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Topic: The (Female) TeacherMy Lady Teacher By: Chocolatlover © This is the revised version of my first ever Storrie, posted here on 10. 14. 2009.
It hapened just as I have described it here in this Story, which is fondly embeded in my memory. I had to write it down, because of how many times women had complained to me that her first time was her worst ever, because men are faar too often nothing but inconsiderate Chauvinistic Pigs and think , naturally with their Dick, onlyabout themselfe. It happened before I was 20 at the beginning of summer1976. Although I was no longer “wet behind the ears”, but not guaranteed dry. At least not dry enough for Mary. I had just separated from my 4 years older girlfriend Jutta, after I found her diary by chance when I was cleaning. Oh my, did we have a crazy time. I had never seen a diary before, left alone led one myself. So I was curious and opened the last pages, just to find out what she was thinking about me. I leafed through in shock, more and more backwards, only to find out that I was not alone, apart from the fact that all the other were GI's. I met Jutta beginning of March 76 in a Beer parlor in Frankfurt where I had a part-time job as a waiter.
I got the position because I looked like I was 5-6 years older than I actually was. Damned Heroin.

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   Back then in the group-home where I was living at the time, I was beaten to it by the other group member’s. I guess it’s called peer pressure. - Well, I would say that it was the reinsurance practice of another group member, belonging to the youth home, which was running from within his drug market with Hashish, Pot, Heroin, and Speed. He had all of us 7 Boys, 16 to 21 years brought onto the needle, with brute force when needed, as insurance not to be betrayed by us to the Caretakers, Educators, or even the Police; which we did not, because of our dependence on him, to supply us with more drugs. I ran off when he discovered that I only pretended to inject the poison into my arms, with the consequence that I was “fixed up” again in the middle of the following night by his “Gang”. My flight ended in Frankfurt and of course the night’s were already too cold by the end of October 75, so I started hanging out in Bars and Restaurants and helping out as a Dishwasher, until I finally got stuck as a Waiter at the "Old Smuggler". When I met Jutta, it somehow sparked between us and after her third or even fourth visit, she waited until 4. am (closing time) and took me to her apartment in Offenbach.
At the Bus stop, she was quite pushy and did not rest until I stopped to block her. She said that by this time at a Sunday morning, there was no way that someone was up and outside and stuffed my raging hard boner in her mouth and into her throat. Oh my God. Never before had I met such a Sex-crazed Girl. She actually managed to suck the last drop out of me and lift my zipper just in time before the Bus came around the corner. The rest is history. For the next three days we only rose from the bed to eat, steal food and cigarettes, to smoke hashish or go at it again, even in the Bathroom.

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   But there we hurried to get at it in the tub or shower. One of her Kitchen Chairs, not considering our combined weight, collapsed and it was only by luck that we survived the break without a scratch. Otherwise, we were permanently at it in bed, just like the proverbial rabbits. Then, one day, I had my wake up call. While Jutta had gone out to “see some Friends” as she had done before, I was cleaning the house and stumbled over her Diary. Since I had never seen anything like it, left alone kept one myself, I started reading from the rear, in order to find out what she really thought of me. But instead, I got the shock of my life…. There it was. She did not go out, just to “see some Friends”, as she had explained to me. I found out that she was picking up G-I’s, just to hop into bed with them, one at a time, and every time that there was a note about it, she also had written that she hoped to be pregnant again. . . . . that Jutta was constantly horny, simply, because 5 years earlier, when she was 16, her own mother had forced here to hide with the Grandparents in northern Germany because of an unplanned pregnancy.

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   "The shame, the shame. . . .
And all of town knows that the father is a notorious criminal. " Jutta was forced with death threats by her own mother, to release her Son immediately after birth for adoption, before she would be allowed to come back home to Offenbach. In the two months that I was with her, she had gone out alone for several times, staying out for one night or two. And she got naked with the others, as she wrote in her diary, each time with the final note: "I hope, this time I’m pregnant now. " That was it; – By, by Jutta. There I was. Alone again - but thank God, I also had my old job back, in order not to lose my own apartment. One Sunday morning about 5-6 weeks later at a tram stop at the Frankfurt Fairs was a very good looking woman, I guessed her to be early to middle thirties and about 5’7” tall. She was apparently a bit anxious. Normally, I walked home after work. But I knew that the area we were at was not exactly the safest.

