My Daughter's Best Friend


"Oh my gosh. I’m sorry," Carrie said somewhat flustered. "I didn’t know you were in here," she said with a smile. There I was with my seven-inch cock in my hand and a beautiful young girl staring at me. She didn’t even avert her eyes; instead, she was checking me out. She was an only child and she lived with her mother since the third grade, so I don’t think she had ever seen a naked guy before. I started to reach for a towel and thought, what’s the use. My cock stood out like a flagpole and she already saw me stroking it. I retreated to the shower and told her that she might as well use the bathroom. I admit. I didn’t close the shower curtain all the way; instead I left a small gap where I could see her through the mirror on the wall. She slid her panties down and I saw her magnificent little pussy, only for a second as she sat on the toilet. My cock was still hard and I began to stroke myself in the shower as this hot little teenager sat less than a foot away. "I’m sorry again," she said. "But you should really close the door if you are going to do something like that," giggling a bit as she said it. I was doing everything possible not to make a lot of noise as I pounded my cock.

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   "It’s alright," I managed to say just before I shot my load across the shower. I couldn’t believe that I was jacking off thinking about such a little girl. "Nice seeing you," she quipped and was gone. A couple of weeks went by and I couldn’t get her image out of my head. That little pussy, those tight little pussy lips, and that soft furry trim. I woke up one morning with my usual erection and began to stroke my cock, thinking about that sweet little pussy that I just barely glimpsed. I stroked hard and fast thinking about what it would be like to stretch out her little pussy and what she might taste like. My wife was already out of bed so I really let it rip. My hand was slipping off my head from all of the pre-cum and in no time, I shot a load all over myself. I got up and cleaned myself off, took a shower, put on my swimming trunks and went out to the patio to read the paper. My wife and the two girls were already in the pool. I watched Carrie and Robin wrestling around in the water, from behind my newspaper and wanted to join them in the pool. My cock began to rise again in my pants so I elected to stay at the table with a raging hard on. The girls were so sexy in those little bikinis. Robin was definitely a B cup on her way to a C with impressive nipples, but her friend was less developed, more like an A cup with the cutest little points poking out from her top.

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   Robin had short dark brown hair and a shapely little figure, Carrie didn’t quite have the curves going but with her long blonde hair and cute little ass, she was a hottie. The girls took turns jumping in the water and when they hit the surface, their bikinis would jostle around in need some adjustments. On more than one occasion, Carrie was showing more skin than she needed to, and I pretended it was for my benefit. She got out of the water and bent over to take off her ankle bracelet. I could see the outline of her perfect ass and more than a few little strands of hair poking out near her love hole through her skimpy bathing suit. She stood up, looked over her shoulder and smiles at me. I was so busted, checking out this young girl and I almost came in my pants right there. I had to get in the water and hope that my raging hard on would go away. So I dove in and swam a few laps, staying away from the young girls and popped up behind my wife. I rubbed up against her ass and she felt my stiff cock. She gave me that "what are you doing?" look, thinking that I wanted to get freaky in the pool. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pressed my cock up against her, not for a moment did I take my eyes off Carrie. "I have to go inside and get breakfast ready," my wife said and exited the pool. I think she was getting a bit frustrated from the friction of my cock and wanted to get away before things went too far. Robin was the next to leave the pool.

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   "I’ve got to pee," she announced and grinned at Carrie before prancing her little ass all the way to the house. Carrie and I were alone in the pool and she swam up close to me. We circled each other for a few moments and then she asked if I minded her seeing me naked. I said no, and asked if it bothered her. "Can I touch it?" she said. "What do you mean," I replied. "You know, IT," she replied. I didn’t know what to say, but my cock had a mind of its own. It was poking out of my shorts like a tent post wanting attention. I told her to swim closer and keep her eyes out for company. She ran her dainty hand across the front of my trunks and my cock jumped like it was touched for the first time. She carefully inspected the bulge in my pants and I reached down and undid the front of my shorts. It felt great to release my raging hard on and she took it in her hands. Her touch was smooth and I showed her how to grasp it and start stroking me. I let out a soft moan and kissed her on top of her head as I enjoyed an impromptu hand job.

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   She felt like the temptation of the devil himself. Before I knew what I was doing, I reached forward and ran my trembling fingers over her crotch. I slid my hand inside the waistband of her suit and gently touched her pubes. She recoiled for a second and then relaxed. I gently ran my finger up and down her slit and coaxed her sweet lips apart. My thumb started massaging her delicate clit and she started twitching back and forth. She met my rubs with her hips thrusting eagerly at me. Soon, she totally forgot about by cock as she loosened her grip on me to enjoy the sensation she was experiencing. I brought my middle finger to her pussy hole and slid it just inside. She gasped for a breath and drew in deeply as I slid my finger in and out, not even to the first knuckle, but I penetrated her tight little pussy. Her little tunnel clamped down around my finger like a vice and her body felt like it was on fire. I was so excite that I started to tremble more. I continued finger fucking Carrie and slowly rubbing her clit with my thumb. She caught on to the deal, rocking her hips back and forth. "Umm" was all she could say.

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   I almost forgot we were in my backyard with my wife and daughter at home. She was so young and sweet, and all I could think about was how much I wanted to fuck her. She started panting harder and I was speechless, not daring to say a word. I didn’t want to break the spell. She convulsed, shook and her eyes fluttered. She held me tight and I knew she just had her first orgasm. It was a good thing we were in the pool because I know that I would never explain what was running down her leg. I looked back at the house and kissed my young lover just before my daughter came trotting back out to the patio, I quickly moved my hand away from her pussy and swam to the other side of the pool. I was so sexually frustrated that I wanted to cum right now. Robin asked Carrie to get out of the pool and get ready for breakfast. The two cuties retreated to the house, leaving me with a huge erection in the pool by myself. As soon as they went inside, I beat my meat for all it was worth until I shot my load. I still needed to be inside a warm pussy, and all I could think about was Carrie. .