I whispered in her ear. "I want you to learn to suck my cock and then we can do this whenever you want. "I pushed off the wall and put my cock away as she stared at me shaking with sexual excitement. I looked up and saw Robin starting across the yard as Carrie grabbed her bottoms and quickly slipped them back on. She looked flush and I saw that she was rubbing her pussy a little. I wanted her to know everything, and then share her lessons with Robin. That way, when the time was right, I could have the two of them together. My mind was racing at the thought of seeing my daughter naked. Carrie swam over to Robin and whispered something to her and then started tickling her. The two began ruff-housing and squealing like the little girls that they are. "Daddy, help," Robin yelled out.

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  "Okay," I said and swam over and started tickling my daughter with Carrie. My hands started exploring her body as she splashed around in the pool. I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her tight to me, my hands resting on her flat stomach. My cock sprang up and she stopped moving, frozen in her tracks. My cock rested along the crack of her ass and I kissed her on the side of her neck. I let go and played it off as if nothing happened. We played in the pool until Kathy came home from work. I got dressed and Kathy and I dropped the girls off at Carries house. We went out to dinner and came home to an empty house. I undressed Kathy and coaxed her out to the pool. My cock was hard and I was ready for some serious fucking. Kathy and I took our time and sucked and fucked for a couple of hours. We fell asleep in each other’s arms, above the covers. That night, I dreamed about having sex with my wife and the two girls. The next morning, I woke up to the sound of the Robin standing in our room and my cock standing tall.

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  She smiled at me and left the room. I rolled over and woke Kathy up with my tongue between her legs. To be continued . . . .