My First Time Part III


Now that I had been made a “woman” by Ryan, I felt much, much different about myself. I felt empowered. I felt grand. I felt addicted. I felt more filled out, and I modeled my naked self before the mirror to chronicle the changes. Were my breasts larger? At last, larger? Was my mons now more pronounced? Was my pubic hair darker, denser, softer, and more beautiful?  Were my labia more, more. . , well just more womanlike?

 These thoughts, and more, rampaged through my skull.   I lifted my leg up and spread my pussy lips to peer, as best I could with a hand mirror, into my slit. My clit now seemed perpetually erect, and my inner lips were pink, and my vagina itself seemed always to be in a state of arousal red.   I rubbed my breasts, which felt larger and softer, although I did not fool myself into thinking I was anywhere near Gina in that department. My nipples, which had become more and more sensitive as my 13th year progressed, were now even more so after Ryan and sucked and pinched them.   I love the feelings he created when he mashed what little tits I had against my ribcage, which is a feeling I still enjoy today.

 All these feelings fueled my desire for more of Ryan and his wonderful penis. I loved to touch it and watch it leap and buck in my hand, and to feel it sliding over my tongue. I even liked it when it sort of choked me when Ryan shoved it too far into my inexperienced mouth.

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   And, I loved it when he came. I loved watching him cum in my hand and when he spurted onto my chest, neck, and even my face.   I was learning to love the taste of his cum when he came in my mouth. It took some getting used to, but I decided that it was worth it and part of his pleasure and should be part of mine.

 And, most of all, I really, really loved it when he pushed his wonderful instrument into my cunt.   That he had condoms and was willing to use them was a surprise, but learning to put them on him was a wonderful thrill. Because, as I rolled the rubbers over his cock head and down his slender shaft, I got to see him with his legs spread. His balls were layout for my inspection, as was the ridge behind them leading to his anus. The first time he fucked me it didn’t even hurt, although he felt impossibly large going in. But once he had seated his cock completely in my pussy, he felt so spectacularly natural, that I was excited beyond words. In fact, his penis in me felt so “at home”, that I almost cried.

 I found that I loved watching him as he stroked in and out of my little cunt. His cock seemed so large next to me that I always smiled in wonder. I loved watching the muscles in his body flex beneath his tan and his white middle move up and down against my equally pale groin. I loved to seem him strain as he approached orgasm, and I learned to be able to distinguish when he was close to coming verses when he wasn’t by the feel of his cock in me as his helmet flared larger, rubbing harder against my interior.

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    When he came. . , when he came in me I loved in so much. I would hug Ryan hard with my whole body, my arms around his neck, my girl legs around his middle and my cunt around his pole.

 I even like the messy part of taking the condom from his flaccid penis. It was slippery with my honey, and his public hair was matted with my fluid and my scent. It was that special scent that led directly to my next adventure.

 I decided to spin off from the flock and go search him out.   Because we had made out in the space under his rented cottage, I knew where he lived.

 I was wearing my usual summer day uniform of small two-piece that somehow fit better than it had before Ryan, at least I imagined it so with a towel draped over one shoulder. I strolled nervously down the street. His cottage was only one block off the beach, and was situated on cement block “stilts” in case of hurricane or other natural disasters, but was several blocks south of the boardwalk.   It was hot and still off the beach, and I felt small trickles of sweat sliding between my little breasts and down my tummy. But, I was a girl on a mission.

 I climbed the wooden stairs and, scuffing my flip-flops in the sand on the wooden deck before the door; I screwed up my courage and knocked, and knocked again.

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   My shoulders slumped when I realized that nobody was home. I jumped when I heard an unexpected man’s voice from below, “Hello,” it inquired.

 Peering over the railing, I could see a shadow behind the latticework that screened the area below the house. “Yes?” I responded.

 “Oh, hi,” the voice said.   “Are you looking for Ryan?” The shadow moved from beyond the lattice into the open doorway that led into the storage area beneath the house, and transformed into an older version of Ryan.   I caught my breath at the unexpected parent.

 He stood there, wiping his hands on a pink shop towel. He was muscled and tan, and had a riot of light blond-red hair that crawled up his belly and spread over his chest. I could see his darker red nipples that inscribed nearly perfect circles on either side of his chest. He was smiling. Ryan’s dad had nice, even teeth, and an unruly shock of red hair on his head.   His eyes were a merry blue, and when he smiled he revealed very cute dimples on his cheeks. I could see laugh-lines radiating from his eyes.   In an instant I felt at home with him.

