My First time (anal)


 I grew up in Germany and was a very adventurous 13 year old teenager. I had made friends with this 28 year old security guy that would drive around at night and check on buildings.
Sometimes I would sneak out of the house and go on rounds with him.
He would pick me up and we would drive around all night. I never thought he had any other interest in me but my company.
One night he told me that he needed my "help".  He drove to a field and asked if I could stand in front of the car in the headlights and lift my shirt for him, that he had always admired my large tits and he wanted to see them without a shirt. I though sure, what's the harm in that - not realizing what affect I could have on a man by doing this.
He stood next to the car so I was unable to see what he was doing,  but I heard him panting.
At the time I really did not know or understand what he was up to.  At this point I had never had any experience with any men.  Though I was catching on quick! His panting was getting louder and faster and  he asked me if I could touch my breasts for him and lift them up. All this had some weird affect on me as well. I felt a tingle between my legs and my nipples were painfully hard. It was so arousing but confusing at the same time.  
He then asked if he could come closer to me to have a closer look and I told him yes.

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   I finally got to see him. His pants were open and he held a huge cock in his hand, just stroking it slowly. I was so transfixed by the sight of my first cock. I saw the pre-cum glistening on his swollen head. Here I was standing with my breasts in my hand and watching a man jerk of to it! He kept coming closer to me and then asked if he could feel my hard nipples.  The excitement and the strangeness of things really started to do crazy things to my body. The tingle between my legs steadily grew, I felt an unknown moisture build between my legs and I was unable to think straight.
While he held his cock with one hand, his fingers traced over my nipples, then he leaned down and started sucking on one. He let go of his cock and went crazy on them and sucked and pinched them till I could not stop panting anymore. Then he asked me if I would mind taking off my pants and bend over the hood, he would like to see me from behind.  I felt like I was in a trance, I slowly slipped out of my pants and undies, shaking with fear and excitement and then putting my hands on the hood of the car. Again he asked if he could touch me and I said yes in a shaky voice.   I felt his hands tenderly touching my exposed cheeks, slowly making their way between my legs.  He got very excited when he discovered the wetness between my legs. I felt his fingers probing me, making me jump every time he came near my clit, and then he started moving his fingers inside me and it was driving me crazy.

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   I was so scared to loose my virginity and told him so. He promised me not to worry, and that he would not take it away, that he just wanted to make me feel good. At the time I was still very smooth between my legs and felt his hands just gliding around between my legs. While he got on his knees, he told me to turn around and lean up against the hood. I was standing there totally naked, leaning against the hood of the car with his face near inches away from my pussy. He told me how my smell was driving him crazy and that he was going to taste me now. He then held on to my hips and pressed his face into my pussy and started sucking and licking at it.  I could not stop moaning, the most delicious feelings were spreading through my body made me shake. He sucked and licked till I had my very first orgasm. I could not believe that my body could produce such feelings like that. Then grabbing my hips, he turned me around, spread my ass and buried his face in it, licking and sucking at my ass just the way he had at my pussy. He had turned into a mad man and I could not stop him, I did not want to stop him. I wanted the same crazy feelings between my legs again and was afraid if I stopped him that I would never feel like that again. He probed and prodded my ass with his tongue and fingers till I could not take it anymore. I was begging him to stop and go on at the same time.

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   Then he got up, pressed his whole body up against me, while nibbled at my neck, and fondling my breasts he started pressing his cock against my virgin ass. It was driving me crazy, and I wanted to feel more, but my body froze in shock when he popped past my tight spinster and I felt pain shooting through my whole body. He kept whispering into my ear to just hang on, relax and that it would go away. I had tears running down my face from the pain, but as soon as he started moving and going deeper, a warmth spread through my body and I went crazy. He reached around me and started pinching my clit as he was driving his cock deeper and harder into me. I experienced even more extreme feelings then when he had eaten me. I started pushing my ass back at him and begged him for more. I felt his cock expanding inside my ass and could feel my own body start tensing up, trying to reach for something unknown. Then it finally hit me, I saw stars! His cock grew so much bigger and started shooting its load deep into my ass.  When I finally collapsed onto the hood of the car I felt his cock glide out of my ass with a pop. I was unable to stand up straight and he had to hold me up, dressed me and then sat me in the car.
When I was finally lying in my bed that night, I felt the slight throb around my ass and wondering how fast I can repeat this night.

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