my girlfreind and her freind


When i finnaly arrived i got out of the car and looked around laurie had a nice big house,her parents were filthy rich. I didnt see a car in the driveway or garage so i figured no parents were home.
I knocked on the door and soon after Laurie answered the door. My gf's freind was about 5'6, slim, she had long brown hair with brown eyes, nice full sexy lips, as i looked down i saw her nice C cup breasts. She had on a short little skirt. When she told me to come in and started walking i noticed her nice fat ass wobbling in her little skirt. My cock began to get a little hard form this nice view.
She led me down into her basement which was like a guest bedroom where we usually hung out. It was very large with a pool table a bed, a couch and a chair. Laurie said Ashley was in the bathroom and should be down in a minute. She asked me if i wanted to play pool but i declined and said i would just watch her. The pool table was next to the chair which i was sitting in. When she bent over to hit the ball i sneaked a quick peak up her skirt and i saw a nice little purple thong, i started to get hard.
I quickly stopped looking when i heard Ashley coming down the stairs. She was about 5'8 with a nice B cup. She had black hair,decent lips,beautifal blue eyes.

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  She also had a nice ass as well. The tight pants she had on made it look evan nicer.  I stood up hoping she wouldn't notice the small buldge in my pants from her freinds ass. I greeted her with a nice kiss while i grabbed her ass. She jumped a little and giggled.
We settled into the couch and got a blanket over us and started to watch a movie. I sat on the far left with Ashley in the middle and laurie on the right. As we started watching the movie i put my hand on her thigh and slowly started to move up her thigh. I unbuttoned her pants very quietly so laurie would not know. and i slippede my hand in her sliky thing and started to slowly finger her. She let out a little moan, laurie asked her what was wrong she said nothing.
By this time i was pretty hard and then i felt my zipper unzipping and ashlet stuck her hand in my fly and pulled my cock out. She gently rupped the tip with her fingers which really got me going. then she gripped my 8 in cock in her hand and began to stroke it. After about 10 min of this the movie was done and laurie turned the light on and saw the blankets moving and she said she was sorry but i said it was ok because i was almost done anyway.

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   I put it away,then i went to wash my hands.
They told me to wait a second while they changed. I couldent help myself so i peacked downstairs and saw laurie changing with ashley nowhere in sight. She must have been changing in the downstairs bathroom but. suddenly before i had time to react laurie turned around and saw me looking. She smiled and began to start rubbing her tits and nipples while looking at me. I heard ahley walking out soi i went back upstairs and came down later. They were both wearing shorts and tanktops. I just had on a pair of basketball shorts and no shirt.
When i came dowstairs my girl said "dont you think you should put a shirt on". Quickley laurie replied " i dont mind, its ok". I quickley fell asleep on the couch when the lights went off which was about midnight.
Suddenly at about 3:00 i heard a loud moan and  i slowly awoke to find Laurie and Ashley in nothing but panties on the couch. Laurie was licking Ashley's tities. They seemed alarmed at first to see me awake but then they winked at each other and slowly crawled toward me smiling.

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   I was on the chair. When they got to me they sat up and smiled.
Ashley grabbed the top of my shorts and pulled them down slowly. I was not wearing boxers so it came right out. I was not hard yet so laurie took it in her hand and slowly started to stroke it. While ashley was fingering herself. Laurie became more and more suprised as it got bigger. 4in to 6in to 8in to fully hard 10in. They both looked at my nice long hard cock and said mmmmmmm. . . .
Laurie licked her lips and started at the base of my cock and slowly licked the  shaft up until she reached the top and put her mouth around it and started to slowly bob up and down on it. All you could hear was gulp gulp gulp. Ashley was licking around each of my balls while Laurie was sucking it.

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   Ashley put her face in front of my cock. Laurie stopped and pulled back. Then they both started licking it all over. They were licking the head like a lolipop.
They both stood up and told me to fuck them. they stood in front of me si i pulled down their panties and started to finger each of them. They were both so wet. I laid down on the bed and ashley said she wanted it first so she slid her tight little pussy onto my cock. She let out a moan as the head slid in she started a little louder as the rest started to go in. After a little bit it was all inside of her. She startde to ride my cock. Faster and faster, harder and harder. She was screaming and then laurie like sat on my face and tole me to lick her clit. So i started to slowly lick around it. I started to lick the walls.

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   She started to hump my face and told me to fuck her with my tongue. So I did and she was screaming. Ashley started cumming all over my cock and i loved it. She let out the loudest moan in her orgasm.
I told laurie i wanted to fuck her in the ass. So she stood up and put her hands on the wall. Her nice tanned ass looked so nice could have cummed right there. I grabbed her ass and started to finger it until; it was loose enough to fuck. I slowly started to slide my cock in. She screamed in pain at first until it was mostly all the way in. Then she started screamingf for me to not stop. So i started to speed it up. Her ass and tities were jiggling in the air. Her ass was so nice and she was screaming so loud that i felt i was about to cum so i pulled it out and told them to get on her knees and they put there faces together and were saying "cum all over me zach".
I was pumping my cock.


   Finnally i let out a groan and string anfter strind of cum was spewing all over there faces. Laurie was sucking it until the last drop was out of my cock. Then laurie said "you know zach im having a few girls over next weekend too". She giggled with the cum in her face.
To be continued. . . . . . .