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   Somehow I decided that he was a “comfortable dad”, as some of them were. Most were not.

 He was wearing a pair of cut off jeans and rubber flip flops.

 I skipped down the stairs, stopping in front of him. He was an inch or so taller than his son, and bigger all over, and more relaxed and comfortable in his own skin than Ryan was.   He was very likely what Ryan would grow into, just like my fairly busty, flirty mother was likely what I would one day become.

 Looking up at him, I must have squinted some in the sunlight reflecting from the white lattice.   “Here,” he said, moving aside, “Come in here out of the glare. ” I stepped quickly past him into the dark, cooler interior of the storage room. In it were deflated beach balls and inner tubes, folded up chase lounges, some with padded cushions, and some without. Dim light spread across the room in a checkerboard pattern.  

 Turning, I said, “Hi, I’m Ellie—Elaine, I mean. ” I felt that I was outgrowing El or Ellie. I felt it was time for a name change to Elaine, which began at that precise moment.

 “Oh?” he said, his eyebrows arching.

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   “I thought you’d be older. ”

 “Ryan told you about me,” I said, suddenly panicked they way kids get with a grown up knows more than they do about themselves.

 “Sure, he told me. ” Ryan’s dad replied, looking me up and down.

 “What did he tell you?” I asked, my voice squeaking.

 “Oh, the usual,” he replied. “That you are cute and fun and smart…”

 “Oh,” I said, relaxing, but blushing none-the-less.

 “He also told me he would probably remember you always…” Ryan’s dad said softly.

 “Why?” I asked, curious now, the tenseness gone.

 “Well,” he began. “I smelled sex. I guess I smelled your scent on him, so I asked him. Do you really want to know?”

 “Sure,” I answered, feeling excited and embarrassed at the same time at the mention of my smell; my sexual odor. Maybe Ryan would love me always!

 Ryan’s dad looked at me and said, “Ryan told me that you two had fucked, and that it was the first time for each of you. ”  I felt my mouth go dry and my knees were suddenly unstable.

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   I couldn’t believe it! Ryan had told his dad, a parent, that we had had sex. No, more than that, that we had fucked!  I wanted to die.

 “You alright,” Ryan’s dad asked with concern in his voice. He reached out and grabbed me by my elbows as I sort of sank on rubber legs.

 “Oh, sure, I’m alright,” I said, tears welling up in my eyes, “I’m great.   My friend’s dad knows I’ve been having sex with his son. That’s just great…” my voice trailed off.

 Ryan’s dad gently guided me to one of the lounge chairs and helped me to sit down. “Don’t worry, Elaine, Ryan and I talk about a lot of stuff.   It doesn’t go any farther than me. I promise you. ” He said in a quiet voice.   Continuing he said, “I can see why he likes you so much. ”

 “Yeah, really?” I asked, not expecting any real answer, bitterness at my first male betrayal.

 “Yes, Elly, err, Elaine,” he said, one hand resting on my shoulder as I sat in front of him.

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   You are truly beautiful. He will remember always how beautiful a woman he was with the first time he had sex. ”  His hand squeezed my shoulder gently. “I know I would remember you if I had made love with you. ” I saw his genuine and gentle smile as I looked up at him, “I would remember always the gift that you gave me…”

 “Really,” I said, both mollified and intrigued. He looked so good to me as I felt the panic drain away, replaced by a feeling of gratitude.

 “Yes, truly, I would,” we said, moving just a bit closer. His crotch was now less than a foot from my face, and his feet were now on either side of mine as I sat on the lounge chair Ryan and I had used in our last mating.

 Without bidding my hands rose from my lap and slid gently up Ryan’s dad’s thighs, bypassing the growing bulge in his jeans, and sliding over his stomach, through the tufts of red hair there. As if drawn by a power other than mine, my hands drifted up to his lower chest.

 Bending, Ryan’s dad brought his face down to mine and we kissed. Softly at first, then suddenly more intensely, his tongue invaded my mouth like a slippery eel, tasting of sweat and man.   It was different, more practiced and more pleasurable than the gentle inquiring kisses Ryan and I had shared. I learned more about kissing from Ryan’s dad’s first one than from all of Ryan’s put together. He literally took my breath away.