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   So I decided to wait for the first Tram and engaged the woman in a conversation to calm her down. She confessed that a few friends had left her in a “Italian Trattoria“, without telling her that they were leaving while she was at the bathroom. We still had to wait about another 40 minutes until the arrival of the first Trolley car. She asked me what a young man like me, was doing here so early on a Saturday morning. I said that I just had gotten off from work an hour before and had gone to a nearby “Restaurant” for a snack. Because of my Slang she noticed that I was from “out of town” and wanted to know what had leaded me to move into the big City. By then the first tram had arrived and we hopped on. During the ride, I told her a little bit of me, my life in the home and my job as a waiter. Some when during the trip, I offered her to bring here home, before I would go home myself. She accepted my offer. Of course I said nothing of Heroin since I was clean again. Anyway, Not a single injection in the last 5 months. She then began to tell about herself and her husband whom she had hardly seen for 18 months.
Yes, he called her every couple of days from Egypt, where he worked as a structural engineer at the Aswan Dam. Yes, his company paid for a ticket every two months for one week of paid home leave.

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   But every time his ailing mother was more important and wanted to have nothing to do with her daughter in law, because she surely was not good enough for “her Boy”. Finally we got off of the Tram in Ginheim, almost right in front of the Building where she lived in a two bedroom apartment; all by herself. I said goodbye, ready to take the next Tram back to Bockenhein, but as she opened the front door, she called me back and asked me if I would please come upstairs for a coffee, because she had long ceased to talk with someone so well. It happened as it came. We both were, in spite of the coffee, pretty tired and she offered me to sleep in the huge bed next to her, because she did not want to be alone. Despite our tiredness, we were still talking into the late morning, but a little later we both fell asleep. Some when later I woke up. Suddenly, still half asleep, I realized that at some point in the “middle of the night,” we had snuggled up together in our sleep, and the sweet scent of her brown Hare tickled me in the nose, finally waking me up entirely. I turned to lay on back and she snuggled into my arm like a little girl, who was looking for protection against whatever. The fact that the left of her 36-C breasts was freed from her nightgown led to that my “little guy”, was not so not so small anymore and my excitement and my “little guy” grew more and more with every second. I could not help but to rub my 6. 5’ cock, while I gently caressed her nipple with my left. This caused it to stiffen, and I rubbed and twirled it with tender pressure of my fingertips while I jerked my rod more quickly. Maria suddenly stirred and pressed my hand away, only to replace it with her own gentle fingers. Slowly and very gently, she increased my pleasure feelings until I confessed to her that I was going to explode very soon if she wouldn’t stop.

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   She smiled at me and said, “I bet you won’t", and got up to take off her nightgown and panties.
I lay there with pain in my balls and dick. I was trembling with arousal but was prohibited by her to continue by myself. Finally, Mary came back into bed and snuggled her beautifully shaped and feminine, warm body against my rather slight build stature. Suddenly her hand was lying on my honker again, while she leaned over and kissed me tenderly and longingly at the same time on my Lips. She kissed me on my Eyes . . . my Cheeks. . . . , Forehead. . .

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  . . , Shoulders. . . . . . , Nipples. . . . . . .

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  , across my stomach, down to my hard-on which she finally swallowed. She continued the hike of her tender lips to suck on my balls oh so softly and tickled them with her tongue before she returned to my lips. While our tongues entwined in trembling passion, she sat down over me, directing my poker to her entrance and sat slowly down on me, impaling herself with a gentle moan on my raging hard on. Slowly she began to move up and down, straight up, so far that my stiff Bolt almost lost contact before sliding down on him again. Her narrow hole caressed my hot rod and suddenly I felt a rhythmic pressure exerted on my Rod by her vaginal walls. I couldn’t stand it any more and wanted to start ramming like a horny Rabbit. But Maria got apparently angry with me, pressed me onto her bed with the weight of her body and I was condemned to immobility and she said in a husky but tender voice: “Hush sweetie…, please, lay still…, stop and try to enjoy it as best as you can. When you shove it in so wild, you only hurt me. . . , slow down until I've gotten used to your size. Then, if you still want to, you can get a little faster, but be careful what you do”. It was just wonderful…, wonderful to LOVE her. Jutta?. .

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  . With her…, it was just wild, unrestrained and egoistic sex for purpose. But this??. . . Mary??. . . Indescribable, simply indescribable. She asked me to watch for her reaction to my actions, for it would show me whether she felt comfortable or not. As soon as I did as I was told, I realized how wonderful sex; No, erotic passion could be. I enjoyed to slowly and deeply enter into her. Then, sudden and unexpectedly, I hammered her Pussy with short, quick but not too deep strokes, only to fall back into a slow and gentle rhythm. And all this just to see, and hear, how well she did under my treatment. Finally I felt an almost sadistic pleasure to delay her orgasm, or better yet, to add one more while I kept myself under control as to not to come too soon.

