My friends mom WOW!


My Friends Mom:
Hey all, my name is Bob and at the time this happened (fictional) I was about 18 years old, 6 feet tall, `85 pounds, with an impressive 10 inch cock.     Yeah I guess you could say that I was developed, ;)
It all started when my best friend Joe went away to camp for 2 weeks in the summer. I was pretty bored without him around so I went around looking for a summer job. Having no luck at the local businesses I tried my luck around the neighborhood looking for odd jobs like lawn care etc. Well, I decided eventually to go ask Joe’s Mom if she needed any work done.
I went up to the door and knocked and waited. When she opened the door I was completely taken aback!  There stood his mom in a bikini! Something I had never seen here in. and it showed off here perfect curves, luscious ass, and  GORGEOU  HUGE tots!. She said “Oh hey Bob, long time no see! What can I do for ya?   She was always a real friendly person. I stammered. “Uh yeah I was wondering if you needed any work done around the place, I’m looking for a summer job. ”  As I said this I hoped she wouldn’t notice by rather OBVIOUS erection.   She said “ Oh well there is one thing I need help with if ya don’t mind, I needed all the light bulbs changed in the ceiling and I’m too short, could you do it for me?:   Sure  I replied. . . So she invited me inside.

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  . .    She showed me were the first one was and as I was up on the stool changing the bulb, to my surprise, she grabbed my cock!  I nearly fell off. She looked at me and said, “I need you KNOW. ”  Know honestly, who was I to argue with here? Hmm? Lol She dragged me into her bedroom and shoved me down onto the water bed.   She then proceeded to strip out of her bikini then throw herself on top of me, smothering me with her luscious tits.   I began mauling them with my mouth, alternating between them. She began moaning like a mountain lion. . . She then sat up and striped me naked revealing my fully erect cock. She stood over it and then SLAMMED herself down on me, (Dang what an aim this gal had, lol) I nearly passed out when she did that. She then began riding me like a wild animal!  She was screaming so loud im not sure why no one called the cops! I was enveloped in a world of passion it was so intense!
I yelled” I’m CUUUMMMMING!  And we both did at the same time.    She looked at me with lust filled eyes and said” That was great!”  And proceeded to lick me clean of mine and her juices.    This of course eventually led to more fucking that summer, which her son of course never found out about.

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