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 “I love your body,” I heard him whisper as he slid down sitting next to me on the lounge. “You are lovely and perfect,” he said, bringing his lips back to mine.   As we kissed I felt his large hand slid into my suit top and cup my small breast. I shivered under his touch, feeling my heat rise and my nipple harden.

 “Oh, my,” I said as our lips parted slightly, “that feels sooooo good. ”  I ran my hand over his chest and then down over his stomach. He felt strong and wonderful.   He grabbed my wrist, gently, and moved my hand down over the lump in his jeans.   It felt hot and huge. He rubbed himself with my hand as we both looked down, seeing him move my willing and cupped hand over his sex.   I nuzzled his neck as his hand lifted free of mine, which kept massaging his growing cock, and moved, crossing me, onto my tummy.   His other hand continued to squeeze my little breasts inside my suit top. I felt my breath come more rapidly, and my pussy was beginning to leak inside my suit bottom.

 I sucked in my breath, pulling my stomach in to give his hand room to slide inside my suit, his fingers gliding through my silky pubic hair and touching the top of my slit. His hand felt warm and wonderful and larger than Ryan’s.

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    Lifting my hand from his jeans, I slipped my thumbs inside the waist band of my suit and tugged it down to my knees.

 “God, you’re hot, “Ryan’s dad whispered, his hand now moving easily over my mound and between my thighs.   Touching my inner thighs he said, “You are so incredibly soft there…” I felt so dizzy from his touches. I kissed him again, almost frantically, my tongue flashed into his mouth, slipping and sliding over his tongue and his teeth, tasting him, breathing in his taste.   His hands continued to move on me.

 I slipped my hand back onto his crotch, sliding it beneath his jeans. I felt the thick hair below his belly button.   Quickly, he unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped them.   Lifting his butt up some, he slid them down to his ankles, slipping one foot free of them.

 I grabbed his cock. It was hard like a living rock. I looked down. He was larger than Ryan, and he had veins roughly coursing under the skin of his penis. The purple cock head flared out broader than his son’s did, and the slit in the tip seemed bigger.   I placed my fingers over the head in a small circle, and pushed down on the spongy cap, causing the slit to open.

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   It looked as big around as a soda straw.   His crotch was covered with red hair that was rougher than mine, but silky nonetheless. His balls hung down between his legs, and I could see two distinct orbs in the loose skin of his sack. He had a light dusting of red hairs on his scrotum.   I felt my mouth water at the sight of a fully mature male organ.

 Without thinking, I bent my head down to his groin. Ryan’s dad’s hands slipped from me and then rested on my back and massaged me there, and on my neck as my mouth sought his penis.   I smelled him, drawing his scent deep into my lungs. He had a sharper, more pungent, and more powerful smell than his boy.   He excited me so much, that I almost passed out again.  

 Grasping his cock at the root with my hand (it looked so large in my hand), I wriggled it, seeing all the veins, especially the large one the wriggled along the top, and the clear demarcation of his urethra along the bottom, and I reached out with my pink tongue and just toughed his pee hole lightly.   I heard him groan.  

 Encouraged, I slipped the entire head into my mouth until I help it behind the flaring head with my lips.   I began to stroke him and suck on the head, my little pink tongue slipping all over the large head as I did so.   My mouth had to stretch to take this adult cock into it, and I was in a sort of transported state as I forced him deeper into my mouth, my tongue along the side of his rod as he slipped ever deeper into me.


    I felt him untie the back of my bikini top and begin to slide his hand all over my back.   Reaching around to my waist, he turned me so I was now on my side on the lounge, my mouth on his raging penis. His hands began to stroke my naked body, along my sides, over by small breasts, and over my hips and between my thighs.   I began to buck against him. My hips began the ageless back and forth men’s touch cause in women.

 And too, he began to buck his hips up and down forcing his steel rod into my mouth and down to the rim, and back up. One of his strong hands gripped my skull and pushed in counter point to his hips.   He was fucking my face, and I could begin to taste his slimy cum as some leaked into my hot and hungry mouth. I felt in a sort of glory state that I could do this to a man; too turn his animal on so.

 Suddenly, he stopped the motion of his cock and held my head close.   “I want to fuck you,” he murmured. I want my cock in your cunt!” he said more forcefully.   He pulled his cock from my mouth with an audible pop!

 Pushing me backward, I was now on my back on the lounge.   He stood briefly, his cock rampant and shining from my saliva. Some dripped from his shaft as he reached down and plucked my top from my chest and pulled my bottoms from my legs.