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   Suddenly I was struck with fear. Tears ran down her beautiful but fairly restrained face while she was whimpering as if she was in pain.
I wanted to pull out and get off from her, but immediately she grabbed me with her legs and cried, " Nooo…, don’t stop…, please don’t stop now…, go on, solid, solid, solid, Ohhhhh… Thomas" and her vaginal walls gripped around my boner. She threw her arms about my neck, increasing the pressure of her legs around my waist, and clung to me, while her hips seemingly developed a live on their own. Now I knew that all was well, and within 20 to 30 powerful strokes, I emptied myself deep into my quivering, whimpering Lust bundle, screaming out my pleasure. We fell asleep immediately almost and did not wake up until the next morning. While Mary was curled onto me, I began to kiss her gently awake. I did this by kissing her angelic face over and over with delicate Kisses until she opened her eyes. Then my lips began an affectionate journey, down to her soft, yet firm breasts where I sucked at her Blackberry sized nipples, which ran a comfortable shiver over her body and brought a lustful moan from her lips, as I was going on further down across her tummy until I reached her clitoris. From there on she was lost. Under my sucking lips, I found her pleasure-pearl with the tip of my tongue, which I caressed affectionately. First hard, now slow and then fast and persistent. Her hips rose to meet my face as I patted and sucked on her Nub, to which she responded with throaty gargling noises, punctuated with sharp silent shrieks, comforted, yet full of screaming delight. Finally she begged me to stop. I did not stop immediately but ran my caressing tongue and sucking lips lighter and softer, softer and lighter along and across over her labia and clitoris which caused her to weep loudly in pleasure and finally she stammered “stop, please, I can’t take it no more”, as her fingers clenched into my hair to hold my head still until I stopped.


   Finally I grabbed her hands and pushed them away from my head because I could hardly breathe. Now free from her grip, I lay down beside her and began stroking her gently with my fingertips. In soothing shivers, she rolled away from me and onto her stomach. I took advantage of this opportunity to sit on her well rounded bud and gave her a good massage which she obviously enjoyed. Eventually I slid down on her thighs and calves while my hands massaged her thighs, and right back up to her gorgeous ass, where I – oops; slipped and penetrated with my fingers into her sopping wet Pussy.
Relishing in the feeling, she raised her pelvis up, higher and higher, so I could massage her little Nub too, until she was on her knees. Her cute little ass was sticking in the air as she moaned softly and contentedly under my ever increasing pussy massage. Eventually, the sight was too much for me, as it would have been for any other man. My Lust-bolt was more than ready. When I knelt down behind her and my Lance touched her outer lips, I got to meet Mary's ass as soon as she felt the tip of my Penis against her entrance. It was as though her wet tunnel wanted to suck me in, as Mary began to ram herself onto my Boner, hot and demanding. Finally we found our rhythm and began a dance of the senses. In Variation of the depth, speed and the angle of my intrusion, just as I felt that it was necessary, I reinforced Mary's feelings of pleasure. Finally she began to whimper and again, emitting these throaty, gargling noises that told me that she was about to climax. Suddenly her Pussy walls began to clench my Rod very hard; not that it hurt, it just felt so much tighter then before.

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   I increased my speed which made it tougher to penetrate her and little sharp cries of pleasure filled the room, which excited me all the more so that I could scarcely control myself any longer. Finally I exploded deep inside her hole which my seed filled in several powerful thrusts while I pressed myself deep inside her. She was crying of pleasure and howling with lust before she fainted and collapsed. It even happened to me and finally I passed out too. I just so managed to slump to one side, so I would not fall on top of her. Due to negative circumstances, we had only this one weekend together, the best and most constructive weekend of my life, and I’m now almost 50 years old. Maria was my teacher and I owe her forever gratitude for what she has taught me. She has taught me, that to receive joy, it is absolutely important to give pleasure too, not only in sexual terms but also the rest of life’s conditions, that every relationship with a sexual partner must not only exist intellectually but also bodily, in harmony, in order to prevail. I have known some women in my life, including some from Africa. Three Circumcised and others were up to 12 years older than myself, even if you could see it only on their birth certificate, and some say THANK’S to me today, only because I have given them their first or best orgasm of her life, because I taught them how beautiful bodily love and unison can be. At least those with whom I am still in contact. Then I just tell them about a small but real and very important event of my life’s past. Myself, I just say; Thank you Mary

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