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    He pushed his hand roughly between my thighs, forcing them wider apart.   Taking his giant rod, all red and angry looking into one clenched hand he knelt between my legs. Ryan’s dad seemed to tower over me, broad shouldered, more thickly muscled than his son, but with a man’s belly, thick hairy thighs, and a hungry look on his face.

 I heard him whisper more to himself than to me, “You’re so young. So young and lovely…”  I smiled up at him as he leaned down, resting his weight on his knees and one hand, the other holding his massive organ.   I spread my legs as wide as I could to accommodate him. This was an adult male; not a boy.   He pointed his tool at my cunt. I reached down between my legs and spread my labia as the head of his penis made electric contact with my clit. He ran the head up and down my slit. I move my hands to his neck and watched, hunched up, as his cock head spread my pussy lips as he stroked me up and down. My body was becoming focused on my groin as his cock stimulated my clit each time he rubbed it over the top of it.   His penis looked so much larger than his son’s did. I could see his cum filled balls dangling down behind his fist where it held his cock tightly.

 He kissed my forehead as he began to probe my hole.

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    I lifted my hips slightly to line our two sexes up, and felt him push, push, push into me.   At first just the head split me, spreading my vagina wider. I felt my head fall back onto the lounge cushion as Ryan’s dad slowly entered my tight, tight cunt. The feelings were exquisite as his thick shaft slid down some, pulled back just a little to coat itself with my flow, and then down a bit more; again and again.

 I loved the feeling of his gentle penetration, and it would be a lasting memory of that unusual day. Finally, I felt his knuckles touch my clit. I jumped when they did, the sudden pressure sending waves of pleasure through me, up to my nipples and down to my finger and toe tips.   He moved his hand away, and placed it alongside my shoulder as he pushed with his hips. His penis, pulsing with life, pushed down, and down and. . , down into me. I sighed in pleasure as he bottomed out.   I wiggled by ass to seat him deeper and more completely into me. I could feel his entire length in me and the bulbous head pulsed wickedly in me.   He gently lowered himself onto me his size eclipsing me completely; blanketing my small form, and I shivered when his lower chest pressed into my nipples and mashed my breasts.

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   He was so large on me that his chin rested on the top of my head, and I licked upward onto his neck, leaving wet trails from my tongue along the small whiskers there. This is now, truly, my fast real man.

 My hands wandered down his back to his hips and slid back up to his rib cage. I felt him begin to move over me and his organ began its long slide up and up, vacating my pussy, suctioning fluids up with it as it rose majestically from within me until just the tip, dripping my honey, was touching my now red hole. I felt my hot juices flow down over my anus and onto the crack of my ass, spread under Ryan’s dad’s weight. And then… And then he pushed is tool back into me. This time faster until his red cock hairs pushed into my pubis, the root of his cock shoving against my clit. My breath exploded from me. With a rush, and I grasped at his shoulders.

 His chest broke contact with mine as he began to pump in me. In and out his giant man-cock split my cunt, shoving aside my lips with each thrust. I could feel my cunt gripping his shaft as he pulled it back, only to shove it home again.   Again and again he pulled forth and plunged back into me. My eyes shut tight at the pleasure he was giving me with his mighty penis. He began to grunt each time he shoved his penis into me, violating my depths.

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   And each time he grunted it was followed by a wet sound as his belly slapped mine and his large testicles bounced against my asshole.

 I began to moan and then to grunt with him each time he thrust home. “Ungh, ungh, ungh,” we said together, “Ungh, ungh, ungh,” as he pumped and my hips rose to meet his wetly.   I surrendered thought as he fucked me and fucked me and fucked me over and over. His son had never really fucked me like this, but he was still a boy, just a boy. This was a full fledged alpha male rutting on top of me, taking pleasure from my youth and my tight young pussy, and my young, almost flat tits; his cock outsized to my cunt.

 And I was in glory as he fucked me. Filling me over and over again with his body. His penis seemed to grow in me until it seemed to fill the universe. My stomach felt filled like never before as he thrust again and again into me.   My arms feel weakly to my sides as he fucked my small body. “Ungh, ungh,” he grunted over me.

 Suddenly, my body spasmed, leaping out of control as my stomach rolled in muscle gripping waves, and my thighs clenched his thighs, and my breath left me again, and the soles of my feet clenched in spasmodic pain, my toes curling. My fingers clasping and unclasping at nothing as my orgasm flooded my entire being.   My eyes flung open and I could just make Ryan’s dad out as he humped me like a bear, sweat now dripping from him onto my tiny 13 year old body.

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 Just as I was about to pass out from the pain and pleasure of his fucking, he rose up, pulled his cock from within me with a sudden, vacating move that left my innards feeling suddenly abandoned. He struggled up my body, and I knew what he wanted.   I leaned my head up, opening my mouth to his bulging cock.   He laid it on my tongue, and I could taste me, all ocean waves and slippery musk.   “Ohhhhhh,” he cried out as a giant rope of cum leaped from the slit in the tip of his cock head and flooded into my mouth. And again and again he spewed forth his white hot seed.   He leaned back, pointed his cock at my torso, jets of cum spurting out of his cock onto my chest, coating my small breasts with his blasts, each drop feeling like hot candle wax on my already superheated skin.

 His neck was taunt in a rictus that pulled his tendons tight, opening his mouth in a grimace as he spurted his cum. His balls rolled and flexed with each jet of his cum, until, until there was just a dribble sliding from the head, a long, slow drop onto one nipple.  

 Slowly, his breathing, and mine, returned to normal.   “My lord,” he said, “That was absolutely unbelievable. ”  I agreed.   He milked some remaining cum from his cock. I opened my mouth to show him a wad of his cum still on cupped by my tongue.   “You are a natural,” he said, smiling down at me.

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   “Swallow it,” he commanded.   And I did.

 His cum tasted stronger than his son’s did. It was somewhat more bitter and had a stronger male aftertaste.   I loved it more than anything I had ever had before.   He reached down and smeared his cum into my very, very sensitive breasts saying, “Cum will make them grow. ”  Each time she ran a heavy hand over my tit, it sent large waves tumbling though me.   I reached down and cupped my small cunt, feeling it, seeing if it had somehow been left opened as wide as a soup can.   While tender, she felt just as before. Tight, and wet and wanton.

 Ryan’s dad then took his semi-erect cock and placed it on my lips, leaning forward. He commanded me to suck him, to clean him off. I opened willingly while he fed his penis into my welcoming mouth. I loved our tastes, his and mine together. Man and girl.

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   Heavy and fresh.   He pulled himself from my mouth and hung his balls over my face. I reached up and held his sack at the base and licked his hairy balls, savoring the taste of my juices on him, and marveling at their size and their movements, seemingly independent of him or me.

 Finally, Ryan’s dad lifted himself completely free of me.   Reaching onto the floor, he picked up the pink shop towel and began to wipe his cum from me. “You’ll need to wash off before you go home,” he said.

 “Yes,” I said, “I know. ”

 He bent over, his cock now flaccid, but still large and red, picked up his jeans shorts and stepped into them. “You’d better get dressed now, Elaine,” he said, the first man every to call me by my full, woman’s name.  

 Carefully, I pulled up my suit bottom, gently spreading my legs to fit the rough material against my tender, ravaged cunt.   I slipped my bra-like top over my shoulders, and turning, he tied the back strings together.

 He cupped my chin in his one hand, and looking at me with a serious _expression said, “You know, you can’t tell anyone about this…” I said I knew and he didn’t have to worry.   “Good,” he said.  

 I combed my hair with my fingertips, and replaced my ponytail, which had come undone during our sex, with the elastic band.   “I…” started to say.

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 “Yes,” he answered.

 “I. . , well, that was the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me…” I stood on wobbly legs.  

 He reached for my chin again, and holding it said, smiling at me, “You were simply the best little fuck there has ever been. ”  And I loved him for it.

“Can we. . ,” I began, but he cut me off.

 “No… We’d better not. ”

 “Why don’t you just give Ryan a good time,” he instructed.   “He needs you. He needs to learn from you. ”

 “But,” I whined, “I don’t know any more than he does.


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   Yes you do. You are a natural,” he said. Motioning, he said, “You’d better leave now before Ryan’s mom gets home. And there it was. I had fucked both son and father on the same cushion, and both had been momentous. Both had been wonderful.

 I walked through the door, blinking in the sunlight, and began to walk slowly down the street toward the beach. I heard Ryan’s dad call my name, “Elaine. ”  I paused and turned. He said, “Say hello to Gina for me. ” And smiled a broad smile.   I smiled back, thrilled.